When your team is battling for a playoff spot, what’s the most important thing?  Winning.  Winning out of the bullpen is a thing that is not predictable, I get it, but when your team goes 7-0 from the bullpen in the last 14 games, that is just a damn near beautiful thing if you love bullpens as much as I… I mean, you may not, but that’s cool (maybe).  You have your love interests… invested in beanie babies or all your Gregg Jefferies’ rookie cards that your whole childhood fortune is invested in… Just saying, you should probably move out of your mom’s basement or branch out from the family business for a bit.  As a whole, the Pirates are a top-3 club for bullpen ERA, and are led by the king of Holds currently: Tony Watson.  Him and his merry men of “set-uphood” have completely just wrecked shop out of the pen lately, their ERA is 1.21 and they have allowed just a measly 34 hits in 52 innings.  Take it from me, that is getting the job done.  The addition of Joakim Soria has lengthened their bullpen to the point where Jared HughesJoe Blanton, and Arquimedes Caminero are in prime win plucking spots.  Yeah, I just used Joe Blanton in a fantasy write-up, and no it’s not 2000-never.  So stick around as I wax symbolic about other bullpen situations arising as we stream towards the fantasy baseball playoffs.

  • Drew Pomeranz looks like a guy who could be a closer, but he also looks like a guy who could be a great set-up guy too.  When Doolittle actually gets back, it will be interesting to see.  Drew got the last save for the A’s, which was the first in 11 days though… yikes.
  • Congrats to the Indians for having zero holds the last 14 days, and for the Cody Allen owners, I am sure you are thankful for that one whole save.
  • The Rays over the last 15 games have 5 BS and only 4 saves.  They are so good, they blow twice.  They do have a useful 10 Holds during that time lead by Steve Geltz with 4.
  • Sleeper reliever o’ the week: Fernando Salas of the Angels.  K/9 over last 7 is over 15.
Player Holds/BS App with Lead IR Runners/IR Scored
Tony Watson 30/2 38 19/4
Joe Smith 27/4 36 10/3
Pat Neshek 26/1 33 20/1
Sergio Romo 26/0 34 33/6
Kevin Jepsen 24/4 33 14/6
Joaquin Benoit 23/3 30 0/0
Jim Johnson 22/6 38 13/3
Kevin Siegrist 22/3 36 19/4
Pedro Strop 22/2 34 18/7
Justin Wilson 22/1 30 37/7
Zach Duke 20/2 28 27/6
Dellin Betances 19/3 39 33/10
Jared Hughes 19/3 30 38/6
Boone Logan 19/3 28 29/12
Steve Geltz 18/2 26 23/2
Mike Dunn 18/1 25 30/7
Kelvin Herrera 17/5 28 14/7
Jake McGee 17/4 28 2/0
Wade Davis 16/1 32 6/0
Seth Maness 16/3 31 41/9



  1. Great White North says:

    What are some other bullpens to target for vulture wins besides Pirates. Cubbies?

  2. Steve Stevenson says:

    Just lost McGee. 9×9 w/ HLD and NetSV as 2 cats, who do you like for HLD, Geltz or Aaron Sanchez? FWIW, I own the closers for both teams as well. Thinking Sanchez b/c the Jays are on fire and I can slot him into a SP slot.

  3. A Wesley Snipes Life says:

    mcgee out for year, add which (i want holds not saves with this spot): n.jones/geltz/cedeno/kela/w.smith/hoover

      • A Wesley Snipes Life says:

        @A Wesley Snipes Life: the poop throwing NY site says cedeno benefits more than geltz, depthcharts.com says opposite.

        • A Wesley Snipes Life says:

          @A Wesley Snipes Life: i’d assume you’d noticed both that n.jones has gone right back to kicking serious ass and WSOX were actually smart and he was used in 8th last time out.

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @A Wesley Snipes Life: Geltz than Jones just because of possible volume. I have noticed.

  4. fastfrog says:

    Hoover or Jumbo for saves in Cincy (while Aroldis is out)?

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @fastfrog: I think Hoover egts the first crack, Diaz not far behind though

  5. phenomenot says:

    Thanks Smokey, for all the bullpen love.

    I have to say, based on your suggestion I picked up Jeffress to compliment Will Smith, and the Mill-e-wah-que combo has been great – its like double holds every time!

    What happens if the Brewers trade Rodriguez? Who’s gonna close? I don’t want saves!

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @phenomenot: Smith for me, take a look at Knebel there if you’re allergic to saves

  6. torenado says:

    Need to clear a roster spot. Who to drop in my holds league?

    W.Smith JJ.Hoover or J.Grimm

    • Smokey and Ralph

      Smokey and Ralph says:

      @torenado: Grimm, would say Hoover but with Chapman looking iffy can’t drop

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