After a two week hiatus so the Lifshitz clan could take Disneyworld by storm, the Razzball Fantasy Prospect Podcast is back. But wha wha wha wait it gets worse! We’re not gone yet so we’re givin our first…minor league system preview of the season. This week’s episode focuses on the prospect laden Braves system, with a little Orioles and D-Backs talk sprinkled in. So it’s prospects a plenty this week. I mean it’s the top Atlanta Braves Prospects people! There’s a lot of them! It’s a freaking prospect podcast right? Feels like a rhetorical question? Is that rhetorical? Nevermind it’s the Braves-centric latest episode of the Razzball Fantasy Prospect Podcast.

  1. Nick says:

    Hi Buddy,
    as i have Villar and Lindor,

    i can afford to deal Dansby, i can get Tanner Roark in a deal, as i need to improve my pitching

    would you add NOW Shae Simmons in dynasty?

    thanks Nick

    • Ralph Lifshitz

      Ralph Lifshitz says:

      @Nick: Yeah if you’ve shopped around and Roark is the best you can do, I’d be okay with it. You might be able to do better though.

      I’d add him in a deeper format with holds.

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