We at Razzball realize that exporting our views across the country has damaging consequences on the blogosphere. To help make amends, we are reaching out to leading team blogs and featuring their locally blogged answers to pressing 2010 fantasy baseball questions regarding their team. We feel this approach will be fresher, more sustainable, and require less energy consumption (for us anyway). The 2010 Pirates Fantasy Baseball Preview comes courtesy of Where Have You Gone, Andy Van Slyke?

1) Garrett Jones’s 2009, small sample talking or sign of things to come in 2010?

Can it be somewhere in between? On one hand, he hit 21 homers in 82 games and besides an early surge, he was fairly consistent over that time. Things like that don’t happen by complete accident. On the flip side, he’s played almost 600 games in Triple-A and his OPS there is below .800. That’s also not an accident. Which is to say, I’m willing to concede that Jones made some kind of step forward in 2009 and that he’s a better player than I ever expected, but he’s also not going to hit 40 homers in a season either. At least, I don’t think he is.

2) Andrew McCutchen, who Razzball has affectionately nicknamed The Dread Pirate, had a tremendous rookie year.  I’ve sung my praises for what we should expect in 2010.  What do you expect?

First off, I love that nickname and may, erm, pirate it for my own uses. Secondly, I’d expect maybe a little bit of a sophomore slump for ‘Cutch, if only because his .471 slugging percentage in 108 games with the Pirates was higher than his SLG in any full season in the minor leagues. There’s always the chance that 2009 represented a big step forward for McCutchen (his numbers at Triple-A were actually a little better than his numbers in Pittsburgh before his promotion), but if he tapers off to about a .400-.430 SLG with 12-15 homers for the full season, I wouldn’t be surprised. Like with Garrett Jones, it’s one of those things that we’re just going to have to watch and see.

3) Do you have any hope for Andy LaRoche or are the Pirates biding their time for Pedro Alvarez?

Maybe I’m crazy, but I do still have hope for LaRoche. He thumped the ball in May (.330/.411/.457) and September (.313/.359/.552) and while his final line wasn’t all that great, it was a big improvement over his struggles with the Dodgers and Pirates prior to 2009. He’s also got a good glove at third base, and the club seems hopeful that if Alvarez is able to stay at third base for a while, that LaRoche will be able to move to second, where his bat should play much better than it does at a corner.

4) Steve Pearce has 8 homers and a .304 OBP through 342 major league ABs over the course of 3 years.  Will he ever breakout or will Jones play first to make room for Church vs. righties?

The Pirates’ right field/first base situation is a pretty complicated one heading into this season. I think the team’s default position is to let Jones play right and give Jeff Clement the first shot at first base, then adjust based on how Clement performs, how Andy LaRoche is hitting at third base, where Pedro Alvarez is, whether Akinori Iwamura is still in a Pirate uniform by mid-season, and how Jose Tabata develops. Pearce seemingly gets lost in the shuffle there, except he’s the only right-handed player (besides Tabata, who I think probably needs a full season at Triple-A) in the mix. He has a pretty big platoon split in the minors (.991 OPS vs. lefties, .831 vs. righties) and so I think there’s some value in him spelling Jones, Clement, Church, Alvarez, or whoever at one of those position against tough lefties. I think his chances at playing every day are pretty much done, though (remember that he was only really a prospect because he was in the Pirates’ system in the first place, his one great year came because he was sort of bafflingly asked to repeat High-A after a good showing there the year before, and when he hit his way up to a September call-up that season McCutchen and the shell of Neil Walker were the Bucs’ only real prospects at that time, which caused people to get excited about him). And now my longest answer is about Steve Pearce. Great. This is life as a Pirate fan.
5) Back in the 80s, many Pirate players found themselves embroiled in baseball’s cocaine scandal of 1985.  It turned out that the players came upon the Devil’s Dandruff from a connection of their mascot, the Parrot.  Then when the trial came, the Parrot talked, turning state’s evidence and snitching out many Pirate players.  Nothing would ever happen like this now because:  A) The Parrot knows his place.  B) Since the 80s better, undetectable drugs have been designed to replace cocaine, like Red Bull. C) Lastings Milledge can’t stand snitches.

The answer has several components. One is that the Pirates have brought a cartoonish Pirate mascot (the Jolly Roger) into the fold, and he presumably has guns to keep the Parrot in line. The second is that no one on the team makes enough money to support a drug habit at the moment. The third is that it’s not so much that Lastings Milledge hates snitches, as I think he and Andrew McCutchen should film a low-budget cable access buddy-cop show that shows on local TV at 1 AM. I would watch this show.

  1. Bring Back Pluto says:

    Nice feature.

    I think it should say Pirates Preview in the italicized intro.

    Also, the link to the blog doesn’t work, but that appears to be a problem with the site, not the link.

  2. Barry says:

    Would you take Duke/Maholm in a 12 team league?

  3. Dylan says:

    That last question is just too funny….

  4. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Bring Back Pluto: Site not working isn’t my bad, maybe the Pirates folded? The other thing was my bad, thanks for pointing it out.

    @Barry: Nope

    @Dylan: Thanks!

  5. nate marcum says:

    So am I here to understand that Dotel is pretty much the only Pirate that is really worth owning. I would draft the Dread Pirate, but I am not really excited about where he is being drafted.

    As far as the “where has Andy Van Slyke gone question? He lives here in St.Louis and if you listen closely, you can still hear him telling Barry Bonds to take a couple steps forward so he could throw Sid Bream out at home. Bonds’ stubborn ass never listened to anybody, except maybe Jeff Kent’s knuckles as they ran into his face.

  6. majortommy says:

    Snitches get Stitches!

  7. chris says:

    Hey Grey,

    I am in a dynasty keeper league and I was offered this trade let me know what you think….

    I get Brian Roberts
    I give up Blanks and Erick Aybar

    Would it be better to try to draft Sizemore in my rookie draft or make this deal?

  8. charlie batch says:

    unrelated – jonathan sanchez is being picked before david price quite a lot. Would you move up sanchez’s rank or laugh when he passes by?

  9. manfromearth says:

    I’m in a hometown hero’s league and I faithfully admitted to being a Pirates fan (not the sharpest tool in the box, eh?) The format is that you get to keep up to 10 players from your hometown team, and using an average of values from Rotowire and Yahoo, get 50% off (5 buck cap) as an incentive to take them. It’s 14 teams (of course, NYY, BOS, TB, LAD, TEX, STL, etc. are taken), and the budget (before keepers) is $280….everything else is pretty standard,,,5×5, H2H, 10 batters, 8 pitchers, 7 bench spots. I think I’m going to keep McCutchen (15, adjusted value), Jones (9), Doumit (5), Dotel (0), leaving me 251 to draft with; but, of course, the pickings will be pretty slim…best players available at 2nd base (probably the thinnest position, given the keeper teams), for instance, will be Utley, Uggla, Howie, Ian Stewart, and Weeks (in that order)…the only Pirates I’m wavering on taking are Milledge (6), LaRoche (2), and Clement (0). I think I noticed you took Clement in one of your drafts…I’d gratefully welcome any comments you might have on any of this? Thanks for the Pirate report…it was like seeing presents under the Christmas tree when I saw your blog, this morning.

  10. Steve says:

    Nathan leaves game with elbow soreness…

  11. Billy says:

    who should i take for my last starter?

    T Hunter
    M Rzepczynski
    K Corriea
    C Richard


  12. Chuck says:

    The problem with the “The Dread Pirate” nickname is that the AAAA Pirates are likely to trade him to a contender after his breakout season.

  13. giantJJ says:

    can anyone tell me how to get spring training starting pitchers schedule? i want to see how lowe is doing with his change of mechanics.

  14. Grey

    Grey says:

    @chris: I’d want Roberts there, whether you get Sizemore or not.

    @charlie batch: You gotta take what the draft gives you.

    @manfromearth: My suggestion is to move to New York. I’d take LaRoche and Clement then spend heavy on guys that are good that are available. For instance, I’d pay for Utley.

    @Steve: Ouch. Thanks for the heads up! Obviously you shouldn’t be drafting him anyway.

    @Billy: Correia

    @vinko: Nice!

    @giantJJ: I’m not even sure teams know who they’re sending out there every day.

  15. tourinct says:

    How about comments related to what we are reading?
    I grew up a Pirates fan during the 60′ & 70’s and remember when the Galbreath faimly ran this team the right way.
    I think Huntington has the right idea, just needs the money and time to accomplish it.
    This has always been a football town, so anything aove the bottom willl be great.
    Things look better, they might just jump the Astros this year.
    Love the Heyward to Parker comparisons, weren’t many like The Cobra.

  16. SamYo says:

    If Nathan is out, whos next in line for the saves ?

  17. Cheese

    Cheese says:

    @Grey: In my 16 team H2H 8×8 league where I am drafting 16th, I may be looking to trade a couple of my early picks. There’s really only 11 guys I want in the first round (Pujols, HanRam, Utley, ARod, Braun, Kemp, Wright, Longoria, Teixeira, Miggy and Holliday). However, I’m not confident that 2 of those guys will fall to #16 and #17 overall. So what I may propose is my first 2 picks for someone elses first 2 picks. For example, trade #16 and #17 for #7 and #26, and draft a combo of Tex/Zimmerman. What do you suggest? If you like the idea, what combos would be ideal to get in return? 1/32, 2/31, 3/30, 4/29, 5/28, 6/27, 7/26, 8/25, 9/24, 10/23, 11/22, 12/21. Also, if you like 16/17 better, what are good realistic combos I can get?


  18. mrbaseball says:

    Quentin homers twice as White Sox beat Cubs – this is not good for my drafts coming up –

  19. Cheese

    Cheese says:

    @mrbaseball: I like how you give updates about player performances so I don’t have to go digging myself! Would you mind starting your own thread in the forums that just gives random daily (or whenever you want) player info? I’d like that, and I’m sure others can contribute as well. What do you think?

  20. Grey

    Grey says:

    @SamYo: He’s not out, he just experienced some discomfort.

    @Cheese: I like the idea of switching for Tex and Zimmerman. 5, 6, 7 or 8 should work.

    @Cheese: @mrbaseball: I think Mr. Baseball’s fine here.

  21. mrbaseball says:

    I am picking stuff out that Grey gave us a head start on and now everyone will be catching up Like Quentin which by the way went in 6th round of mock draft tonight – so what I am saying is that Grey gave us a nice head start on players that he liked and we all are now losing ground fast

  22. mrbaseball says:

    Mr Cheese – don’t read any of my posts – they were never intended for you sir – I mean this in a nice way – what makes you think anyone here really cares about your team and the problems you need solved – maybe you should start your owe thread – my team is in a mess and I have no one to blame but myself – you sound like Eddie Valiant here and you are angry that a toon killed your brother – : Shave, and a haircut… TWO BITS!

    I am Mr Baseball and I approve this message

    hey man you have so much anger for me

  23. Grey

    Grey says:

    @mrbaseball: I think he was just suggesting something, don’t think he meant anything by it.

  24. mrbaseball says:

    I have a 5th grade reading level Grey – “Shave and a Haircut…” is a ditty no cartoon character can resist.. two bits – I just want to state right now – I don’t want your job grey –

  25. chrispartlow says:

    @grey how do you determine how many HR/SB you will need to be competitive in different leagues? for instance i am in a 12 team 5×5 (obp instead of avg) with C,1B,1B,2B,SS,3B,MI,CI,OF,OF,OF,OF,OF,UTIL

    is there a better way than just averaging the results of past years?

  26. wiudavis says:

    I drafted Pedro Alvarez in a auction keeper league for $1. We can sign guys for up to 5 years, and their contracts will rise each year. example a $1 player over 5 yrs will be $5,$10,$11, and $12 in his final year. We have a $500 cap also. Is this cat going to be for real? We must submit our contracts before the start of the season. Thoughts? I landed J-Upside 2 years ago for a buck and signed him for 5 years..this year he is $10!!!

  27. Steve says:

    @Grey: re: Nathan – quite.

    From the totally-unrelated-to-baseball-blast-from-the-past file, there I am, driving around today and I switch to one of those “solid gold hits” stations and what should be playing but a replay of an American Top 40 from the 70s with Casey Kasem.

    Talk about back to my childhood. Didn’t get to hear a Long Distance Dedication or a “Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars”, but never did 35 years ago seem so much like yesterday.


  28. Cheese

    Cheese says:

    @mrbaseball: I hope you were drunk when you wrote that, but I never meant anything bad by it like Grey mentioned. I was being serious, but if you took it the wrong way, I guess I’m sorry? Plus, I haven’t even drafted in any leagues, so I am not 100% sure what you really are referring to… oh well

  29. mrbaseball says:

    I thought you were stating that those kind of post were unnecessary and did not belong here on this web sight – that if I am still interested in this continuousthis kind of post pattern I should take it somewhere else – like my own sight – I know you have not drafted yet – my point was everyone’s posts here have equal right – some are more intertaining than others and I know since you are part of this web sight that your drafts will be fine – I had my best fantasy baseball season last year – I mean Grey and I had my best fantasy baseball season last year – peace

  30. Cheese

    Cheese says:

    @mrbaseball: Haha fair enough. Just as long as you know I wasn’t singling you out and attacking you!

  31. mc serch says:

    @mrbaseball: I don’t take quentin in the 6th rd. at this point, do you? I’ve gotten used to taking him rounds 10-12 up till now….him, Bruce and/or Vladdy. Like Cheese, I look forward to your spring training rundowns too! Thanks!

  32. Grey

    Grey says:

    @wiudavis: I think he is for real, but I wouldn’t trust a five year contract on a Pirate.

    @Steve: Sigh indeed.

  33. mrbaseball says:

    presenting my 20 team dynasty team but what to do now
    Its my turn to pick in the draft – Chase Headley
    (SD – 3B,OF) is the best avalible player – should I pick him up or pass on him – if I pick him up who should I drop? – I think I could use some more power and might be able to get away with less steals –

    I kind of hope that Cameron Maybin is ready – it would be nice if Ian Desmond was ready

    Runs (R), Doubles (2B), Home Runs (HR), Runs Batted In (RBI), Stolen Bases (SB), Batting Average (AVG), On-base Percentage (OBP)

    Wins (W), Saves (SV), Strikeouts (K), Holds (HLD), Earned Run Average (ERA), (Walks + Hits)/ Innings Pitched (WHIP), Quality Starts (QS)

    Jarrod Saltalamacchia
    (Tex – C)
    Joey Votto
    (Cin – 1B)
    Casey McGehee
    (Mil – 2B,3B)
    Adrián Béltre
    (Bos – 3B)
    Jhonny Peralta
    (Cle – 3B,SS)
    Matt Kemp
    (LAD – OF)
    Carlos Quentin
    (CWS – OF)
    Shane Victorino
    (Phi – OF)
    Cameron Maybin – ultilty
    (Fla – OF)
    Ian Desmond – bench
    (Was – 2B,SS)
    Scott Podsednik – bench
    (KC – OF)


    Chad Billingsley
    (LAD – SP)
    Ubaldo Jiménez
    (Col – SP)
    Wandy Rodríguez
    (Hou – SP)
    David Aardsma
    (Sea – RP)
    Heath Bell
    (SD – RP)
    Brandon Morrow
    (Tor – SP,RP)
    James Shields
    (TB – SP)
    Clay Buchholz
    (Bos – SP)
    Madison Bumgarner
    (SF – P)
    Jonathan Sánchez
    (SF – SP)

  34. mrbaseball says:

    34 mc serch Says:
    March 7th, 2010 at 9:45 am
    @mrbaseball: I don’t take quentin in the 6th rd

    what you want all depends on how many long ball quentin hits in the next 2 weeks – even pepperidge farm remembers what happened in the last two weeks

  35. Grey

    Grey says:

    @mrbaseball: I love Desmond, but he might be headed to the minors. They don’t really have room for him as an every day player right now. But since it would be nice to replace Peralta with Desmond, I’d hold tight for now because an every day Desmond would be more helpful than an every day Headley.

  36. martin says:

    who do u like more beckham or stewart?

  37. Steve says:

    @Grey: I just couldn’t believe how familiar his voice seemed. Amazing.

  38. matthole says:

    @Grey: hey, the Rays manager Joel Maddon speculated that he may put outfielder BJ Upton in the seventh spot in the lineup during the regular season.

    Is batting 6th/7th where you had him when you made your projections….should this effect his draft status?

    Also, bad news for alex gordon and russell martin….both already out a month or so…


  39. mrbaseball says:

    so you like Scott Podsednik more than you like Chase Headley

    Chase Headley – 2010 Projections: 70/20/85/.290/10
    I cant find Scott Podsednic 2010 projected numbers

  40. mrbaseball says:

    now we all can draft A.J. Ellis – woo hoo

  41. mc serch says:

    @mrbaseball: yeah, there are certain guys that I’m hoping have very quiet springs…Quentin is one, Pence, Rios Vladdy, Andrus, Borbon are others…love all those guys after round 9 depending on need….really wouldn’t want any of them before then, but guys like Quentin, Pence and Rios could move up the boards quickly with a few hot weeks

  42. mrbaseball says:

    Marlins center fielder Cameron Maybin pulled up lame – for most this will not matter but for my keeper team it does matter

    Maybin limped off the field and into the clubhouse, but said later that he only felt a grab and not a pop and should only be out a few days

  43. mrbaseball says:

    A.J. Burnett is looking to add a third pitch to his repertoire.

    Steve Hamilton should teach him to throw a folly floater


    Bugs Bunny – teach him to throw his powerful paralyzing perfect pachydermus percussion pitch

  44. Tyler says:

    Can I get a little RCL analysis? We just finished are draft, and I’m queasy about this team…

    C – Mauer (rd 2)
    1B – Fielder (1)
    2B – Stewart (11)
    3B – Beltre (17)
    SS – Tejada (16)
    CI – Ad. LaRoche (14)
    MI – Kelly Johnson (21)
    OF – Sparkakis (4)
    OF – N. Cruz (5)
    OF – Bruce (8)
    OF – McLouth (9)
    OF – J. Rivera (20)
    UT – L. Scott (22)

    P – Sabathia (3)
    P – Vazquez (7)
    P – Baker (10)
    P – Weaver (12)
    P – Lilly (15)
    P – Kuroda (18)
    P – Broxton (6)
    P – Hoffman (13)
    P – Wood (19)

    BN – Cristal (23)
    BN – MadBum (24)
    BN – Guerrier (25 – speculating on Nathan!)

    I realize I’m light on speed and that parts of my IF need “transitioning” like Collington Square Park (no coincidence I have a bunch of Baltimore players). Not entirely my fault – the last good 3B (Aramis), went before my pick in the 5th rd….Alexei was gone by the 7th, Andrus by the 8th, Stephen Drew by the 11th (!), Alcides by the 13th….Razzballers were all about the position scarcity.

    I’ve floated a Mauer+McLouth for Hanley offer (that owner is rocking Ramon Hernandez right now)…any other thoughts on direction? Mostly just psyched about finishing up my first real draft of the year!

  45. mrbaseball says:

    1B – Fielder (1) is a good start
    round 2 – I would have claimed my 3B
    round 3 – I would have claimed that 30/30 dude that the yankees just picked up in the off season if he was there

    OF – Sparkakis (4) – solid
    OF – N. Cruz (5) – solid

    Broxton (6) – grey told you to wait on your closers – you did not do your homework

    round 7 looks like a good spot to start building your pitching staff
    but you could have started one round earlier building your starting pitching staff

  46. Grey

    Grey says:

    @martin: Beckham

    @matthole: Good thing no one was drafting Gordon or Martin anyway. Don’t think Upton will bat 7th for the majority of the season. So I’m not worried.

    @mrbaseball: No, I don’t like Podsednik more. He’s strictly steals. But if Desmond’s starting the season in the minors or on the bench, he’s helping less.

    @mrbaseball: Thanks for the heads up on Maybin!

    @Tyler: Don’t think that trade is gonna happen, but guess you never know. Nice pick on KJ, very nice! Stewart lasted until the 11th but Andrus and Drew went that early? That’s odd. Overall your team looks kinda eh. You don’t have enough steals. Your average might be a small issue. Luke Scott and Juan Rivera are really bad picks. Even more so on that team. Your pitching looks okay, looks like you’re gonna be hurting on ERA.

  47. mrbaseball says:

    mrbaseball: No, I don’t like Podsednik more. He’s strictly steals. But if Desmond’s starting the season in the minors or on the bench, he’s helping less.

    one thing here gray – Chase Headley has 3B and OF Eligibility

    with that in mind – I think I will drop Podsednik and take on Headley
    love those multi position players

  48. Tyler says:


    Thanks for the detailed review. Not super-thrilled with Scott or Rivera, but I had loaded up at OF already, and there wasn’t much there OF-wise at that point (Krispie/Cargo Jr./Gardner/Stubbs went in that vicinity). Feel ok about the pitching, but mostly cause I’m higher on Vazquez than most (PS has him as the 7th rated pitcher). Steals are definitely going to be an issue. Kirstie Alley-sized caveats, but the ESPN projections have this team as a .277 AVG and projected as #4 team overall.

    @mrbaseball: I agree, Mauer looks bad in retrospect (e.g., Posada went in the 17th), but no way of knowing that then, and PS has him at #10 overall. You’d really take Zimmerman/Reynolds/Sandoval over Mauer (A-Rod, Wright, and Longoria were gone)?

  49. mrbaseball says:

    really take Zimmerman – yes I would

  50. Steve says:

    @Tyler: What spot did you draft from?

  51. Tyler says:

    @Steve: 7…almost went Ellsbury @ 2d rd, but that probably wouldn’t have worked well this draft either; OF’s ended up consistently undervalued for the most part.

    @mrbaseball: Interesting…Grey & Rudy (or at least PS) both have Mauer higher.

  52. matthole says:

    @Grey: have 10th pick overall; would u swap for 12th to have back to back picks? or be content with what you got…thanks

  53. Steve says:

    @mrbaseball: @Tyler: 18 may have been a little early for Zimm. Was Tulo still there? Then you coulda maybe got Youk at 31.

    Catcher can be punted all the way down to the one-yard line.

  54. mrbaseball says:

    54 Tyler Says:@mrbaseball: Interesting…Grey & Rudy (or at least PS) both have Mauer higher.

    I like to punt catchers – I just don’t see Gray or Rudy drating a catcher in the 2nd round –

    grey says ” is there that much difference between him and Napoli? Sure, on average and Runs. Not much elsewhere”

  55. mrbaseball says:

    56 Steve Says:
    March 7th, 2010 at 7:32 pm
    @mrbaseball: @Tyler: 18 may have been a little early for Zimm. Was Tulo still there? Then you coulda maybe got Youk at 31.
    grey likes Zimms better than the Youk

  56. Steve says:

    @mrbaseball: Only just:

    29. Ryan Zimmerman – I see Zimmerman moving into the 2nd round for 2011. 2010 Projections: 105/30/110/.295/5

    30. Kevin Youkilis – When a player gets to 30 years old and has failed to reach 30 homers, it’s pretty safe to say he’s probably not getting there. The Greek God of 27 Homers and a Near-.300 Average. 2010 Projections: 95/27/105/.295/5

  57. Tyler says:

    Also, for those with upcoming RCL, here’s where Razzball favorites (top 150 on Grey’s list that have a big difference from ESPN ADP) go in a Razzball draft (small sample warning):

    Votto (Grey rank: 33) (ESPN ADP: 43) (Our draft: 28)
    Granderson (34/57/46)
    BJ Upton (36/50/53)
    Josh Hamilton (47/80/56)
    Quentin (54/100/75)
    Berkman (67/81/91)
    Pena (63/93/94)
    Hamels (71/94/70)
    Ubaldo (74/100/86)
    Span (79/124/113)
    A. Soriano (80/129/141)
    Rios (81/119/105)
    Ian Stewart (100/171/127)
    Vlad (106/155/145)
    Aardsma (111/176/161)
    Napoli (126/217/225) (!)
    Soto (127/175/181)
    Robot Jones (129/210/182)
    D. Price (130/167/147)
    Dempster (131/186/196)
    Beltre (140/215/199)
    Barmes (143/260/279)
    Weeks (144/207/156)
    Hart (149/222/166)

  58. Tyler says:

    @Steve: Tulo went at 12, unfortunately.

    @mrbaseball: I’m with you on punting C usually. But…

    Grey’s line for Mauer: 100/20/85/.330/3 and for
    Grey’s line for Zimmerman 105/30/110/.295/5.
    Basically trading 10 HR and 25 RBI for .35 in AVG.

    CHONE’s line for Mauer: 88/18/91/.332/3
    CHONE’s line for Zimm: 93/27/98/.296/4
    Basically trading 9 HR and 13 R/RBI for .35 in AVG.

    I’d say on the raw stats, it’s either even or Mauer’s slightly more valuable. Even if it’s just even, Mauer comes ahead when you factor in even a little position scarcity.

  59. ichirosan says:

    I know you hate Crapolanco with a passion, but… would you trade Jorge Cantú for him in a 20-man league where your other options are Kaz Matsui, Chris Getz, Akinori Iwamura, Luis Castillo, and the chance Ian Desmond wins a starting job?

  60. Pat says:

    What do you think of this team in a 10 team head to head league? After my 12th pick I simply turned on autodraft but was reasonable happy with the results. I was selecting 5th overall, so 5th, 16th, 25th, etc…

    1. Chase Utley (Phi – 2B)
    2. David Wright (NYM – 3B)
    3. Matt Holliday (StL – OF)
    4. Joey Votto (Cin – 1B)
    5. José Reyes (NYM – SS)
    6. Johan Santana (NYM – SP)
    7. Josh Johnson (Fla – SP)
    8. Carlos Lee (Hou – OF)
    9. Bobby Abreu (LAA – OF)
    10. Shane Victorino (Phi – OF)
    11. James Shields (TB – SP)
    12. Brett Anderson (Oak – SP)
    13. Miguel Montero (Ari – C)
    14. Rick Porcello (Det – SP)
    15. Jorge De La Rosa (Col – SP)
    16. Kevin Slowey (Min – SP)
    17. Erik Bedard (Sea – SP)
    18. Joel Piñeiro (LAA – SP)
    19. Jason Marquis (Was – SP)
    20. Brad Hawpe (Col – OF)
    21. Leo Núñez (Fla – RP)
    22. Alfredo Aceves (NYY – RP)
    23. Vernon Wells (Tor – OF)

  61. Steve says:

    @Tyler: Sorry – meant Kinsler, not Tulo.

  62. mrbaseball says:

    We welcome Joe Mauer to Target Field Land – Tra la la la la la la la la la la la.

    The Twins have opted for a “neutral” park which favors neither hitters nor pitchers; the Metrodome was often said to be a “hitter’s park”, favoring the offense.

  63. Tyler says:

    @Steve: Yep, Kinsler went at 14. Was trying to pair the big 1B with a scarce-position guy, but apparently everyone else had the same idea (shocker with a bunch of folks from here!).

    @mrbaseball: On balance, the Metrodome’s been pretty neutral (PF ranks of 6, 28, 28, 19 over the last 4 years), but yeah, not going to lie, I’m worried about outdoor baseball in Minnesota in April….for pretty much all of the Twins.

  64. mrbaseball says:

    it doesn’t warm up in Minnesota until July

  65. Eddy says:

    Great draft comparison list! Do you mind searching Pence, Borbon, Andrus, and Dotel when you get a chance?

  66. Eddy says:

    nvm on Andrus, I saw you posted 8th. Wow, I wouldn’t even call it punting SS if the deep sleeper (Alcides) goes in the 13th!

    Looks like I’m going to have to make extremely good use of my 12th spot!

  67. Tyler says:

    @Eddy: Sure thing…definitely tricky going up against folks with similar intel:

    Pence: 100 (9th rd)
    Borbon: 144 (12th rd)
    Dotel: 171 (15th rd)

  68. Grey

    Grey says:

    @matthole: I wouldn’t swap.

    @Tyler: That’s an interesting list of guys and how they went. Thanks for sharing!

    @mrbaseball: Ha! You’re right, it doesn’t warm up there until July.

  69. Martin says:

    @grey- I have the 7th pick in my 12 team draft coming up. With that pick i probably can either take a 1st baseman (prince/tex) or a OF (Kemp). If i take a 1st baseman i’m looking at Holliday or J-up in the 2nd round but if I take Kemp, i could reach for adrian gonzalez in the 2nd round. Prince and Adrian’s numbers are not that far off from each other and i think Kemp is a pretty bug upgrade over Holliday. What do you think?

  70. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Martin: Kemp and A-Gon sounds good to me.

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