I drafted Corey Patterson late in my experts league and so far I gotta say, I’m more than pleased with the results. He just homered against McDung and if Patterson doesn’t go 15/30, I’ll be shocked. Sure he’s not going to hit for average, but you deal with that in other ways. Right now, Dusty’s benching him against lefties, and I’m more than happy with that, since he’s dreadful against them anyway. BTW, here’s what else I saw yesterday:

Felix PieReed Johnson is stealing at-bats. I don’t see it stopping soon.

Jonathan Sanchez – Dealing. Sure, it was against the Padres, but ya know what? The rest of the NL isn’t so great on hitting either.

Ryan Spilborghs – Towering home run. You know who was playing him in one league? Me. How did I know? Cause the Rockies were facing a lefty. Spillborghs hits lefties rock hard.

Yorvit Torreabla – I didn’t end up keeping him in my NL-only league, but he hit a bomber, as well. I did get a home run from my catcher, Brian McCann.

Mike Jacobs – I have him in TWO leagues, one for each home run yesterday. (But I had him benched in both leagues. Yahtzee!)

Burke Badenhop – He probably means nothing to you… yet. Listen up, he’s got filthy stuff. In my NL-only keeper league, I’m bidding $2. Fredi G. says he’s 70% sure Badenhop will start Sunday. Watch the Marlins on Sunday. Who ya gonna call… Maroone!

Jack Cust – 7 Ks to Mark Reynolds’s 10 Ks (Rudy Gamble and I have a little side wager. Anyone who wants in, be my guest.) (BTW, instead of saying, ‘Just sayin.’ Can we get people to start saying, “Cust kayin’?”) (Oh, and sorry for the double parenthetical, that’s just sloppy. Actually, this is the third. Ho’d! — for you dyslexics out there.)

Mark Ellis – He’s sitting on waivers in just about every league of mine. He went 4 for 5 and he has two homers. Cust kayin’.

Franklin Gutierrez – Wasn’t playing against the tough righty, Dustin Moseley, in favor of Jason Michaels. Ugh. Let’s re-evaluate on Monday.

Kelly Shoppach – For a second catcher, you could probably do worse.

Zach Greinke – He didn’t look good yesterday. He looked outstanding. Against the Yankees.

Albert Pujols – He lost one last week. Today he hit two. I have him in a league too. Cust Kayin’.

  1. Good call on Badenhop, bad news is that he pitched an inning of relief today in the 9th in the 10-4 win over the Nats. Good news is that he was freakin’ filthy:P Also, Jacobs will get you the homers, he’s a pretty solid bat. So definitely not the worst option available at 1st base.

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  2. Grey

    Grey says:

    Word on the street is ‘hop will be back for his start on Sunday. Tonight was a tuneup.

  3. Jeff says:

    I think that’s the second time recently you’ve referred to the Padres as a sub-par offensive team. Yes their home park sucks for hitters. They were, however, 6th in the majors (4th in the NL) in road scoring last year. The Padres have scored more runs on the road in each of the last two years than the Red Sox. Facing the Padres is not a boon for pitchers. Pitching in Petco is.

  4. Update – Cust struck out three times yesterday. Reynolds and Cust are tied with 10 Ks, tied w/ several in 16th place. Biggest difference – Reynolds has un-Razztastic 5 HR, 13 RBIs, .306 AVG (due to fall) where Cust is at a 1 HR/4 RBI/.115 clip. Advantage Rudy!

    #1 right now in Ks is Krispie Young with 15 Ks in 38 ABs. My prediction is that he will put together the LEAST valuable 30/30 ever accomplished in the US. He might end up with 65 RBIs and a .240 AVG. He’s like Jose Cruz the 3rd with better defense…

    Ellis is a real solid pick in 12 team and ok for 10 team. Got him in my expert league where I’ve chewed through MIs….just another reason to never waste middle round picks on so-so MIs…

  5. Good points, Jeff. SD is underrated for offense. It might be b/c there #1 and #2 hitters are so goddamn uninspiring. Brian Giles and Iguchi? Bleh. Actually, their whole OF sucks balls. Play Headley!

    But the Kouz and A-Gonz are great. I’m a believer in Khalil too…

  6. I just saw a day game in Arizona yesterday. I think I came closer to hitting some balls than Krispie did in one AB.

    If they can combine for 350+ Ks, they deserve a name like the Bash Brothers. Maybe the Windmill Brothers? The K Whiffey Juniors? The DiamondHacks?

  7. Carl says:

    You guys sure about Badenhop? I mean he stats are decent but his K ratio in the minors was not that great and I don’t think he has a great fastball for a guy his size.

  8. Hater Bell

    Grey says:

    I said I’m bidding $2 in an NL-only keeper league. To give you an idea, I got Cueto for $21. ‘Hop may not do anything this year, but he did look good last night and he has decent command. I would not recommend him in even a deep mixed league just yet.

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  9. Carl says:

    Yes I know he has a good sinker…maybe he’s like a Derek Lowe type?

  10. Grey

    Grey says:

    Could be, but he’s raw and on the Marlins. I’ll be watching him on Sunday when he starts.

  11. This guy has three starts above A ball and has no K potential (78Ks in 135 IP).


  12. I didn’t know it was all about the K’s Rudy. If he shows up and gives you a 3.00 ERA with a decent WHIP you wouldn’t want him on your team just because he doesn’t strikeout 10 a night? If his 1 ip was any sign of what is to come, sign me up. Also @ Grey… he’s on the Marlins? What’s that suppose to mean? The Fish just finished sweeping the Nats and are in first place in the East. Right now they are playing good ball. Plus, I got season tickets so back off :P You know who’s making the playoffs this year? The Marlins. That’s right I said it. Ill be back at the end of the year to brag about my prediction. Better hope it’s not a wild card spot or you can bet on who’s winning the World Series :P

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  13. Sorry YOM…didn’t mean to stomp on your surge and purge Marlins.

    I’m not completely against sinker ball pitchers. I think Derek Lowe and CM Wang have great back of order value. Carmona is a good 2nd or 3rd pitcher. If you’re not going to get K’s, you better have a high GB %.

    But throw in rookie AND that his team (sorry) isn’t very good, I don’t even give him consideration for mixed league FLB. I’d consider him for Razzball though!

    Let’s just hope Olsen gets back on track and Josh Johnson returns from his hysterectomy soon…


  14. Hey Rudy, not meaning to sound misinformed but the Marlins don’t have a bad team. People associate their crappy payroll with garbage but the truth is that we have good looking team with young players. Being the fact that they are young, it is really unpredictable what they might do and what their stats would look like but Hanley is going to give you a .300 + BA and homerun’s and steals. Dan Uggla is going to give you plenty of home runs and so is Mike Jacobs. Toss in a healthy Jeremy Hermida batting for .285+ and some homeruns and we are looking pretty good. Let’s not forget about Josh Willingham at LF. He’s got pop and will hit for about .260. Think about it, we will be close to the top of the league in homeruns. Yeah we will strikeout A LOT but the runs will definitely come. If our young starting pitchers produce this year, we are all in for a treat. Let me remind you that the Marlins win World Series with good young arms and defense. It’s worked for us twice. Although to your defense, our World Series year is technically next year (Andrew Miller, Chris Volstad, Gabby Hernandez, Scott Olsen, and Josh Johnson) <—- WOW. but I wouldn’t mind them pushing it one year early.

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