Hey Razzballers – it’s been a while since our last formal standings update so let’s get crackin’….

In our Razzball Commenter League, the top three have been consistent for several weeks.  Anthony G leads the pack by 7 points as he has a remarkable 111.5 points out of 120 in the Gorditas Supreme division.  You’d think the division would suck but the overall league performs about equal with the rest of the divisions.  ThirdandKing and Mowses are the other two teams over the 100 point mark in their leagues and own the 2nd and 3rd slots. I thought it would be interesting to see what players were on more than one of those teams.  No player was on all three; here are those on 2 of the top 3: Adam Lind, Adrian Gonzalez, Mark DeRosa, Shin Soo-Choo, and Zack Greinke.  Most of the other likely prospects you’d expect show up on one of the teams like Ibanez, Broxton, Nelson Cruz, etc.  Perhaps we’ll do a test on the top 10 and bottom 10 teams to see who are the lucky and cursed players…. As for notables in the rest of the top 10, a pack of commenters have risen into the top 10 over the past 2 weeks:  VanHammersly, Rhymenoceros, NoonTime, and PWNightmare.

In the Fantasy Razzball league, Mike Podhorzer of FantasyPros911 still is in the lead with Razzball commenter Jay and Jonathan Halket from The Hardball Times Fantasy Focus in 2nd and 3rd, respectively.  Only three players of note made it on two of the three teams:  Emmanuel Burriss, Brian Anderson (White Sox), Shane Loux.  Just goes to show there are many ways to both skin a cat and to assemble a crappy fantasy baseball team.  Other notables in the top 10 include the Razzball duo of Grey (#4) and myself (#7).  Razzball commenters ZK & Freak, and fellow bloggers RJ White from the Fantasy Baseball Cafe and Paul Moro of Umpbump.com.

Here are a few more shout-outs to the participating blogs.  We appreciate them putting their reputations on the line to compete against bloggers and commenters in our little masochistic game:

Melissa from the ESPN Podcast “Play Ball with Amanda and Melissa“.  This is the podcast that is ‘by women, for women”.  I’ve tried the blog and found it to be strong enough for a man.  I’m not sure why they haven’t had Grey or I on as it’s a well-known fact that more females visit our site (3) than any other fantasy blog.

Lee Perrault from RotoSavants – This blog is run by Troy Patterson and has been our friend since he came with us to Vegas and counted cards for us in blackjack.  Lee has held his own in the league so far, lingering just outside the top 10 for the past couple of weeks.  Luckily, rosters are finalized on Sunday nights so it doesn’t interfere with Monday night fish stick dinner.

Tirico Suave –  One of the funnier sports blogs around, Tirico Suave took the bold step of referencing an ESPN anchor as part of their blog name.  Loved this post/screenshot and it makes me want to buy MLB ’10 The Show to see what it says about Conor Jackson and Joey Votto.

  1. PWNightmare says:

    “First and foremost, I’d like to thank Joe Mauer. I mean c’mawwwwwwn, he’s like the only reason I’m here.” – Miley Cyrus

  2. Thanks for the update, Rudy!

  3. G-RAM says:

    Here’s a trade proposal I was just offered. What do you think Razzballers?

    I give Reyes, Andrus, Damon, Peavy, and Broxton.

    I get Rollins, Rowand, Bradley, Hamels, and Gallardo.

    12 team league that goes 6×6 (BB against pitchers, SLG% as a category for hitters).

    I’m leading the league in saves by 11 and also have Bell, Franklin, and right now Hawkins.

    Rowand is a classic throw away. He’s hot now, but he probably doesn’t even routinely play for me because I have Beltran, Adam Jones, Pierre, Bruce, Morales, and I’d be picking up Bradley.

    The only thing that really has me considering this is the uncertainty regarding Reyes and the thought that he may not be stealing bases this season, even if he does come back in a few weeks. Without 55 SB, Reyes’ value nosedives.

  4. Chase says:

    excellent work rudy

  5. Chase says:

    @G-RAM: i like the reyes side

  6. royce! says:

    I would like to call attention to the fact that I recently pulled ahead of the team that is still playing Hamilton, Upton, Percival and Barlett. Watch out, world! And thank you Scott Podsednik for making my dreams a reality!

    And on a completely unrelated note, anyone read about Reyes’s recent “platelet rich plasma therapy”? Apparently, it involves removing some blood from Reyes’ hamstring, spinning it in a machine designed to remove bad components, then injecting the “good blood” back into the damaged area. All I could think of when I read this was, “Hi, Dr. Nick!” But then again, I’m no doctor.

  7. royce! says:

    @G-RAM: Yeah, I like the Reyes side as well.

  8. Just waiting in the weeds. Once Jed Lowrie comes back, watch out.

  9. youngcapitalist says:

    Interesting trade that just got accepted in my league.

    Pujols/Ludwick/Carlos Lee/Wood/Dice-K



    I like the hitting side with Pujols, but the pitching side with Nathan.

  10. Chase says:

    @youngcapitalist: wow i like the pujols side a lot better.

  11. G-RAM says:

    @youngcapitalist: I definitely like the Pujols side better as well. The offensive side of the equation isn’t even close, IMO.

    Anyone else watching the Rays and Angels tonight? Mike Scioscia has what looks to be the biggest chin zit I’ve ever seen. If you can get the game, check it out and let me know what you think.

    Unrelated, but. . . I’m just watching the THIRD drive to centerfield fly over the head of BJ Upton. I know the dude is fast, but TAKE A FEW STEPS BACK! Upton plays way too shallow.

  12. Grey

    Grey says:

    @G-RAM: Against the Angels it makes some sense to play short center.

  13. G-RAM says:

    @Grey: Maybe so, slap hitting, speed-oriented team. But my comment was more directed at what I’ve seen over the course of the season. I’ve watched almost every Rays game this year and it’s common practice for Upton to play shallow. Oh, sure, he takes away the occasional bloop single and he is fast, but he’s been burnt by the long drive way too often.

    Choate on in the 8th. Rays down two.

    Hey Grey–what do you think of that trade I posit at post #3 above? I’m letting it sit right now while I have a few others sitting out there, but I haven’t rejected it yet either. The Reyes hammy tendon stuff REALLY concerns me (see the post about it the other day on the Disabled List Informer).

  14. Kinda glad I went with my Gut and benched Happ. It wasnt a horrible start but… I’ve been thinking I should trust my instincts more after I had that nonsensical urge to trade Webb and another player for Halladay 2 days after the draft, followed by the sense that I really really wanted Carl Crawford on my team. (couldnt swing the trade unfortunately)

  15. anon says:

    Is Raffy Soriano in for Atlanta finally? I was surprised to see him get in . It wasn’t like it was a murderers row of lefties like the last time her got a save opp. Is this worth reading in to?

  16. Grey

    Grey says:

    @G-RAM: I want the Reyes side.

    @anon: Gonzalez faced two lefties.

  17. Opp Field HR for Mini Donkey. Incredible Power that boy’s got.

  18. Mark Grace “That Dude is Super Strong.”

  19. Eric C. says:

    Anyone think I’m jumping the gun a little by dropping Hardy and Hairston Jr. for Beckham and Andy Laroche?

  20. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Elijah: Reynolds is some kind of wonderful.

    @Eric C.: Beckham, who looks completely overmatched? I wouldn’t drop either of those.

  21. G-RAM says:

    @Grey: Thanks! Always value your opinions, which is saying something. Before I found Razzball my guidepost was to do exactly the opposite of what Yahoo!’s fantasy “experts” suggested (I do have to say that Andy Behren’s column isn’t bad these days, though; no Razzball, but it is sufferable). Thanks again.

  22. Grey

    Grey says:

    @G-RAM: Thanks for the kind words!

  23. AL KOHOLIC says:

    rudy thanks for the updates,i was at 88 points early last week but 3rd and king is tough,waiting on manny and now escobar and hanson should help

  24. jbatkins says:

    Alright, so we’re starting Strasburg in all leagues next week, right?

  25. Clodbuster says:

    Sticking with the Reyes trend, how did I do in this deal?

    Give-Reyes, Pence, Reynolds, Porcello

    Get-Manny, CC, Kershaw

    10 team vanilla roto, leading in SB

  26. @PWNightmare: Nice.

    @VanHammersly: NP. Keep up the momentum!

    @Chase: Thanks!

    @Elijah: Good job. I’d sit Happ against good competition. I think he’s due to get hit pretty hard the next couple games as he doesn’t have an offspeed pitch yet this year.

    @AL KOHOLIC: Top 20 isn’t bad considering you have Manny. Hopefully he boosts you into RCL contention…

    @jbatkins: Ha. I think Grey has something on Strasburg posting tonight…

  27. Kris says:

    have we been tracking the torrealba kidnapping situation? that shit is raw…glad it seems to have been resolved.

  28. jbatkins says:

    @Kris: A friend of mine from Monterrey, Mexico got word from home that a friend had been kidnapped, and his two bodyguards turned up dead the next day. His family ended up paying a ransom and getting him back. It’s some scary, real shizz…

  29. jbatkins says:

    I finally nailed down a trade today, giving up Webb, Swisher, Elijah “You Dead Dawg” Dukes, and Stephen Drew and getting Alfonso Soriano, Jay Bruce, and Jerry Hairston, Jr. Funny part is, the trade goes down at like 8PM, and there’s already an objection. This isn’t an objectionable trade, is it???

  30. Grey

    Grey says:

    @jbatkins: Not objectionable, not even sure which side I prefer.

  31. jbatkins says:

    @Grey: That’s exactly what I said!

    Hey, while I’ve got your attention Grey (thanks for all the help lately, by the by – it’s definitely helped a ton), my trade opens up a MI & CI spot: who do you like (non-roto league):

    MI: F. Lopez, A. Kennedy, O. Cabrera, E. Andrus, R. Furcal
    CI: B. Butler, K. Kouzmanoff, M. Teahan

  32. Ethier seems to have kicked his slump.

  33. Grey

    Grey says:

    @jbatkins: Lopez, Andrus, Furcal….

  34. jbatkins says:

    @Grey: Thankee kindly, good sir. You’re a gentleman and a goddamned scholar.

  35. Clodbuster says:

    Do we have a title for McCutchen yet?

    “The Gooch”

    He’s not good enough to play for my squad but he seems to be good enough to beat my squad.

    The date was going great until she decided to get up close and personal with my gooch and spoil the whole thing. It’s just too funky a place for any sober woman to venture.

  36. PWNightmare says:

    What’s a gooch?

  37. PWNightmare says:

    McClouth, McCutchen, McLinen… I don’t know. Is the gooch the area between your ass and your crotch?

  38. PWNightmare says:

    You seem to like MC Lyte, Grey. How about MC Lyte?

  39. Would it be too Gay’s Anatomy to call him McDready?

  40. Anthony G says:

    I’m going for a full 120 in the RCLs. Can I get an extra Taco bell coupon if I make it?

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