Ahh..the refreshing feelings of a vacation high-a-tus really slows down the passion for fantasy baseball.  Not helping it at all is the beginning of footieball, which turns the baseball week from 7 days to 6 now with all of our attention to fantasy football.  A shout out to the fellas as Razzball Football who straight up kill it from week to week, and if you aren’t reading it daily then you suck and I hope you get stalked ritualistically by carnies.  So back to the grind of the final few weeks here and the state of the bullpens are pretty stagnant.  The only situation that I see taking a chunk of fantasy value is the situation in Pittsburgh (which is a great situation for actual baseball cause it’s great to see the ‘burgh with playoff intentions).  Jason Grilli returned from the DL and has jumped into a set-up role for now and Melancon is proving to be a Cy Young type reliever this year.   He won’t win but his numbers are stupid great.   Like a really dumb Tony the Tiger great, so insert that image in your head, and play over and over again.  Addicting isn’t it.  I can see Grilli getting a chance this upcoming week to garner some save chances, mostly in an alternating role so if you cuffed yourself right then pay attention to the day before and insert into roster accordingly. Stick around for some goodies, and maybe a chance for some punch and pie.


Sean Doolittle – This guy always seems to be lying in the weeds and then jumps out at you you like he wants to perform a magic trick.  I really like this cat, he throws hard, has closer stuff and the closer in front of him is a free agent.  So multi-year leagues, that was your cue to pay attention.  Has 5 holds over the last 14 days and the A’s are cruising lately.

Luke Hochevar – Member this whip-tard, yeah, seems like I wrote about him every other week in the 2-start thread.  Well, he has found his role, now the better question is will he remain a reliever or be given the keys to jump back into the rotation next year.  I am going to go out on a limb and say that he becomes a starter, and for all you RP/SP hoarders that is a great thing. Has 3 holds in the last 10 as compared to only 6 all year so that news is encouraging. With an ERA below 2 on the year and  a career ERA of over 5 as a starter, maybe something clicked. Who knows, but numbers help with his sexiness for now.

Tim Stauffer – Similar to the guy right above, Stauffer has found some type of home in the bullpen, could be a dollhouse, could be a doghouse, who knows.  Maybe he had one of those origami paper games that determined where he lived, the ones that you wrote words on each panel.  NE-ways, Stauffer has a 18k/9 rate over the last 14 games as he tries show the Friars that he may want back in on the whole starting thing, 2 holds during that same time make him an interesting guy come next year.  Stay tuned.



PLAYER HOLDS Appearances 
With Lead
Runners Scored
Joel Peralta 36 48 23 3
David Robertson 32 43 10 5
Tyler Clippard 31 45 9 2
Trevor Rosenthal 28 45 18 5
Jared Burton 26 40 11 2
Junichi Tazawa 25  41 34 11
Sean Doolittle 24 43 27 2
 Scott Downs 24 35 42 10
 Jake McGee 24 38 33 15
Luis Avilan 23 36 29 6
Matt Belisle 23 37 15 4
Tanner Scheppers 23 36 16 3
Brandon Kintzler 22 30 18 3
Joe Smith 22 44 23 5
Ryan Cook  21  38 26 12
Ronald Belisario 20 30 39 13
 Luke Gregerson 20 37 18 5
 Tim Collins  20 31 36 6
Darren O’Day  20 39 28 8
Paco Rodriguez  19 32 64 14
  1. Smokey –

    Good shit all year. Thanks for the input and the weekly columns. Always solid work…

    League: heading into my H2H Semi-Final next week (9/16-9/22) in a 14 team, redraft 6×6 (holds) league . We can start up to 6 RP. Here’s a look at my options and wanted your input as to the 4 Middle Relief Pitchers who get the nod (aside from the obvious 2 closers) from my roster:

    Roster: Kenley, Cishek, J. McGee, K. Siegrist, JJ Hoover, J. Tazawa, L. Hochevar, D. Carpenter, Brett Anderson

    *NEED TO CHOOSE 4* Opponents 9.16 – 9.22 (last 14 games as of 9.12):
    McGee – 7 games (4 v. Tex, 3 v. Bal) — 4 ip, 1 win, 1 k, 1 hold, 4.5 era, 1.00 whip
    Siegrist – 7 games (4 @ Col, 3 @ Mil) — 4.1 ip, 5 ks, 1 hold, 0.00 era, 0.46 whip
    Hoover – 6 games (3 @ Hou, 3 @ Pit) — 4.1 ip, 1 w, 2 ks, 1 hold, 0.00, 0.69 whip
    Tazawa – 6 games (3 v. Bal, 3 v. Tor) — 5.1 ip, 6 ks, 5 holds, 3.38 era, 1.15 whip
    Hochevar – 6 games (3 v. Cle, 3 v. Tex) — 6.1 ip, 1 w, 13 ks, 2 holds, 0.00 era, 0.16 whip
    Carpenter – 6 games, (3 @ Was, 3 @ Chi) — 7.1 ip, 5 ks, 2 holds, 2.45 era, 0.95 whip
    Anderson – 7 games (3 v. LAA, 4 v. Min) — 7.1 ip, 2 saves, 9 ks, 1 hold, 3.68 era, 1.50 whip

    My gut says: {Jansen, Cishek} + Siegrist, Hoover, Hochevar, Tazawa
    Bench – McGee, Carpenter, Anderson

    You agree? Thanks for the take…

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @EL BURRO: Thanks. I would try to get Carpenter in there instead of Hochevar, while Luke gives you great periph numbers in a straight i need stats that matter way he only has 6 holds all year. If i were grading comments on thoroughness you get an A

      • @Smokey:

        Cool; I was thinking to max games as well (7 vs. 6). Hence, maybe subbing in McGee – but his usage has been spotty lately and not loving his last month.

        I’ll take the grade, but would rather take the win. $5k on the line!

        • Smokey

          Smokey says:

          @EL BURRO: just keep singing outloud…give me da loot, gimme da loot. If that doesn’t work at least you will raise your street cred

          • @Smokey:

            like it. That song plays well on da’ streets. Thoughts on McGee over Tazawa?

            • Smokey

              Smokey says:

              @EL BURRO: Tazawa has looked unhittable lately and has 3 layups against the Blow Jays. My mind wants to say quantity with McGee but I think I would rather pocket the team digging to sew up home field in the playoffs in the Red Sox.

  2. T Schrizzy says:

    Weekly Start Points League:

    Pick 2 relievers for next week

    Mark Melancon
    Huston Street
    Ernesto Frieri
    Danny Farquhar
    Glen Perkins

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @T Schrizzy: Melancon and Perkins

  3. kyle says:

    Peralta or Doolittle for this weekend?

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @kyle: Doolittle. Watch the A’s score 40 runs this weekend now that I said that

  4. JoeG414 says:

    Need Whip, which…3-4 are the most reliable:Doolittle, Gregerson-(leaning toward those two). Cook,Tazawa J.Smith, Stammen,McGee,Shaw,M.Parra. 6×6 mixed daily roto.

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