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College represented a wonderful season for Spring Break. Take all the general notions you have about the sun, the skin and the standards of attending an SEC school and, well, magnify them. Spring Break delivered an opportunity to experience those glories not just within your own bubble of a university, but through the intermingling of many. It broke down barriers. It let you see new places and meet new faces (there’s a rap lyric in there somewhere). It altered preconceived thoughts. And not just because of the imbibing, but due to the encounters with those that cheered for your hated rival. Case in point? The cruise through the Caribbean my junior year at UGA.

Listen, there’s nothing good about the University of Florida. Oh, you like chatched up hair, bro tanks, dude’s with diamond earrings and jorts? Well, it’s the place for you. As you can see, I clearly play into building the stereotypes of your rivals. As you can also see, all of the reasons have to do with one gender. I’m leaving out the ladies due to that Caribbean cruise. Now, before you begin believing that anything scandalous and debaucherous occurred, pump the brakes. It was a ton of fun, but MTV Spring Break it was not. The girls from UF that accompanied our crew of a dozen dudes were ev. er. ee. thing. From the pools, to the paradise excursions, to the parties and the pina coladas, I found myself leaving that week with a new respect for something from UF. (Still the only good thing about that school – and yes, I’m probably just jealous, because they are almost always better than us in sports.)

Right now I’m finishing our family’s Spring Break. Ten years later a lot has changed. No cruises, just carriers. For babies. No mini-bars, just mini-vans. No group of girls from UF, just one girl that’s far better than any of them ever dreamed of being. (You can read the Week 1 Primer to get an idea of #adulting in real life. And for an idea of how this series works.) But this year something was enjoyed the same as in 2007…pina coladas.

See, the good memories from the past can creep into the present with renewed enjoyment. In real life we’re talking about those Garth Brooks beverages. In fantasy we’re talking about peripheral stats and ‘stuff.’ You choose which one is better.

There are plenty of caveats to declare for the Week 2 edition of the Two-Start Starters. The lack of 2017 evidence after just one week for park factors, pitcher’s performance, and team hitting trends leaves us a little shorthanded in determining the best options. However, when you look to last year and combine it with what you can garner from just one week you can make a case for some strong options. For instance, I want the guy that posted a 3.80 FIP in 175 IP last year while bringing a 10.61 K/9 and a 2.72 BB/9. Oh, he went 6-12 and had an ERA closer to 5? That’s about as unlucky as my boy JoMo with any of those UF girls. Look beyond the traditional stats and you’ll find a high probability for not just one, but two great starts from someone who failed to get out of the fourth in his first start. It’s like pina coladas. In 2007 and 2017 it’s the same thing: what’s better than a cool, tropical, sweet adult beverage? Two of them.

And for the record, pina coladas are far better when swirled with a strawberry daiquiri. Miami Vice’s #ftw.

Pitchers are listed in order by rank. Colors WILL represent 8 worst or 8 best opponents according to team wOBA for last 14 days, but since we’re not yet 14 days in…you get all monochrome.


Player Opponents ERA/FIP K9/BB9
Chris Sale BOS @DET, TB 9.00/1.29 0.00/1.21
Jake Arrieta CHC LAD, PIT 9.00/3.00 0.00/2.28
Jacob deGrom NYM @PHI, @MIA 9.00/1.50 0.00/1.28
Justin Verlander DET BOS, @CLE 14.21/2.84 2.84/0.57
Carlos Carrasco CLE CHW, DET 11.12/1.59 3.18/3.66
Matt Harvey NYM @PHI, @MIA 5.40/0.00 2.70/5.48


Player Opponents ERA/FIP K9/BB9
Cole Hamels TEX @LAA, @SEA 6.00/1.50 4.50/4.61
J.A. Happ TOR MIL, BAL 11.57/0.00 3.86/3.92
Michael Pineda NYY TB, STL 14.73/0.00 9.82/3.05
Tanner Roark WAS STL, PHI 9.00/3.00 3.00/2.78


Player Opponents ERA/FIP K9/BB9
Jerad Eickhoff PHI NYM, @WAS 8.10/1.35 2.70/3.38
Jameson Taillon PIT CIN, @CHC 7.71/3.86 0.00/2.35
Alex Cobb TB @NYY, @BOS 6.35/1.59 1.59/4.19
Tyler Glasnow PIT CIN, @CHC —- —-
Matt Moore SF ARI, COL 5.06/3.38 5.06/2.78
James Paxton SEA HOU, @TEX 7.50/1.50 0.00/1.61
Drew Pomeranz BOS BAL, TB —- —-

Note: Glasnow and Pomeranz have not yet pitched in 2017.


Player Opponents ERA/FIP K9/BB9
Dylan Bundy BAL @BOS, @TOR 10.29/0.00 1.29/0.50
Charlie Morton HOU @SEA, @OAK 6.00/3.00 3.00/4.61
Brandon Finnegan CIN @PIT, MIL 11.57/1.29 0.00/0.64
Jharel Cotton OAK @KC, HOU 8.31/4.15 10.38/2.32
Jeff Samardzija SF ARI, COL 15.19/3.38 10.13/7.84
Adam Wainwright STL @WAS, @NYY 10.80/3.60 3.60/1.58
Taijuan Walker ARI @SF, @LAD 10.50/1.50 6.00/3.11
Ian Kennedy KC OAK, LAA 9.00/9.00 5.40/3.78
Garrett Richards LAA TEX, @KC 7.71/1.93 0.00/1.71

THE 8c65e5de808ec301754508366480250c

Player Opponents ERA/FIP K9/BB9
Wily Peralta MIL @TOR, @CIN 9.00/1.80 0.00/1.38
Dan Straily MIA ATL, NYM 0.00/5.40 13.50/8.48
Tyler Chatwood COL SD, @SF 7.50/1.50 6.00/5.95
Trevor Cahill SD @COL, @ATL 11.12/4.76 3.18/4.72
Hector Santiago MIN @DET, CHW 7.20/3.60 1.80/2.98
Antonio Senzatela COL SD, @SF 10.80/5.40 0.00/2.78
Luis Severino NYY TB, STL —- —-
Rookie Davis CIN @PIT, MIL 12.00/6.00 12.00/10.78
Matthew Boyd DET MIN, @CLE 7.71/15.43 19.29/11.78
James Shields CHW @CLE, @MIN 8.44/8.44 1.69/6.16

Note: Severino has not yet pitched in 2017.

All pitchers are projected for two-starts as of Friday night.

Good luck in Week 2! Take note of all the caveats for this week, and keep checking back for your weekly lineup needs. Oh, and don’t be afraid to ask your questions. On life. On pitchers. On ranks. On…well, just…


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  1. Midget Mafia says:

    Love the site but you truly like Glasnow better than Finnegan?

    • jason bourne says:

      @Midget Mafia: I have to go Finnegan vs Glasnow though. Finnegan has been amazing. He got the hype early last year, too. The question is can he keep it up? Prolly not.

      • Mark says:

        @jason bourne: Been following Glasnow sine he was drafted. Expect a Taiilon type start.

        • @Mark: This start, maybe. Overall I think he’s gonna be better than Taillon. You?

    • @Midget Mafia: Thanks for the read! And yes I do (didn’t know I’d have the backing below, though). I think there are greater chances of Glasnow doing what Finnegan did multiple times than Finnegan doing what Finnegan did again. He had a 5+ FIP across 170 IP last year. Yes, it was at age 22/23, but the minors track record of Glasnow is markedly better. High ceiling.

  2. Duda Want to Build a Snowman? says:

    Where would you have Alex Wood?

  3. pondfrogsplash says:

    Is it stupid to start Maeda in Coors today?

    • VictoriaB

      VictoriaB says:

      @pondfrogsplash: I flirted with starting him, too, but decided to hold off until his next start at home versus Arizona. Even ClayKer (yes, I am this lazy) got knocked about for 4 at Coors yesterday…

      • pondfrogsplash says:

        @VictoriaB: Good point

        • @pondfrogsplash: I’d still probably go with him if I had a decent lead in H2H leagues. He prob won’t go past 6, but could still give a 6IP/6H/2ER/1BB/5K line.

  4. VictoriaB

    VictoriaB says:

    Digging this series, [email protected] Thanks for the read! And you lot have convinced me to go pick up Glasnow in a couple of leagues. Fingers crossed.

    • @VictoriaB: Awesome! I really hope he works out for ya! I don’t have any shares of him, unfortunately.

  5. Roos says:

    Bundy’s ERA is 1.29 not 10.29…’n haters.

  6. Andrew Edenbaum says:

    Lester doubles this upcoming week. 2 at home.

  7. Jb says:

    I’m in a 4×4 12 team league where K’s don’t count. Would you drop Salazar for Finnegan or Wacha in a format like this’s, where his Ks are worthless so I need decent WHIP and Era??

    • @Jb: Who is the galavanting around as a ghost of our JB?!? Haha, thanks for the comment!

      I’d probably hang onto Salazar over those options for now. He’s still the best pitcher of the three. I’d target Rick Porcello type guy. Or get J.A. Happ+

  8. Fausto

    FaustoCarmona says:

    B. Garnder or Cesar Hernandez? 16tm roto sagnof

    T. Jankowski or stash Moncada? H2H sagnof

    thoughts and thanks

    • @FaustoCarmona: Moncada all day long.

      And tough call on Gardner/Cesar. Gardner seems more likely for full ABs, but Cesar may have a higher upside at this point. 16 team makes it tough, but I’d probably go Cesar because I think he’ll run more.

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