The inaugural Razzball season has ended and – in a fitting conclusion – the two representatives from this blog finished 1-2 (Contributor Lou Poulas finished last but that’s because he’s too focused on all-stars).  The final score:  Rudy – 96, Grey – 94

(Quick aside for those who haven’t been following.  Based on rules of our own invention, we played a full fantasy season where the goal was to field the worst team possible (click here for the genesis of it).  While I had some doubts going into it, I’ve got to say that I had more fun in this league than my expert leagues and my cash league combined.  Who knew rooting against players could be so fun?)

The season went down to the last day when Rudy’s team gained an extra point in ABs from tough competitor Aardvark Trading Co (5,238 to 5,220) and Grey lost a point after his crappy pitchers managed to best the staff of Mop Up Duty 772 to 770 Ks.  Both teams set records that will be tough to duplicate in future years:

  • Rudy – 5238 ABs with only 75 HR and 499 RBIs.  That translates to about 6 HR and 38 RBI per 403 ABs across the 13 hitting roster slots.
  • Grey – Over 1362 IP, a ridiculous 5.72 ERA and 1.58 WHIP.  (the MLB average ERA was about 4.15)

Fantasy Baseball Generals finished a strong 3rd at 86.5 points, led by an amazing pitching staff that managed to lose 112 games and give up 226 HRs (both league highs) and finish 2nd to Grey in both ERA (5.25) and WHIP (1.51).  After a slow start, Mike P. of the FBG put together as awful a team as any.

4th place went to Aardvark Trading Co – the holding company for the Cards In The Attic blog.  They were one of only 3 teams that had the intestinal fortitude to reach the 5200 AB minimum (failure to reach that mark meant pro-rated 120/35/120/.320 stats).  His solidly crappy offense was let down by a merely incompetent pitching staff.

Herb Urban finished in 5th displaying a keen affection for Dave Kingman as he finished with the 2nd most HRs (that’s bad) but 2nd most Ks and 2nd lowest average (both good).

See below for the final standings.  Stay tuned for posts that will contain the final rosters/stats as well as a final season Point Shares to determine who was the most ‘invaluable’ player in the majors this year…

  1. Grey

    Grey says:

    *shakes fist* Damn you, Rudy!

    At least I got the better of the Melky/Greinke trade.

  2. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Rudy Gamble: For Razzball, it should be Rudy Can Fail, no?

  3. I guess I never really understood the scoring involved. For instance, why the RAZZ points are the same for both the non-adjusted and the adjusted stats. That alone is why I benched my hitters at the end of the season hoping to “gain” a few points as teams leapfrogged me in several offensive columns.

    I really enjoyed the league until my pitching staff was sent to the glue factory.

    I hated the weekly lineup format.

    Thanks for the invite….

  4. Jason says:

    I’m curious, what pool service did you use to keep track of all of this fun? I hope you didn’t have to it manually with excel.

  5. @Aardvark Trading Co: Thought you realized that all hitting points were based on adjusted #s. I just provided the non-adjusted so it was transparent what the accumulated stats had been.

    We’ll likely have multiple leagues next year and introduce a daily league. I kind of like weekly b/c it puts a little less pressure on day-to-day maneuvering and more time to enjoy the schadenfreude but we’ll work it in…

    @Jason: We used Yahoo! for the league and then I had to copy/paste into Excel to 1) Update the hitting stats so those w/ below minimum ABs had their hitting stats adjusted up and 2) Re-rank the points based on the rules – e.g., instead of getting a 1 for least # of HRs (by hitters), you get 10.

    We’re in talks w/ a company to automate what I did. If it works, we’re going to host a whole shitload of Razzball leagues next year. Our main thing will always be about ‘real fantasy baseball’ but it’s kind of cool to add our own twist to it as well…

  6. If there was an easier way to sort through free agents to find the crappiest of the crap, instead of having to scroll through all the good players first, it would make transactions much easier. All Yahoo has to do is allow us to sort backwards, like with the worst ranked players appearing first. Especially for pitchers since there are a ton of those and it’s hard to find pitchers recently called up who have only had a couple of starts.

    Anyhow, I’m just proud I finished with the 2nd worst ERA and a mark over 5, considering I started Cliff Lee for like 2 months!!

  7. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Mike Podhorzer: For hitters, I would sort hitters by Ks, then when I found a hitter with lots of Ks I would check their other stats.

    Pitchers were much more difficult and I would go to the waiver wire with a name in mind rather than sorting through them all. Or I would go on a Tuesday or Wednesday, when I had a good idea of who would be a two start pitcher for the following week, then I would grab the guys with the worst matchups.

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