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We continue our quest for elusive the increasingly elusive fantasy species, saves. Remember, these aren’t the next guys up. These names can be gross. If you’re drinking coffee, stop. I won’t be paying for your new monitor…

  • Chicago Cubs- Brandon Morrow. Can the highest paid reliever on the team be a dark horse for saves? Apparently, because Morrow has only the fourth best chance to break double-digit saves for the Cubs in my opinion. He’s playing catch again. Great. That seems like an important part of being a baseball player! They’re expecting him to miss a month and it wouldn’t be surprising if that drags out further.
  • Cincinnati Reds- Amir Garrett. The career trajectory of Garrett confuses me. He struggled in the rotation in his 2017 rookie year, though a hip issue could have been why. He came out in 2018 spring training looking great. The Reds chose Brandon Finnegan over him for a rotation spot. During the season they also ran out a group of pitchers to fill rotation holes that can be collectively described as pig-vomit. Why move and keep Garrett in the bullpen unless you see a future closer? The Reds are not a smart baseball organization. Nevertheless, I’m reading into that decision. He also has our favorite reliever pitch combo, a solid fastball and slider.
  • Milwaukee Brewers- Jacob Barnes. Yes, there’s a three-headed monster in front of him. All of those players were with the team last season when Barnes saw a handful of save opportunities anyway. All in all, it was an up and down season for him. The team showed what they think of his stuff when he’s at his best and that’s pitching in the ninth.
  • Pittsburgh Pirates- Rich Rodriguez. Just another Pirates reclamation project turned 11.42 K/9, 2.47 ERA, 1.07 WHIP, reliable late-inning horse. Don’t assume Keona Kela has the setup role all to himself.
  • St. Louis Cardinals- Alex Reyes. How many times are we going to do this “Can he be a starter” dance with Reyes? He’d be a great closer. The stuff is filthy. He just can’t catch a break health-wise. This is very likely to be the season we find out.
  1. Kevin Kuntz says:

    Can someone Please tell Grey to submit his rankings to Fantasypros so I can make a cheetsheet with him?

  2. Charlie Harper says:

    Oh great Roto Wan. What’s your gut feeling on Strahm this year,love his number the last few years and looked good for the Padres. I no he will have his innings limited but I like him as an early season sleeper for ratios

    • Roto-Wan

      Roto-Wan says:

      @Charlie Harper: he could be a dark horse closer, but I see him as a possible starter. It depends on how aggressive they are bringing arms up when that rotation inevitably falls apart.

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