I hated Brandon Phillips going into last year.  I felt he was overrated.  I thought he was being drafted like his feces smelled like Reese’s Pieces.  Then, as is the case in the game of fantasy baseball, one year changed all of that.  I don’t necessarily think my perception of Brandon Phillips has changed for the 2009 fantasy baseball season.  He still seems like a guy who can’t figure out whether to swing or not.  A .312 OBP isn’t exactly the quantum of solace (sucked!).  He only had 39 walks all of last year in over 600 plate appearances.  His .209 after July 31st gives me the Montezuma’s Revenge shakes (which are great with a side of fries. Yum!).  With praise like this, who needs insults, right?  So what is the 2009 outlook for Brandon Phillips for fantasy baseball and did he improve from last year?

He hasn’t improved.  Zoinks!  Everyone else’s perception has changed.  Last year, Phillips was coming off a 30/30 season and, in anticipation of drafting him, everyone was sticking their wood through holes in the wall.  Now Phillips comes off a bad season and everyone thinks Pedroia is the new King of Siam.  People need to chillax.  Phillips is still the number three 2nd baseman off the board.  He’s not below Uggla, he’s not below Roberts and he’s NOT (caps for emphasis, not for the hard of seeing) below Pedroia.  Brandon Phillips will not hit .300.  Shoot, he probably won’t hit .280.  He’s a .265 hitter, but he’s also a 20/20 guy and that needs to be respected.  So, as much as I don’t like guys that don’t walk, Brandon Phillips is still someone you should be drafting.

  1. Steve says:

    He was the 4th 2B taken in Steve & Hippo’s Excellent Adventure, at 39 – after Utley (11), Kinsler (14) and Pedroia (17).

    BTW y’all (and sorry to lurch off-topic, Grey), but there are still two spots left in the Second Razzball Commenters’ Draft that kicks off at 9pm Eastern.

    Details in the forums.

  2. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: That’s great value at 39. He seems to be getting lost in the Pedroia hype so I felt the need to highlight him.

    No worries, how many people are in it right now? 10?

  3. Steve says:

    @Grey: Yup – 10.

    Be warned, though. It’s scoop or be scooped.

  4. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: At Coach (Couch?) Managers? It’s a fast or slow?

  5. @Grey: He’s probably more like the 5th off the board. I know Alexei Ramirez is the ChiSox SS for the start of 2009, but he’s still eligible in a majority of fantasy leagues. I agree that you put Uggla above him, but I also believe Kinsler (20-20 with the average Phillips is missing) and Utley fit in above Phillips.

    Also, as I mentioned the other day, the Rockies have two guys (Ian Stewart and Jeff Baker) who’ll be eligible at 2B in most fantasy leagues that I would rather take a look at later on in drafts than wasting a pick on a risky player like Phillips or a Rickie Weeks earlier on.

  6. Grey

    Grey says:

    @bfadds: Stewart and Baker *are* good value later on (assuming they are eligible in your league), but that doesn’t mean Phillips is bad value. Phillips had a freak injury last year, where’s the risk? Kinsler’s lost ’07 and ’08 and has yet to play more than 130 games and his BABIP in ’08 was a bit obscene considering his upper cut swing. Kinsler’s average will come down and he is better Phillips, but not by that much.

    EDIT: Typo, cuz.

  7. @Grey: I never said Phillips was a “bad” pick. I’d just rather fill in the position later. I can’t cite MDC’s ADP because it looks like everyone’s tripping acid and/or are slamming their skulls into the keyboard while drafting (Phillips’ ADP is ahead of both Uggla AND Ramirez), but if I can find a more consistent bat still on the board in a deeper position (OF), then I’ll take the consistency before rolling the dice rounds later on a 2B like Robinson Cano w/ a Stewart/Baker as insurance later in the draft.

  8. Grey

    Grey says:

    @bfadds: Ah, gotcha. Yeah, I agree. A pick of someone like Nick Markakis is better than Phillips.

  9. Tony B. says:


    I currently have this option in my keeper league:

    Keep Alexei Ramirez 2B/SS/OF Round 23


    Keep Ryan Howard 1B Round 1

    Simple rules… you keep that player in that round, you get no pick that round during the draft…

    My other definite keepers are:

    Sizemore Round 2
    Longoria Round 21
    Holliday Round 3
    Lincecum Round 6
    Billingsley Round 12

    I was originally leaning all day to Ramirez but when looking at my league, if I chose to let Howard go back, I would have no chance at re-drafting him as I have the 5th and last pick of round 1 if I let him go back. In our league’s round 1, only 5 owners have picks (10 teams overall). In round 2, 7 owners have picks, in round 3, 6 owners have picks, and my next pick would not come until the 1st pick overall of round 4. These are the types of players available if I chose to send Howard back:

    Derrek Lee
    Adrian Gonzalez
    Chris Davis
    Joey Votto
    Aramis Ramirez
    Manny Ramirez
    Carlos Quentin
    Carl Crawford
    Carlos Lee
    Vladimir Guerrero
    Alex Rios
    David Ortiz
    Carlos Pena

    Keep Howard or keep the White Sox Swiss Army Knife of Eligibility?

  10. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Tony B.: I’d send Howard back and keep Alexei. Then if you wanted to grab a 1st baseman, I’d grab Adrian Gonzalez, Votto, Davis or Lee, in that order. If you just wanted to go for the best overall player, I’d grab Carlos Lee.

  11. Tony B. says:

    Why the hell did I not post this in the Forum? I’m sorry Grey, I don’t know what I was thinking here…

  12. @Grey: Marcel projections say Pedroia is more valuable than Phillips. CHONE says Phillips. I’m waiting until i finish up the Point Shares in February to officially make the call but

    I’m leaning towards Pedroia b/c the only given b/w these two is that Pedroia will crush him average (the Marcel and CHONE Point Shares are saying that in a 10-team league, their average difference would equal 1.8 points – that’s a LOT of points…). Add his Run advantage and I don’t think Phillips will make that up in HR, RBI, and SB….

  13. @Grey: New glossary term for you – Pedroia Paranoia: Fear that a middle infielder coming off a great year is bound to regress horribly.

    Also known as the Bret Boone Swoon or Carlos BuyerBewarega.

  14. Steve says:

    @Anyone who is interested: There’s a new installment of Steve & Hippo’s Excellent Adventure in the forum.

  15. big o says:

    i’m sure there’s a sign around here , somewhere , that says not to feed the wild animals .
    but , here goes ===> exactly what is your problem with short pricks ?
    peedy has shown that his balls can dwarf the tallest of monsters .
    does that not satisfy you ?
    does not your cup runneth over with shots from this little squirt ?
    no one’s asking you to be head towel boy , just recognize the mammoth size of his potent bat .

    durability makes him the 1st 2nd baseman off the board this time around.

  16. Baron Von Vulturewins

    BaronVonVulturewins says:

    @Rudy Gamble: You won me over with Carlos BuyerBewarega.

  17. Freak says:

    There should be a “draft” subforum.

  18. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Freak: You’re totally right. Adding it now.

  19. big o says:

    come on now.
    just trying to provoke a response.

    hello ?

  20. Grey

    Grey says:

    @big o: Didn’t think it needed a response. It sounded like you were making a statement.

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