A few weeks ago, I ran into a white-haired “scientist” trying to sell me a souped-up DeLorean. He was on the run from some Libyans, he said, and figured his best move was to cover his tracks. Said the car could travel through time but had just enough gigawatt juice left for one round trip. 

I didn’t have much scratch on hand so had to trade my own car in the exchange but figured, hey, let’s go back and fix this Corona thing. 

Then I remembered the butterflies. What if I made it worse? Who would I even talk to? So many Ashton Kutcher-esque variables. 

If you’re reading this in quarantine, you know I chickened out. Flashed forward instead to next March and watched baseball. In this article, I’ll discuss what I saw and how I built the 2021 top 100 I posted on Wednesday.


Rank Player Position Team ETA
1 Wander Franco SS TB 2021
2 CJ Abrams SS SD 2023
3 Julio Rodriguez OF SEA 2021
4 Marco Luciano SS SF 2022
5 Vidal Brujan 2B TB 2021
6 Jarred Kelenic OF SEA 2021
7 Jasson Dominguez OF NYY 2024
8 Andrew Vaughn 1B CHW 2021
9 Oneil Cruz SS PIT 2021
10 Kristian Robinson OF ARI 2022
11 Tarik Skubal LHP DET 2020
12 Corbin Carroll OF ARI 2022
13 Adley Rutschman C BAL 2022
14 Tetsuto Yamada 2B ?? 2021
15 Royce Lewis SS MIN 2021
16 Casey Mize RHP DET 2020
17 Spencer Torkelson 1B ?? 2021
18 Matt Manning RHP DET 2020
19 Alex Kirilloff 1B MIN 2020
20 Austin Martin SS ?? 2022
21 Brennen Davis OF CHC 2022
22 Alex Bohm 3B PHI 2020
23 Luis Patiño RHP SD 2020
24 Brailyn Marquez LHP CHC 2021
25 Luis Matos OF SF 2022
26 Noelvi Marte SS SEA 2022
27 Jazz Chisholm SS MIA 2020
28 Jeter Downs SS BOS 2021
29 Joey Bart C SF 2021
30 Trevor Larnach OF MIN 2021
31 Drew Waters OF ATL 2020
32 Bobby Witt Jr. SS KC 2023
33 Seiya Suzuki OF ?? 2021
34 Jose Garcia SS CIN 2021
35 George Valera OF CLE 2022
36 Heriberto Hernandez C TEX 2022
37 Monte Harrison OF MIA 2020
38 Erick Peña OF KC 2024
39 George Kirby RHP SEA 2021
40 Riley Greene OF DET 2024
41 Luisangel Acuña SS TEX 2023
42 Carlos Colmenarez SS ?? 2025
43 Edward Cabrera RHP MIA 2020
44 Josiah Gray RHP LAD 2020
45 Hedbert Perez OF MIL 2024
46 Garrett Mitchell OF ?? 2023
47 Xavier Edwards SS TB 2022
48 Aaron Bracho 2B CLE 2022
49 Gilberto Jimenez OF BOS 2022
50 Alek Thomas OF ARI 2021
51 Nick Lodolo LHP CIN 2021
52 Nick Gonzales 2B ?? 2022
53 Jordan Groshans 3B TOR 2022
54 Robert Puason SS OAK 2024
55 Simeon Woods-Richardson RHP TOR 2021
56 Greg Jones SS TB 2023
57 Triston Casas 3B BOS 2022
58 Hunter Greene RHP CIN 2023
59 JJ Bleday OF MIA 2022
60 Emerson Hancock RHP ?? 2022
61 Lewin Diaz 1B MIA 2021
62 Bryce Ball 1B ATL 2022
63 Francisco Alvarez C NYM 2024
64 Oscar Colas P/H ?? 2022
65 Ronny Mauricio SS NYM 2023
66 Maximo Acosta SS TEX 2024
67 Josh Jung 3B TEX 2021
68 Yoelqui Cespedes OF ?? 2021
69 Nolan Gorman 3B STL 2022
70 Asa Lacy LHP ?? 2022
71 Heliot Ramos OF SF 2022
72 Kody Hoese 2B LAD 2021
73 Michael Busch 3B LAD 2021
74 Geraldo Perdomo SS ARI 2022
75 Ha-Seong Kim SS ?? 2021
76 Alexfri Planez OF CLE 2023
77 Joe Ryan RHP TB 2020
78 Logan Gilbert RHP SEA 2021
79 Orelvis Martinez 3B TOR 2023
80 Misael Urbina OF MIN 2023
81 Zac Veen OF ?? 2024
82 Keithron Moss SS TEX 2023
83 Brent Honeywell RHP TB 2020
84 Joey Cantillo LHP SD 2021
85 Tyler Freeman 2B CLE 2021
86 Jordyn Adams OF LAA 2022
87 Nolan Jones 3B CLE 2021
88 Daniel Lynch LHP KC 2020
89 Brandon Marsh OF LAA 2020
90 Luis Rodriguez OF LAD 2024
91 Hudson Head OF SD 2023
92 Reid Detmers LHP ?? 2023
93 Taylor Trammell OF SD 2021
94 Ji-Hwan Bae SS PIT 2022
95 Ethan Small LHP MIL 2021
96 Daulton Varsho C ARI 2020
97 Casey Martin SS ?? 2023
98 Luis Campusano C SD 2021
99 Heston Kjerstad OF ?? 2023
100 Pedro Leon OF HOU 2022



One of my big takeaways from this: the future is tricky. If you thought it was weird when Michael J. Fox almost hooked up with his mom, imagine him flashing forward and meeting his granddaughter. Something about that feels a little less wacky go lucky, no? 

Estimated times of arrival didn’t even help much, given how long it takes a pitcher to log 50 innings. Hitters are a little easier, but it’s still commonplace for a guy like Mike Trout to debut one year, play 46 games and remain prospect eligible the next. 

In that light, players like Cristian Pache and Drew Waters are tough to peg in part because the Braves are deep and good. Pache could graduate on service days for defense, but neither seems an easy bet to get 130 at bats.

Luis Patiño and Jeter Downs should be ready for the jump this year but are dependent on their clubs staying in the race enough to risk a prime age season. Even if that happens, I have a hard time seeing either get much 2020 run without a wave of injuries, which, I hate to say, seems like an inevitability as everyone tries to ramp up again and play real games after this unique cool down.

Edward Cabrera and Monte Harrison would be near locks to burn through their eligibility any other season. As is, they get a little bump for Spring Training 2021 proximity (and/or coffee cups well drunk). 

Note about Skubal: he was a must get for me this draft season despite a lot of reasons to not expect much this year. I’ve always been higher than the field on him but realized during draft season that I like him as much as any pitching prospect. Mostly, I realized the idea of missing out on him causes me anxiety, while I don’t mind missing out on the Dusin Mays and Brendan McKays of the world. 

MacKenzie Gore was among the closest calls. Maybe he won’t cross the 50 inning mark, but for the purposes of this exercise, I decided it was best to graduate him—in part because you have a pretty good feel for his value of you’re reading this, so it doesn’t help much to drop him into the top ten and in part because if he falls short, I think it’ll be a 40-plus innings case like Mitch Keller or McKay. 

Yoelqui Cespedes could make more money in Japan than he can through the international portal but has been declared a free agent eligible to sign in the states and belongs on the list until we know more. 

Oscar Colas is an enigma, and I don’t feel great about my ranking. I hope he’s not developed as a two-way player because I think he’s more valuable to our game with the bat. I have zero confidence in my read on him or Céspedes, but I think Colas looks like a monster at the plate. 


Just Missed:

Tomoyuki Sugano might be posted for his age 31 season. He’d been Japan’s best pitcher before a down year in 2019 and would find himself safely in Lindblom land if posted. 

Angel Martinez would’ve made the list in a normal season, but the backlog blocks him. 

I had omitted Heston Kjerstad despite his incredible start to the season, but Harley Earl–an expert in Arkansas baseball–convinced me to include him. Thanks Harley!

Part of why I left Kjerstad off was I felt weird about bumping over Hunter Bishop–an elite prospect in the 2019 class. During the week, I decided Bishop might actually play less baseball than Kjerstad in 2020 and that Kjerstad is not (yet) confined to the lefty-bat purgatory that is San Francisco. Bishop still has enticing power-speed upside, but the next lefty to conquer that part will be the first since Bonds. (It might’ve been young Yaz if we’d played 2020 with the juicies).

Before we part, I’ve copied and pasted some of the Reddit conversation around this piece because a few questions were recurring and should be logged here. 


Q: I find it hard to find information on when to expect Japanese players to make the move to the MLB. What makes you confident that Yamada will be coming over and playing in the MLB for 2021?

A: Some of it is CBA speculation. Some is Tsutsugo and Akiyama piggyback. Ohtani, too. But Yoshi was the first player posted by the Bay Stars. Feels like a golden age of posting might be underway in part because of the percentage of earnings clause that allows Japanese teams to ring the register year after year if they post a prime-age player.

It’s a little Mookie adjacent, too.

If the player is going to leave when he reaches international free agency after 9 years (age 27-28), and the organization is going to get nothing in return, the business side likes the idea of selling him after 7 or 8 years and setting themselves up to get paid for several seasons.

Going forward, I think it will always be in our best interest to plan for the possibility that truly elite talents like Yamada and Suzuki will be posted. If it doesn’t happen, so bet it, but at least you won’t have traded away a supplemental pick without realizing it could become an immediate MLB regular with instant All-Star potential.

Q: You don’t like Witt Jr I guess?

A: Partly I think it’s gonna be a crazy loaded list. The backlog is going to push some very good players lower on lists than their fan bases would like. 

But I would like to see strong results for a high school guy with some swing and miss before I start leaping him above closer guys with similar traits like Jazz and Jeter. 


Q: Where are all the young pitchers? (I got questions about Espino, Liberatore, Rodriguez, and more.)

A: If anyone’s hurt the worst by this dead period, I think it’s low-level arms. They tend to climb the ladder along with their innings counts, and a season where nobody tops 100 frames could be devastating to pitchers’ timelines. 

And I don’t want to be Chicken Little here, but we might see a rough stretch of injuries if pitchers aren’t very careful about how they handle this period and the ramp up before the season and the season itself. What does it look like to be careful with a young pitcher? Nobody really knows, which isn’t great. Some will throw a lot. Some will throw very little. All feel riskier to me today than they did during the off-season, and they’ve always been risky bets in my eyes. 


Thanks for reading! Stay safe out there!

You could follow me @theprospectitch on Twitter if you’re curious.

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3 years ago

Hi Itch. Sorry for the late question but…

I am in an 11 team points league we may keep 10 players forever with no penalty (sort of a modified Dynasty format). Typically 100 – 105 players are kept annually.

We are heading into the 20th round of an off-line slow draft. So far, I have a good, competetive team. I’d like to compete now (this year), but as I sit two picks away from my 20th player, Wander Franco is still available. I think Incould squeeze hime into one of my 10 keeper slots ( I have Trout, Story, Alonso, Moncado, Stanton, Vladdy, Abreu, Strasburg, Glasnow and Luzardo)

If he falls to me, should I pull the trigger on Franco?? Thoughts?

3 years ago

Love seeing Yamada, Suzuki, and Kim on this list. Selected them as my last 3 reserve/bench picks and hope they go to an eligible team in the Keeper league im in (AL + CHC STL CIN MIL).
Do you envision Kim being an above average MI or maybe even higher in an OBP league?

3 years ago

Hey, my league is converting from a keeper to dynasty during the covid hiatus and I get first pick in the draft. 14 teams, h2h points league, 5 keepers, so 70 players have been kept. My five keepers are J.D. Martinez, Arenado, Meadows, Correa and Luis Castillo.

The top remaining hitters are bogaerts, rendon, rizzo, machado. On the pitching side the only one that tempts me is max scherzer. But here’s where I’m really hung up, Wander Franco is also out there for the taking. I doubt he’d make it back to me 28 picks later, but would it be worth taking him over more established guys? What would you do?

3 years ago

In a h2h dynasty league, who do you prefer more long term? Corbin Caroll or Noelvi Marte?

Harley Earl
Harley Earl
3 years ago

My current crop of prospects on my dynasty team are: Julio Rodriguez (2), Vidal Brujan (5), Luis Patino (23), Jose Garcia (34), Jordan Groshans (53), Robert Puason (54), Brent Honeywell (83) and Ivan Hererra (UR).

I feel that’s a pretty strong group. What says you, Itch?

Harley Earl
Harley Earl
Reply to  The Itch
3 years ago

Haha! Now I gotta watch it.

Hey, by the way, I see the nod you gave to Heston Kjerstad!! Smart move. That young man has a bat that plays!!

3 years ago

Sup Itch, been watching the WBC replay today. It’s a crime we haven’t been able to see Sugano stateside sooner. I’m looking forward to having shared of Yamada everywhere next year.

So with the lower level arms being hurt by this, does this boost polished college arms like Kirby and Lodolo?

3 years ago

I was a little surprised Sherten Apostel did not make the list?
Also, I know he has a questionable hit tool, but I am surprised Josh Lowe does not get more attention on these lists?

3 years ago

I drafted marte earlier this year. Do you think he has the tools and upside to move even higher than you have him ranked? Dominguez was the prize of my draft. He didn’t make it to me so I was looking for upside for 2022 or so. I passed on oneil cruz because i was more intrigued with finding sb. Do you think marte sticks at ss and do you think marte has more upside than cruz?

Reply to  toolshed
3 years ago

The rankings for cruz are also kind of all over the place. Probably due to his height and how that will translate

3 years ago

Also, I had my draft in H2H. I have a few potential guys I hope breakout. Any sleeper/breakout potential on Jake Bauer, Lewis Brinson, Ramiel Tapia based on spring training.

Everyone seems to be praised this spring for a swing change….ect

Bauer has a nice power/speed combo but anything suggest he puts it together?
Brinson……..like every spring, he does good but then the season begins.
Tapia……playing time is a question, but is the talent there?

3 years ago

Ji-Hwan Bae. I see him pop up a few times in lists. a top 100 player but what is his comparison?

I see him being only an SB guy so are we talking like 5hr, 30 sb as his potential? IS he better than Taylor Wall from TB?

3 years ago

If you were to re-rank your 2020 prospects, would Hedbert Perez now be ahead of Aaron Bracho?

Beat the Bots
Beat the Bots
3 years ago

Best-case scenario do you think Vaughn could make a Bellinger-like jump in a couple of years?

3 years ago

I was laughed at for taking CJ fourth pick in my dynasty draft two weeks ago. Then I took Carrol, Skubal.

Good to know I’ll be laughing last soon.

Thanks for the hard work.

Go get one of those new Deloreans. We should all get a taste of the future.