Cleveland Indians 2010 Minor League Review
Overall farm rankings via Baseball America (2010)
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Record of Major and Minor League Teams
MLB: [69 – 93] AL Central
AAA: [79 – 65] International League – Columbus
AA: [71 – 61] Eastern League – Akron
A+: [73 – 67] Carolina League – Kintson
A: [77 – 62] South Atlantic League – Lake County
A(ss): [30 – 46] New York Pennsylvanian – Mahoning Valley
R: [21 – 35] Arizona League

The Run Down
The Indians have been abysmal in the majors the last two years, even if they’re off to a fast start this year. They’ve had some exciting talent graduate last year (see: Carlos Santana and Brantley) amongst many others, and this year should be no different. Their system should produce a few more fantasy sleepers with Chisenhall headlining the way in 2011. The 2010 draft class was led by Drew Pomeranz, who won’t get a blurb, but know that he’s a stud with a power fastball and biting curve. Although Cleveland’s King left for the beaches of south Florida, the Indians have the talent to claim Progressive Field as a viable entertainment venue; Flo may not have the right – read, medical – insurance to correctly protect the players though. Ranked as the number seven farm system in baseball for 2011, the Indians will start giving the AL Central leaders a run for their money.

Arizona Fall League Players
Pitchers: Scott Barnes (LHP), Eric Berger (LHP), Chen-Chang Lee (RHP),
Hitters: Jason Kipnis (2B), Cord Phelps (2B), TBA (C), TBA (P)

Graduated Prospects
#1 (C) Carlos Santana; #5 (CF) Michael Brantley; #8 (RHP) Carlos Carrasco; #11 (C) Lou Marson; #15 (SS) Jason Donald; #21 (RHP) Jeanmar Gomez; (RHP) Josh Tomlin

Players of Interest
Rankings are current 2011 rankings from Baseball America.

#1 Lonnie Chisenhall | 3B: Lonnie has a pure swing that is made for moderate power (20 to 25 home runs) with a good average. Last year, he slashed .278/.351/.450 in 460 AB with 42 XBH (17 hr) and a 77:46 K:BB ratio. Defensively, he’ll hold his own. Looks like a mini-Longoria to me. Currently playing at Triple-A waiting for June.

#3 Jason Kipnis | 2B: Think of a mini-Dan Uggla for his ceiling fantasy wise. Floor could be another Felipe Lopez. Kipnis can take advantage of mistake pitches, but his aggressive approach can leave his swing long. He has average power, is an average runner and plays average defense. Doesn’t sound super exciting but did hit .307/.386/.492 in 518 AB with 56 XBH (16 Hr) and a 107:55 K:BB ratio last year between High-A and Double-A. He is currently playing at Triple-A but is blocked by both Luis Valbuena and Jason Donald.

#5 Nick Weglarz | LF/RF: Often injured. Has a sweet stroke. Great OBP player. Moderate power. Defensively challenged. Weglarz is everything a sleeper pick has besides consistency. Weglarz is much like Jason Kubel mixed with J.D. Drew’s health. After hitting 41 XBH (14 Hr) with a 69:50 K:BB ratio in 312 at-bats last year, Weglarz’s bat has nothing left to prove. He’ll try to stay healthy at Triple-A this year.

#20 Cord Phelps | 2B: He’d get an opportunity in the early going if Valbuena or Donald both are hurt. Phelps is what he is. A smart hitter, solid defender and, well, boring. He could provide some value if hot at the shallow middle-infield position. Currently boring Triple-A managers and fans alike.

#2 Alex White | RHP (SP): He has superb control with is 87 to 92 MPH fastball with heavy sink. He also throws a two-seamer, a slider and a splitter. White induces plenty of groundballs. Ceiling is a fringe number one starter, or a number two or three starter. He’ll get a major league opportunity in the latter part of 2011. Currently throwing at Triple-A trying to match last years 150 2/3 innings.

#15 Hector Rondon | RHP (SP): Projects more as a reliever than a starter. Rondon throws a low 90s fastball that tops out at 96 MPH. His slider is fringy and his changeup is average at best. These pitches were good enough for a 8.4 K/9 and 1.8 BB/9 last year in 146 1/3 innings. This year, he is still a starter and is pitching at Triple-A

#19 Josh Judy | RHP (RP): The Honorable Josh Judy is a mirror of Rondon. Judy throws a mid-90s fastball with a biting slider. The perfect reliever combination. With a career 10.4 K/9, look for Judy to see some late season innings at the major league level. Currently is pitching at Triple-A.

#27 Jess Todd | RHP (RP): See 1/8 inch above; career 9.3 K/9 pitcher.

Honorable Mentions
Jared Goedert | 3B: Has a good double-swing and moderate power upside. Isn’t a flashy prospect but could have a wandering major league career. Maybe Kevin Kouzmanoff. His slash line at Double and Triple-A last year was .283/.358/.532 in 481 AB with 65 XBH (27 Hr) and a 112:53 K:BB ratio. If Jack Hannahan is hurt before Chisenhall is ready, Goedert is your guy. Currently hitting at Triple-A.

#10 Nick Hagadone | LHP (RP/SP): Hagadone was part of the Victor Martinez trade but his age (25) is starting to catch up with his prospect moniker. Struggling to gain control since Tommy John surgery, he still throws a high 90s heater and an inconsistent slider. Although a starter in the past, projects best as a reliever. In 85 2/3 innings last year, he had a 9.4 K/9 and an ulcer-inducing 6.6 BB/9. Until that control is more, um, under-control he’ll stay at Double-A.

#21 Chen Lee | RHP (RP): What I wrote about him last year still applies, “Lee throws a 92 to 93 mph fastball that has topped 96 mph [from a low three-quarters arm slot]. He also has an average slider and a developing split-finger to combat lefties. His future is in the bullpen” So a career 10.2 K/9 man is on this list for another MR. B. Currently, struggling at Double-A after thriving there last year.

Zach McAllister | RHP (SP): A spot starter at best. McAllister came over from the Yankees in the Austin Kearns trade in 2010. His stuff was good in the lower minors but more advanced hitters are taking BP out there when he’s on the mound. His 88 to 92 MPH fastball and fringe curve, slider and change-up reek of long-reliever and/or spot starter. How bad did he throw last year at Triple-A? To the tune of 5.29 ERA with a 1.54 WHIP and ratio stats of 6.0 K/9 and 2.7 BB/9 n 149 2/3 innings. He has been known to make solid adjustments. Currently is back at Triple-A.

  1. trick dad says:

    think chisenhall could contribute in a 12-team mixed league this year once he’s called up?

  2. Stephen

    Stephen says:

    @trick dad: If he is hitting, yes.

  3. Evan says:

    Hey I have a trade question!
    Who wins this trade?

    Grady Sizemore, Jaime Garcia, Chris Perez
    The Dread Pirate, Wade Davis, and Brian Fuentes

  4. Stephen

    Stephen says:

    @Evan: McCutchen side wins.

  5. Tom Thumb says:

    Hey guys,

    Would you move Holliday + Hill + Cliffly for Kinsler + Longo + Ubaldo?

  6. I took a shine to Kipnis and picked him up for a buck in a keeper league, though I also have Espinosa (and Utley on the DL). With his doubles power, ASU pedigree and consistently high OBPs, is it ridiculous to hope that he’ll be a middle-class man’s Pedroia?

  7. Stephen

    Stephen says:

    @Tom Thumb: No.

    @Alpine McGregor: re:Kipnis would be a working-class (blue-collar) Pedroia. Which in its self is an oxymoron.

  8. mj says:

    I don’t see how Donald & Valbuena are going to block Kipnis much. Neither of them project as more than a utility infielder at best (and thats being generous to Valbuena) and both are fighting for at bats in Columbus right now. Orlando Cabrera is just a stopgap until Kipnis has a full year of AAA under his belt.

  9. Stephen

    Stephen says:

    @mj: They have more experience in the majors and thus the Indians don’t have to rush Kipnis. Long-term, they don’t do much. However, in the near future, they are players to worry about Kipnis leaping over.

  10. WDE05 says:

    Lineup questions:

    Would you guys sit HanRam against Morton today? He’s in a serious rut and he’s 0-10 for his career against Morton. My alternative would be Asrubal (Hochevar).

    At utility, Kelly Johnson (Arroyo) or Ike Davis (Norris)? KJ had a good game yesterday and he’s hit Arroyo well in his career so I’m inclined to go with him, but Norris has been pretty bad thus far.

  11. KCC26 says:

    getting frustrated with bedard over here…should i give him more time to shake off the rust? what do you guys think his ceiling is this year?

  12. Stephen

    Stephen says:

    @WDE05: Grey answers those questions in his articles. Personally, I would keep HanRam in the lineup and start Davis.

    @KCC26:see above. Also, I have never liked Bedard.

  13. WDE05 says:


    Thanks man, I reposted over there. Thanks for the advice, still pretty torn on both of those spots. I left Kelly on the bench yesterday for the first time this year and of course he had his best day. If I bench HanRam today, I’m sure he’ll go 4/4 with 2 hrs, 2 2bs and 7 RBIS with 4 stolen bases.

  14. yanks4life says:

    I got offered Tulo and Kemp for Mccutchen,Granderson,Cj Wilson, and Garza in one of my league. I posted in on a “You’re trade proposal sucks thread” and the owner is still trying to tell me that is was a fair offer, which i know is not anythig close to being true. Can someone do me a favor and write him a good response to just shut him up for once.

  15. Greg says:

    quick 2nd base question. K Johnson or Neil Walker? And why


  16. I’d rather have Kemp/Tulo than some of those clowns (not that the Dread Pirate is a “clown”).

    How many team league is this? I mean, if it’s a 10 team league, who cares about Wilson (and damn near, these days, even Garza)? You can pick up somebody from waivers who is probably about as good moving forward.

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