Greetings Children of The Razz,

Nothing important happened this week. So let’s jump in to the first base fantasy baseball injury outlook.


Over the past few weeks, I have enjoyed chatting with all of you and learning about your sentiments and opinions on the MLB Lockout. Please don’t be a stranger. Especially the haters.

As Spring Training begins March 18, my injury coverage of position-by-position outlook will continue. However, I will also begin adding in injury reports from training and games so you are able to think ahead for your line-up, trades, or draft.

What kind of injuries can you expect to see at spring training?

The lack of MLB lockout in 2022 meant that spring training was, obviously, longer. General reporting began on February 17, and Opening Day was April 1. In those 42 days, there were roughly 78 injuries. The most common injuries occurred in pitchers (RP, 33; SP, 19; RP/SP, 6), outfielders (16), and 1B (5). The most common injury types (excluding COVID-related events) were strained hamstrings (8), Tommy John surgeries/recoveries (8), and strained shoulders (5).

In 2022, the time between reporting and Opening Day is less than one month. In Ambulance Chasers: Preseason Pains, I shared research that found there was a higher rate of injury in 2020 due to “irregular or insufficient sports specific preparation”. In 2020, players only reported to training facilities three weeks before Opening Day. Three weeks is both less time to train and also less time to be injured within spring training (and instead be injured during regular season games). In theory, we should see fewer injuries in 2022 spring training than in 2021 but more than in 2020. If that theory is applied to the regular season, we might see more injuries in the 2022 regular season than in 2021. However, in baseball, chaos reigns! We will not know until we know.

Regardless, be ready to potentially put some RP, SP, and OF players on the IL for Opening Day. With any luck, you have been using your Razzball resources to build your team.

So, what should I look out for with 1B players in 2021?

In 2021, there were 40 instances of injury in players who were primarily at 1B. There are players who play 1B along with other positions (primarily OF , 3B, and C). In this analysis, I am going to focus on those who primarily play 1B. In 2021, the most common injury types for 1B players are strained obliques (5), strained hamstrings (5), and strained groins (4).

Luke Voit took the most visits (4 each) to the IL. Luke Voit had ongoing knee issues. He had surgery early in 2021 but continued having knee issues that essentially ended his season.


There has not been a lot of recent news or update on his status, but as of three weeks ago, he sounded ready to play ball.


Brandon Belt, Mitch Moreland, and Ji-Man Choi also had a series of injuries last season. Ji-Man Choi had knee surgery as well as groin and hamstring issues.

Daniel Vogelbach spent extensive time on the IL with a hamstring injury.

However, he appeared to be doing just fine upon his return. Just keep an eye on him!

Rhys Hoskins (abdomen), Seth Beer (shoulder), and Jesus Aguilar (knee) had surgery towards the end of the 2021 season. While these players might be present for Opening Day, their rehab status is somewhat unknown.

Are there any recent injury updates (non-position specific) I should know about?

Yes! It is close enough to regular season that I will begin sharing updates. You have likely heard that prospect Josh Jung (3B, shoulder) and Sixto Sanchez (P, shoulder) are out for a while.

Finally, the Cubs announced that Codi Heuer (P) will be miss the entire 2022 season because of Tommy John surgery.


Plan or adjust your roster accordingly friends. See you next week!

Has your draft started? Have you run into any injury issues or concerns? Tell me about it in the comments or on Twitter: @Keelin_12ft.