Big news in New York this week. No, not the Giants. Morgan Ensberg signed with the Yankees. Let me ask you something, if you sign a player in the biggest media market and it makes no noise, are you still signing a player? The Pinstripes Daily blog has a post on this that gets right to the heart of the matter, “Worse version of Giambi.” Effects on fantasy? In deep leagues maybe someone might pick him up off waivers, but let’s hope you’re not that desperate.

Just out of Spring Training there was word that so and so is “losing weight” from his “new exercise regimen” and he’s “finally back from last season’s injury.” Just in time to “work on his new pitch.” You probably recognize these as the tried and true Spring Training clichés. Tim over at RotoAuthority has a whole list. Check it out; it’s funny, cause it’s true.

Is Richie Sexson a Razzball All-Star or a mediocre hitter with a looping swing that will hit .230 or are those the same two things? We’ve gone over before what you should do with Sexson, discard. The hopeful people over at The Seattle Mariners blog have middling hopes for Sexson and by middling, obviously, I mean optimistic. If he hits .250 over 500 at-bats, you still don’t want him on your team. If you don’t know why, check out what our very own Rudy Gamble says.

  1. Herb Urban says:

    I have a soft spot for Ensberg. He was very good to me as a waiver pickup in 2003 and 2005. Of course, he was a major bust in ’04 and ’06, but I refused to draft him early.

    He can still mash LHP, but he is pretty much an afterthought on the wrong side of 30. It is a shame Jimy Williams jerked him around in Houston for years. His patience and power suggest he could have had a very good big league career. Same could be said for his former and future teammate Jason Lane. There must be something in the water down in Houston. I hope Chris Burke gets his chance in Arizona before time runs out on him too.

  2. Jon Shields says:

    While I didn’t write the post over at my blog, I still don’t see any reason why Sexson will not reach his career averages now that he’s healthy. People outside of Seattle seem to know nothing about the hamstring injury that took all of his power away.

    That said, he’s still not a great fantasy player.

  3. Who We Are says:

    I would think watching someone strikeout twice as much as he walks, you’d be calling for his head, not defending him. Anyway, I was coming at it more from a fantasy angle. He’s one of those guys that’s never on the winning team at the end of the year. He’s like a skinny Adam Dunn. (Then again, I took Dunn to a championship last year. Hmmm…)

  4. Jon Shields says:

    His swing was all arms for the latter half of the season. Pair a historically slow starter with a second half injury and you have the makings of a tough year.

    I understand it was from a fantasy angle. While I think he’ll be big for Seattle this year, you probably won’t find him on my fantasy roster (if I find myself in position, I’m probably not doing so hot).

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