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For a man and a woman to produce a great baseball player, it takes an ovum with a very good eye to spot a 5-tool sperm out of the pack. While there is more room for error if the father is a former player like Bobby Bonds or Ken Griffey Sr., it’s extremely rare that the same pitcher/catcher combination produces more than one HOF caliber player. (Note: Ms. Koufax’s eagle-eyed ova managed to find the one athletic specimen of the 180 million nebbish sperm provided by her husband. Jonas Salk purported that if he had access to Ms. Koufax’s womb, he could have cured blindness. Then again, Jonas would say anything to get into a girl’s womb…)

There are some exceptions to this rule:

1) Paul “Big Poison” and Lloyd “Little Poison” Waner amassed 5,611 hits for the pre-WWII Pirates (back when they were good).

2) The Alou triumvirate of Felipe, Matty, and Jesus amassed more than 5,000 hits. Ms. Alou was so fertile that her vagina was used for agricultural purposes during fallow reproduction periods.

3) The DiMaggio trio of Joe, Dom, and Vince may have been the best set of brothers but their combined stats seem less impressive because of time lost in service (Joe and Dom both served 3 years during WWII) and that the DiMaggio’s were 3 of about 40 DiMaggio children (as was de riguer among Italians of the era).

The more common scenario among baseball playing progeny is at most one heavyweight (say, Sly Stallone) and one lightweight (say, Frank Stallone). Could the lightweight brothers ever have been contenders (aka contendas) or did they just ride their brother’s coattails? Tough to say. But here are some examples:

1) Tommie Aaron. Brother Hank hit 755 HRs. Tommie hit 13. He got hate letters…from African-Americans.

2) Ozzie Canseco. Jose and his twin combined for 462 HRs and stole 200 SBs in the majors. Ozzie was responsible for 0 HRs and 0 SBs as he managed just 13 hits (6 doubles!) and 4 RBIs in his 65 career ABs. Thus, Ozzie had about the same impact on their brotherly combined statistics as, say, Lizzie McGwire would if you combined her stats with those of Mark McGwire.

3) Steve Larkin. Brother Barry played 19 seasons in Cincinnati and starred in 12 All-Star games. Steve played one game for the Reds in 1998 going 1 for 3. I wonder if Steve rubs it in that he has the higher career batting average

4) Chris Gwynn. Brother Tony hit 3,141 hits and won 8 batting titles. Chris managed 263 hits in 10 years. Based on the below photo, it’s no coincidence they both ended up on the team owned by the founder of McDonald’s.

That takes us to Billy Ripken. Billy shot through the minor leagues on a wave of mediocrity and nepotism – making it to the majors in 1987 at the young age of 22 (then again, you never know the true age of Oriole infielders). He soon beat out Alan Wiggins for the Oriole 2B spot as Wiggins, much like Robert Downey Jr., couldn’t choose between speed (66 and 70 SB in 1983/84) and cocaine.

Ripken’s surprising .308/.363/.372 over 234 ABs in 1987 didn’t dupe Oriole fans and brass into thinking that they had another Cal Ripken, but it did have them thinking they had their starting second baseman for 1988 and a #2 hitter to hit in front of his brother and Eddie Murray.

In retrospect, they could not have chosen a better 2nd baseman for their Razztastic 1988 Baltimore Orioles. The season started ominously with a 6 game losing streak. It wasn’t all Billy’s fault – he hit 6-for-24, a respectable .250 clip. But Cal and Eddie were riding the US highways (.091 and .130 respectively) and the axe fell on Cal Ripken Sr. The firing after 6 days shattered Yogi Berra’s unofficial ‘quickest firing’ record of 16 days by the Yanks in 1985 and it broke Cal Sr’s streak of 168 straight games managed. One wonders how Cal Sr. reacted to it given he was ‘wiry, blunt, quick-tempered and given to salty language’.

Baltimore legend and HOFer Frank Robinson came in and got the team into the W column….on April 29th in their 22nd game of the season. Yes, much like a senior undergrad at Oral Roberts University, the team went 0 for their first 21.

Hitting primarily out of the #2 slot (right in front of his brother), Billy had a tough April and May, finishing the two months with a .173 AVG in 162 ABs. Students at nearby Johns Hopkins Medical School ironically mused, “How could Billy’s stats be so anemic given his brother is known as the ‘Iron Man’?” and debated whether to nickname him Anemia Man or Irony Man.

On June 14th, Billy Ripken hit his first HR of the year off of the Tigers’ Doyle Alexander – the sole hitting highlight of a first half that, in 287 ABs, amassed a .199 AVG. Given the Orioles finished the first half at 28-59, it’s not as if he was the only dead weight in the lineup.

During the All-Star Break, Frank Robinson had some thinking to do. Do I send Ripken back down to AAA and potentially anger Cal Jr.? Can I really spoil a Razzterful season in the spirit of meritocracy and honoring the game when our season is already in the shitter? Frank compromised – he kept Ripken in the lineup every day but stashed him in the 9th slot to minimize the impact. To make sure Ripken didn’t lose momentum during the All-Star break, Frank scheduled some extra hitting sessions with former Baltimore SS Mark Belanger.

The 2nd half basically played out like the 1st half – 1 HR and a few more hits to put him over the Mendoza line.

The final line:

512 AB / 52 R / 2 HR / 34 RBI/ 8 SB / .207 AVG / .260 OBP / .258 SLG

Among AL batters with 300+ ABs, Billy Ripken finished last in AVG, OBP, and SLG. His 2 HR did place him ahead of 13 AL hitters including a power-deprived Ozzie Guillen (0 HR in 566 AB), a coke-deprived Willie Wilson (1), and a steroid-deprived Brady Anderson (1 in 325 AB).

That said, Billy felt positive going into the 1989 season. Yes, my 1988 was Razztastic but I’m a Ripken, damnit! I’m only going to get better. It really can’t get any worse than being the worst hitter in the league on the worst team in the league and my father being axed in the first 6 days of the season, could it?

Billy’s optimism, however, stood no chance against the naked ambition of Fleer Corporation which was, at the time, in a fight with Donruss for #2 in the baseball card market. In what is on record as an honest mistake, Billy Ripken’s 1989 baseball card came out with the nickname ‘Fuck Face’ on the knob of his bat. Traumatized, Billy missed the first 15 games of 1989 on the DL with a bruised ego and ended the season with only slightly better results (.239 AVG w/ no power).

During 1990, a reinvigorated Billy blocked out his 1988-1989 mistakes like Fleer blocked out the ‘Fuck Face’ in subsequent printings of the card. He had his best season as a pro when, in 406 AB, he led the Orioles in hitting at .291 – stomping his .250 hitting brother. Granted, Cal out-HRed him 21 to 3 but still…

While Billy’s glove (and surname?) kept him in the league another 8 years, a mix of injuries and responsible coaching kept him from ever topping 330 ABs again. He recently represented Ripken Baseball on a US government-sponsored envoy to China to help build support for baseball. You know Lenn Sakata HAD to be pissed that he wasn’t invited.

Let Cooperstown have Cal. Razzball will take Fuck Face any day of the week (twice on Sundays!)

  1. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    I was so pissed when I went to purchase a pack of Fleer baseball cards as a kid, hoping and praying to get the Fuck Face card, and instead getting the airbrushed version. So disappointing.

  2. Chase says:

    Do you see Erik bouncing back tonight?

  3. JR says:

    How impressive have Tony Pena been this year? Are we witnessing a historic performance this season?

  4. nick says:

    out of the 3 outfielders, which 2 do u start, Nady, Burrell & C. Young ?

  5. nick says:

    zambrano, wainwright & greinke going tonight, do you start all rudy ?

    also for outfielders/util which 3 do you start? Nady, Burrell, C. Young, C. Jackson ???

  6. Grey

    Grey says:

    @nick: Krispie/Nady until Burrell starts two consecutive games.

  7. Grey

    Grey says:

    @nick: I start Burrell over CJ.

  8. nick says:

    even though CJ is 6 for 8 against Sanchez ???

  9. @nick: Yeah, I don’t see any reason to bench any of the three. Hope for 2 wins and 20 Ks…

  10. Endless Summer says:

    Chase, Bedard has pitched great at home this year. Look up his numbers last year and he was this bad to begin last season too. I’d start him, but I don’t have him. So, no offense, I’ll be hoping he gets rocked so I can take advantage of an unnerved Bedard owner.

    Just to get an idea of how his owners value him: would you be willing to trade Bedard, and if so, for what?

  11. Grey

    Grey says:

    @nick: It’s close between the two. Burrell’s battling an injury and CJ’s battling mediocrity. Go with CJ if you want.

  12. DFNMwillwin says:

    In need of a middle reliever to help in K’s, WHIP, ERA. Some guys available are Chris Perez, Scherzer and Heath Bell. I also need another pitcher. Some guys available are Bergmann, Arroyo, Edwin Jackson. Who should I look at?

  13. DFNMwillwin says:

    Jeremy Guthrie also available

  14. Grey

    Grey says:

    @DFNMwillwin: I’m going Guthrie first then. Guthrie, Jackson, Bergmann, Punt.

  15. Julius says:

    Who is more worthy of a pick-up in a 5×5 roto league?

    Clay Buchholz
    Pedro Martinez

  16. Dr.J says:

    there is also Danks,Garza,Scott Olsen,Pettite,Francis,Bergmann,Ed. Jackso,Zito and Duscherer. Any of them beat out Pedro?

  17. Tony B. says:

    What do you guys think about this deal?

    I give Miguel Cabrera (round 1 keeper) and Clayton Kershaw (round 24 keeper) Brian Wilson (round 17)

    and I get in return

    Chad Billingsley (round 12) Aramis Ramirez (round 4) and Alex Rios (round 10)

    I already have Longoria on my team as a round 21 keeper for the next 3 years. Giving up Cabrera will give me a brand new first round pick in next year’s draft and I can use an Aramis/Longoria combo at 3rd for the rest of this season. I have a surplus of closers so giving up Wilson doesn’t hurt me. I know Kershaw is something special but I think Billingsley is as well. I would add Rios to my OF which already consists of Holliday, Hamilton, Pence, and Quentin (I can always play the other 2 at my UTL spots)

    Should I do it, or keep what I have?

  18. Tony B. says:

    FYI – With the keeper status, whatever round the player is, you give up your draft pick in that round in exchange for the player…

  19. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Dr.J: Garza, Jackson, Dook-sheer, Bergmann, Danks, Pedro… So yeah, a few before Pedro.

  20. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Tony B.: I like the deal a lot for you. A lot.

  21. Tony B. says:

    Now he’s asking for Bedard (round 9) , Kershaw, and Miggy

    I still get the same… Billingsley, Rios, and Aramis.

    I still like it b/c I like Billingsley over Bedard…

  22. Endless Summer says:

    How do these pitchers rank?

    Bedard, Felix Hernandez, Marcum, Maine, McGowan, Greinke, Cain, Daniel Cabrera, Darrell Rasner

  23. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Tony B.: Don’t like it as much, but I still like it.

    @Endless Summer: Bedard, Marcum, F-Her, Maine, Greinke, McGowan, Cabrera then Punt.

  24. Chase says:

    OK, Putz is very frustrating…He’s almost matched his walk total for last season already…What do I do? Keep em and wait for him to turn it around or Deal him?

  25. Tony B. says:

    He threw in Jurrjens, so now it’s

    Miggy – Bedard – Kershaw


    Aramis – Rios – Billingsley and Jurrjens

    I accepted…

  26. cruisinkc says:

    Trade Soto for Lackey?

  27. p0rk burn says:

    Cruisin: My vote is no depending on what you need. I think it goes to all that Average Replacement Value stuff Rudy is so fond of, but a catcher like Soto (to me) is hard to come by whereas pitchers of Lackey’s caliber are much more common. Then again I’m the Joe Blow coming here for advice too. Grey isn’t sold on Soto and I don’t think he is going to bat .330, but I think he will still end up in the top tier of catchers. Call me stupid for going out on a limb – peg him a few notches below Martin last year without the steals.

  28. cruisinkc says:

    @p0rk burn: Thanks for the advice. The weird thing is the guy that wants soto has v-mart but is trying to move him because of his power outage this year. Maybe I should get v-mart and lackey for soto! I do need pitching with only having King Felix, Vazquez, Cain, and Ted Lilly….

  29. Grey

    Grey says:

    @cruisinkc: It’s fair,, but I’m not crazy about Lackey, so no.

  30. cruisinkc says:

    @Grey: Could you rank these pitchers for how they will perform for the rest of the season: Billingsley, Kazmir, Hamels, Lincecum, Shields, and Zambrano. All i’m looking as possible trade targets.

  31. Grey

    Grey says:

    @cruisinkc: Lincecum, Hamels, Zambrano, Shields, Billingsley and Kazmir. They’re all really close. Billingley and Shields will give you the most value considering what people think of them.

  32. @Grey: Cruise – I’m disagreeing with Grey and Porkburn. I like Lackey. Soto is giving you above average HR/RBI but I don’t think he’s a safe bet for AVG, R, or SB. Lackey will give you 4 stats out of 5. V-Mart could probably give you everything except the HR. See if he’ll thrown in V-Mart. If not, offer him back your most expendable player.

  33. “there is also Danks,Garza,Scott Olsen,Pettite,Francis,Bergmann,Ed. Jackso,Zito and Duscherer. Any of them beat out Pedro?”

    @Dr.J: Uh, so what made you include Zito? Were you seriously giving an iota of consideration to picking him up? The only place Zito has any value is in a razztastic league.

  34. BSA says:

    The Beckett/Kinsler for Lincee/Utley trade is in barter mode. I offered Kershaw and he came back adding Penny and wanting Papelbon.
    My closers are Papelbon, Rauch, Ryan
    His starters are Cook CYoung, Penny, volquez, Burnett, Jurrj, gsmith
    Our free agent closers are:Wilson (both of them), Capps, Acosta, Torres

    What next? I think Penny is junk and Pap is too much.

  35. cruisinkc says:

    Trade BJ Upton for Sizemore?

  36. @BSA: The trade would be Beckett/Kinsler/Papelbon for Lincecum/Utley/Penny? I think Beckett and Lincecum are comparable and Penny is useless. So Kinsler and Papelbon for Utley? I don’t hate it. Utley is that good. But there’s no burning reason to make this trade. If you could avoid giving up Pap or swapping in Kershaw instead of Beckett, I’d be more excited.

    @cruisinkc: If you have 2B and MI depth, I guess. But Hafner out of that lineup makes me like Sizemore a bit less.

  37. cruisinkc says:

    Is bruce for billingsley still a good deal with bruce up in the bigs now?

  38. Grey

    Grey says:

    @cruisinkc: Yup. **Do followup questions in new post. Thanks.**

  39. Zebo says:

    what is the trade value of Jonathan Broxton right now? I would like to move him with Chris Perez in the wings, and Santiago Casilla coming off DL soon. We count holds, so Broxton has some extra value in addition to his normal stats.

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