Well, I guess that makes all the sense in the world, because those darn Flock of Seagulls got all in your head in the 80’s.  Then they had the nerve to be in GTA and get you all singing about running.  I don’t even run when chased anymore.  It’s a big game of “ooohhh ya got me”.  So north of the border, they do it all in groups now apparently.  That group started out as a singular to start the year, then a separate individual took over only to fail himself, then they went back to the original guy who had it out of spring.  Now they are on to a group format because I am guessing “strength in numbers” is the thing.  I think “paint by numbers” should be their next move.  So if you are scoring at home, to summarize, that is Cecil, Castro, Cecil, et. all.   Yeah, I mean if I had the offensive potential that the Blue Jays have, and they are being all fiddle and benz with the end game, I would make a move to a more permanent solution.  Don’t be cheap, I think the exchange rate is in your favor or close.  So the committee we are looking at now is a group that consists of Roberto Osuna, Steve Delabar, possibly another occasional save chance for Brett Cecil, Aaron Loup, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Optimus Prime and any prime number.  From a rostering standpoint, I would own Osuna, Delabar, then Cecil.  If you missed out on all three, just be thankful, because it’s a mess.  But saves bring all the craziness out of people, so that’s why it’s bullpen week and we are getting down to the goods of the HOLD.  Enjoy the rankings, tidbits and the casual barbs at my peers.  Cheers!

  • I was going to go all and highlight Steve Geltz and then he had to go and ruin it.  Well he had, past tense, retired 32 straight batters in a row.  If retired batters isn’t a stat in your league, well then you’re doing it wrong, so for regular stat factors he had 4 holds in the past two weeks and that is quite a bit of all right.
  • Cream always rises to the top, Tony Watson is the cream.  If you were patient with him from the start of the year then good on ya lad.  7 holds in this month alone straight winning categories by himself.
  • My love for J.J. Hoover grows and grows.  I know the Red legs don’t look like a contender, but he is showing himself to be a reliable source of everything. In fact take that he has the most wins on his team he would have the most wins on the Brewers, Rockies, and Braves.  Wins are wonky and smell like Phys Ed.
  • The set-up in front of Dellin in NY is all Justin Wilson.  Miller is still two weeks away.
  • Don’t know where to turn for a good source of holds if, by off chance, I am at Burning Man?  Team record speaks volumes.  Take the Rays, in first place in their division… they are ahead of MLB in holds as a team by a dozen, that’s 12 donuts or thirteen if you give the baker a slap and a tickle.  Lead MLB in appearances by relievers with the lead with 126.  Let’s get crazy with numbers.  That number extrapolated over the whole season would be 280, it would be the most since the Cardinals in 2008 who had 284.  They are also on pace to annihilate the all-time team holds mark in a season of 111 by the Padres in 2010, they are on pace for 130.
Player Holds/BS App with Lead IR Runners/IR Scored
Pat Neshek 19/0 22 7/0
Joe Smith 19/3 23 1/0
Sergio Romo 18/0 20 20/4
Tony Watson 18/0 23 9/1
Jim Johnson 17/3 25 10/3
Kevin Jepsen 16/3 24 9/5
Zach Duke 13/0 16 17/2
Kevin Siegrist 13/2 24 12/2
Arquimedes Caminero 12/0 18 9/1
Jared Hughes 12/3 20 16/2
Boone Logan 12/2 17 7/3
Blaine Boyer 11/1 17 7/3
Mike Dunn 11/0 14 14/0
Charlie Furbush 11/0 16 16/0
Steve Geltz 11/0 16 15/2
Brandon Gomes 11/0 13 21/6
Kelvin Herrera 11/2 16 6/3
Junichi Tazawa 11/1 18 12/4
Carlos Torres 11/1 19 12/1
Justin Wilson 11/0 17 25/5



  1. Gonzo_The_Great says:

    Jepsen seems to have slowed down a bit given that team’s bullpen confusion. Hoover really intrigues me. Worth considering a swap?

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Gonzo_The_Great: Not so much confusion as it is just everyone pitching well and being used at all times. i like Hoover moving forward

  2. sniff test says:

    Hey, Smokey back here takin a shit!

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @sniff test: sshhhhhh you will wake the neighbors

  3. Jack says:

    Closer issue related to Matz – Sounds like he’s coming up tonight. I can’t believe he is on my waiver wire in my H2H. Someone picked him up then dropped him about a week ago so maybe my league mates have missed him. I don’t have a spot for him right now, but I have proposed a trade that could get accepted tonight & would open up a slot 24 hours after it is accepted. In the meantime should I drop Soria and pick up Matz right now. This would make me slightly weak for saves, but I might be able to get him back since I would use my last poition waiver poition and others may not. If someone does pick him up, other possible closers (Osuna, Giles, Scribner, W. Davis) are on the waiver as a replacement. Should I do it?

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Jack: hold, no way you drop a top 15 closer for a guy pitching every 6th day for who knows at what success rate

  4. Youth movement says:

    16 team dynasty h2h with holds as category. I have had osuna and cecil all year. Is it crazy to pick up Delabar and own the Bluejays bullpen?

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Youth movement: not crazy just 3 spots for really chasing 1-2 stats. Better to have a monopoly then being in jail

  5. Mike Hunt's Honorable Discharge says:

    20 man dynasty with holds, relief appearances and K/9. i have
    giles/melancon (he seems fine again K rate back way up in last 3-4 appearances, and somehow he weathered the no K storm with great whip anyway, dude is talented to even to that at all)/k-rob (problems lately)/tolleson/fien/lowe (great and seems to have 8th inning)/kahnle (just added, is better than logan or anybody else they have and got the 8th last night). with meyer being called up i’m worried fien will lose the 8th he seems to have just recently gotten back. burgos was waivered after being dropped the very day he got back for some reason. i dropped loup for kahnle.
    if i see fien losing opp’s (or even now) drop for any of these Petricka/scheppers (better lately, K rate up too)/liberatore (worried peralta steals opps)/hardy/loup/sipp (getting scored on lately)/ al al (surprisingly good lately, no holds though)

      • Mike Hunt's Honorable Discharge says:

        @Smokey: liberatore and sipp are guys i don’t have. i have
        with walden in DL. other guys are the unowned ones.

  6. Jeter North says:

    Do you have any concerns with Holland, Ros?

    Looking at trading for a closer… Holland or Santiago Casilla have been offered to me.


    • I don't want to brag, but i have irritable bowel syndrome says:

      @Jeter North: holland better than casilla. K numbers are going back up. overall BB numbers not good but going down (he’s had so few innings it’s hard to be too worried)

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Jeter North: I would trade for Casilla first would be cheaper, but if your willing to pay more and the price is right Holland is a strong ROS guy

  7. Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo says:

    super duper possible scribner drop. i asked Grey these already but want to see what you say as well.
    a famous (ahem, to me) bullpen only website noticed what i did last night, that scrib’s was taken over by both pom and mujica in 7th and 8th, they now have moved scrib’s out of top 3 RP in OAK town’s system. This site is good, and the same way i don’t tell people about you i won’t go into detail about them, but i’m sure Smokey knows about them (actually since they are out of NY, i thought it could’ve even been him on his own, except they have different depth charts sometimes). They also have a free shirt, it’s cool. So this is the start of the great scrib’s castoff. answer could be a name listed or a hold for now type deal. Each league here has holds of course.
    1. 14 team redraft with BB’s but no ERA. options: lowe/kahnle/loup/dunn/scrabble/putnam/shaw/jeffress
    2. 16 team with K/BB, K per 9, OBPA, net saves and holds, along with saves and holds separately. options: kahnle/loup/parnell/fields/sipp/fien/jeffress/yimi
    3. 20 team. options:scrabble/strickland/dunn/loup/roe/petricka/jeffress
    4. 20 team dynasty with K/9. drop caminero/lowe/kela for pomeranz? (this seems lateral and maybe stupid upsidewise, but if scrib’s is out, i can’t believe mujica actually gets 8th inning, leaving pom with it). In this league it’s ALL about future, since i WILL win this league, still up by like 28 roto pts, it’s never been under 20 since like day 15 or so. and we have enough categories that i have mid 300’s in total pts.
    5. 20 team redraft. drop scrib’s for any of caminero/putnam/pom/lowe/jeffress?
    6. 20 team dynasty with K/9. options: lowe/pom/putnam/loup/kahnle/fien/delabar/jeffress.

    whew, that covers em, i really stashed up scribs a while back when nobody in OAK bullpen was useful at all, pretty much whenever i had a bullpen injury or demotion. mujica is also probably available in all these leagues (or at least close) but based on last months of his shtick i ain’t buying yet.

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo: Well I won’t monkey around with the questions then….

      2. Following on the Houston looking for reliable relievers Fields is a good specualtive add
      3. hold
      4. Love Pomeranz and he has looked decent in high leverage. Can’t drop fvor any of those 3, but in a dynasty he has alot of value especially in a 20 team format. gotta add him somewheres.
      6. Lowe or Pom

      • Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo says:

        @Smokey: good reference without being one to tip off anybody. for a minute i thought you might run that, except for the occasional depth chart differences. You can vote on the new layout of the shirt as well.

        • Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo says:

          @Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo: due to K rate fields is gone in more of these leagues than most of these guys, even though they have later innings. i actually had fields for a while in some of them, but HOU is deep stocked with guys. harris/sipp too.

  8. Pete says:

    What SP eligible pitchers do you like for holds? I have McAllister, but he’s not really getting me anything. Would Pomeranz or someone else be a better bet?

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Pete: Pomeranz is a decent option

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