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It’s your favorite hour of the week!  The Not Not News is back with all the Billy Hurley jokes and Grey Albright cackles you can handle. This week we’re rerunning a classic episode where a Canadian grandmother discovers a toy cactus swears and sings about cocaine. Then a tween eats nothing but chicken nuggets her entire life and 61 people are stranded inside a British pub with an Oasis cover band.

Listen to the entire show below, now 100% free of charge!

Here are this week’s stories so you can follow along:

A Brampton grandmother who bought a toy cactus was shocked when it started swearing and singing about doing cocaine

Tween has eaten nothing but chicken nuggets her whole life

61 People ‘Stranded’ Inside British Pub with Oasis Cover Band for 3 Days Due to Blizzard



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