In college my roommate would, for no reason at all, walk in our living room and yell, ‘Hot Cross BUNS (emphasis on the word ‘buns’)!’ I had no idea what this was, and presumably figured he was referring to something have to do with a ba-donk-a-donk. And yep…you’re welcome for using ba-donk-a-donk in an article. Now twice.

When I cautiously researched what my Van Wilder of a roommate was talking about my it all made sense. And no…there were no body parts involved. Instead I found these warm, pillowy, sugary bread rolls. That’s essentially what a Hot Cross Bun is: sugary bread. My initial hesitations were eradicated when he made them for us a few weeks later and I partook in the riches of those carb machines. Does any of this justify why in the balls he came in shooting those three words, most likely taken from a nursery rhyme? Um, no. He was strange. One of the smartest and strongest dudes I knew, but like a master level warlock or something in World of Warcraft. He was unique.

I recently had a similar experience. Not with a shirtless 21-year-old roommate, but with the sensation of joyous revelation when I realized Dylan Bundy was good. Really good. Again. For the first time.

If you take his most recent start away (8/17) he only surrendered 10 ER since the end of June, albeit through some long relief outings. But once the former #1 prospect in baseball stepped into the rotation he hasn’t slowed down. To start the year Bundy was relegated to sporadic relief with no real structure to his usage, and even when he took the mound he wasn’t spectacular. However, since the beginning of June opponents are hitting <.220 against him, and he’s striking out batters at rates close to what we saw in the minors currently 8.40 K/9 on the season). Injuries derailed his opportunity to shine before now, but 23 he’s still an incredible prospect that is flashing signs of becoming an ace. And soon. Mike Podhozer at FanGraphs lays out an remarkable case for Bundy’s elite stuff. In short, batters have a hard time not swinging at his pitchers, and when they do they have a hard time making contact. That’s what we call a good combination. Like sugar and bread. Mmm…thank you British bakers for providing that delicious treat. And thank you Dylan Bundy for finally ascending into the elite stratosphere. It’s about time.

Now I’m gonna go stuff my face in some pastries. Here’s how the rest of Week 21 stacks up!

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Pitchers are listed in order by rank. Colors represent worst 8 or best 8 opponents according to team wOBA for last 14 days.


Player Team Opponents ERA/FIP K9/BB9
Madison Bumgarner SF @LAD, ATL 2.25/3.21 9.99/2.36
Stephen Strasburg WAS @BAL, COL 3.59/2.58 11.08/2.72
Jon Lester CHC @SD, @LAD 2.86/3.76 8.88/2.49
David Price BOS @TB, KC 4.19/3.52 9.07/1.96
Carlos Carrasco CLE @OAK, TEX 3.34/4.04 8.92/2.33


Player  Team Opponents ERA/FIP K9/BB9
Danny Salazar CLE @OAK, @TEX 3.57/3.71 10.19/4.11
Chris Archer TB BOS, @HOU 4.18/3.79 10.66/3.21
Michael Pineda NYY @SEA, BAL 4.89/3.84 10.17/2.51
Dylan Bundy BAL WAS, @NYY 3.36/4.23 8.40/2.64
Jameson Taillon PIT HOU, @MIL 3.00/3.41 7.09/1.23


Player  Team Opponents ERA/FIP K9/BB9
Blake Snell TB BOS, @HOU 3.06/3.34 9.62/5.11
Hisashi Iwakuma SEA NYY, @CHW 3.78/4.21 6.59/1.95
Kevin Gausman BAL WAS, @NYY 4.11/4.39 9.14/2.55
Homer Bailey CIN LAD, @ARI 3.66/2.29 12.36/2.75
Jaime Garcia STL NYM, OAK 4.11/4.08 7.33/2.91


Player  Team Opponents ERA/FIP K9/BB9
Yordano Ventura KC @MIA, @BOS 4.46/4.82 6.98/3.96
Reynaldo Lopez WAS @BAL, COL 4.37/3.33 10.32/3.97
Mike Foltynewicz ATL @ARI, @SF 4.45/4.60 7.69/2.83
Scott Kazmir LAD @CIN, CHC 4.41/4.47 9.02/3.32
Zack Godley ARI ATL, CIN 4.85/4.18 6.75/2.60
Doug Fister HOU @PIT, TB 3.76/4.54 5.86/3.02
Andrew Cashner MIA KC, SD 4.92/4.90 7.18/3.58

THE 8c65e5de808ec301754508366480250c

Player  Team Opponents ERA/FIP K9/BB9
Ross Stripling LAD SF, CHC 4.04/3.77 6.69/2.90
Tyler Skaggs LAA @TOR, @DET 5.19/3.73 9.35/3.12
Chad Bettis COL @MIL, @WAS 5.29/4.23 6.75/2.67
Jimmy Nelson MIL COL, PIT 4.31/5.07 7.10/4.25
Andrew Triggs OAK CLE, @STL 4.98/3.54 8.31/2.49
Ivan Nova PIT HOU, @MIL 4.83/4.84 6.89/1.98
Kyle Gibson MIN DET, @TOR 4.90/4.65 6.33/3.12
Archie Bradley ARI ATL, CIN 5.04/4.68 8.46/4.59
Clay Buchholz BOS @TB, KC 5.42/5.41 5.51/3.64
Anibal Sanchez DET @MIN, LAA 5.94/5.06 8.27/3.61
Rob Whalen ATL @ARI, @SF 5.72/4.79 9.41/3.27
Jon Niese NYM @STL, PHI 5.30/5.58 6.56/3.36
Edwin Jackson SD CHC, @MIA 5.36/4.72 5.74/4.21
Joe Wieland SEA NYY, @CHW 10.80/4.55 5.40/0.00
Nick Martinez TEX @CIN, CLE 7.18/8.12 3.42/5.47
Anthony Ranaudo CHW PHI, SEA 9.42/9.43 4.40/8.16

All pitchers are projected for two-starts as of Friday night.

DROP A COMMENT, good luck in Week 21, and go engorge yourself on some Hot Cross BUNS!



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5 years ago

Thanks Man. Hey, did you get the colors mixed up on Strasburg? I’d figure Bal would be red and Col (in Wsh, that is) would be neutral.

5 years ago

Would you start Bauer (@OAK/Graveman) over either Cole (HOU/McHugh) or Pomeranz (@TB/Odorizzi)? I’m leaning no.

5 years ago

Good week coming up for me I guess with Stras, Archer, Bundy, Salazar, Taillon

5 years ago

First, thanks for the top 100 hitter rankings throughout the year! That and the top 100 pitcher rankings, Smokey’s bullpen, Grey’s daily rants, Tehol on Twitter and all the other writers! All your advice has basically clinched first place points for me in my salary cap league. All I need now is your thoughts on my final 4 moves to get he head-to-head championship. In this league multiple teams can own the same player and players on the opening day roster cannot be picked up by other teams if dropped. The rosters are locked as of Monday morning. I don’t need to break the bank on pitching. Just need decent starts.

Note: This is a POINTS league.

Here is my roster:






BJ Upton


Aaron Sanchez



I spent most of my $ on hitting. My 1st round opponent has Wright/Sanchez/Guerra, so no need to drop them. He also has Darvish. But he has no moves left.

Here are 7 scenarios I came up with;

Drop: Conley, Hundley, Dyson, Posey
Add: Leon, Sanchez, Yu, Duffy

Drop: Conley, Hundley, BJ Upton, Frazier
Add: Leon/Sanchez, Daniel Murphy, Taillon, Dahl/Benintendi/Perez

Drop: Conley, Hundley, Dyson, Frazier
Add: Leon/Sanchez , Murphy, Taillon, Straily/Musgrove/Straily

Drop: Conley,Hundley, Frazier, Dyson,
Add: Leon/Sanchez, Yu, Taillon, J Ramirez/T Turner/Dahl/Bregman/Kepler/Benintendi/Perez

Drop: Conley, Hundley, BJ Upton, Frazier
Add: Leon/Sanchez, Yu, one of these combos: Bregman/J Ramirez, J Ramirez/Dahl, T Turner/Dahl, Kepler/Dahl, Kepler/Bregman, Bregman/Dahl, I could also go Perez/Benintendi together, or with any of the previous guys.

Drop: Conley, Hundley, Dyson, BJ Upton
Add: Leon/Sanchez, Taillon, Straily/Musgrove/Snell, Dahl/Benintendi/Perez

Drop: Dyson, BJ Upton, Conley, Frazier
Add: Taillon, Yu, Dahl/Benintendi/Perez, J Ramirez/T Turner/Kepler/Dahl/Benintendi/Perez

Besides Taillon most of the other rookie picthers are there, I just think Taillon has the higher innings cap. The scrub closers are also available, but no guarantees with Cingrani and the like. I guess this comes down to do you think Dyson holds down the closer role and if BJ continues to gets abs in Toronto. I know this is kinda insane, but it is a tough call.


True and Correct
True and Correct
5 years ago

My guess is that Archer won’t 2 step this upcoming week.

5 years ago

Joe musgrove?

True and Correct
True and Correct
Reply to  Scort
5 years ago

@Scort: No 2 step this week.

5 years ago

Solid article, thanks! I like me some Bundy too but SON not liking him this week, he has me worried against the Nats and the new blood in New York..thoughts?

Reply to  Huddy
5 years ago

@Huddy: The Yanks have hit well since their fresh faces came up, but Bundy’s talent can crush them. Remember, these guys were in AAA just a few weeks ago, and if Bundy were in AAA he’d look like Pedro Martinez.

5 years ago

Sorry, my emoji didn’t go through. Meant to say you have Nova listed as poop!

Reply to  Gregjeffries
5 years ago

@Gregjeffries: Yes. Yes, I do. Haha!

5 years ago

Hey [email protected], great stuff! I know you have Nova listed as ?, but streamonator LOVES him next week. You have any faith in Nova considering the SON love?

Reply to  Gregjeffries
5 years ago

@Gregjeffries: Just can’t bring myself to give Nova any nod of confidence. Rudy’s robot may love him, and he may have decent matchups (he doesn’t), but the last time I thought to myself, ‘You know who is really gonna help my pitching numbers this week? Ivan Effing Nova!’ was 2013. And even then it was a stretch. Gotta pass.