He almost lost the job last April. If you can find an owner willing to trade you Troy Tulowitzki for Jeter or Torii Hunter or Carlos Guillen, I’d do it.  I think the Polish have a rite of passion that they have to wear socks with their flip-flops for at least ten years of their life. I had a Polish friend growing up that would delivery newspapers in flip-flops and socks. You know what flip-flops and socks does for you? Makes you look ridiculous, so you know when you’re working it’s not a fashion show. It’s work, dammit. Tulowitzki probably hits the treadmill in flip-flops and socks. Cause baseball is work, dammit. And Tulo takes it seriously. I believe Tulo was genuinely upset with his slump. Do I think he’s out of the woods completely? Nah, probably not. But by the end of May, this slump will be a distant memory. Anyway, here’s what else I saw yesterday:

Matt Diaz – (using my big boy voice) Another home run! (using my little boy voice) Against a lefty.

Matt Stairs – Staying with the Matt theme, he can hit 25 home runs.

Alexis Rios – Two days off with the flu. *writing on pink construction paper* Get well soon, Alexis! (Hopefully he wasn’t kissing Casey “I Had the Kissing Disease for Two Years” Kotchman.)

Edwin Encarnacion – Supposedly he’s only owned in 50% of ESPN leagues. So if I can infer something from that, 50% of ESPN’ers draft their team then abandon them. Another reason why you shouldn’t join a random ESPN league. Maybe ESPN shouldn’t be broadcasting these things. Then again they have given Chris Berman a platform for 30 years, so they’ve obviously made some missteps.

Manny Corpas – Looks like Fuentes will be closing a game by this time next week. I don’t think this is the last we’ve seen of Corpas, but he needs to get away from the closer job for a little bit, maybe spend some time with his family, volunteer at the local nursing home and remember why he started playing this game in the first place, or whatever closers do when they lose their job. He’s a righty and will be in the mix again soon. Remember before you drop him, there’s still over five months left of the season.

Alberto Callaspo – Ye of a .348 average in 23 at-bats was about to get the start because of Grudzielanek’s back soreness, but the game was rained out. Maybe Callaspo can get someone to Tony Harding Grud’s knee.

Carlos Quentin – Hit another home run. Sure, it was off a tired Moose, but whatever, that shizz counts too.

Josh Hamilton – Has 21 RBIs. I’m admittedly a fan, but before we start giving each other reach arounds, we have to remember he’s a bit of health risk.

Daniel Cabrera – Pitched a solid game. Most impressive thing, zero walks. Then again, he was facing the Mariners.

Krispie Young – 0-for-5 with four Ks. You have to expect this if you have him on a team.

Troy Glaus – He’s looked surprisingly okay. Still wouldn’t touch him. (BTW, LaRussa has now pinch hit Wainwright in two straight games. Looks like someone’s hitting the hooch again. Take away his keys, Duncan.)

  1. Bob says:

    Regarding your Corpas/Fuentes comment, who do you think has got the most value going forward as a “closer” among Fuentes, Acosta (subbing until Soriano gets back, if ever) or Rauch (subbing until Cordero gets back, if ever)? Thanks.

  2. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Bob: Wow, great question. If they gave out Pulitzer’s for blog comments, I’d nominate yours. It’s really hard to answer cause there’s lots of variables, but here goes:

    1. Rauch — Cordero seems to be having the most problems. Say 25 saves at the end of the year.
    2. Acosta — Soriano’s injury-prone and having arm problems, but there’s no telling who Cox could work into the mix if Acosta stumbles. Say 12 saves at the end of the year.
    3. Fuentes — I think Corpas will remain in the mix even if Fuentes takes over the role for a bit. Say 10 saves at the end of the year.

  3. Bob says:


    Thanks for the complement. Also, thanks for your great analysis. I think I’d tend to agree with your rankings. On a personal note, I picked Soriano in almost all my leagues, so I’m feeling this strong desire to handcuff Acosta to him, but it sure would be great to have Rauch and Soriano going full guns. But I’m very concerned about the reports on Soriano. As you pointed out, he’s injury prone, and this arm injury does not sound good. Cordero hitting in the 70’s on the speed gun and seeing Dr. Andrews doesn’t sound very good either. Anyway, always interesting when one is on a scavenger hunt for saves, and this year is no exception.

  4. jason says:

    On an unrelated note, someone dropped Konerko in my league, and now he is mine. Mwahaha. I hope he stops sucking though.

  5. Grey

    Grey says:

    @jason: Nice.

    BTW, Fuentes is officially in as closer.

  6. Bob says:

    Thanks for the Fuentes info. Just picked him up in one league, Acosta in another, and Rauch in a two others. I figure since there’s no clear favorite, I should hedge.

  7. Steve says:

    And my waiver claim for Corpas has gone through. Oh well. As long as he doesn’t suck in the 8th as well I’ll be happy.
    Reckon he gets a few more saves before it’s all over…

  8. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: The Rockies just gave him a big deal and he’s a righty. He just needs to figure some stuff out. He’s not done.

  9. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Patrick DiCaprio: Weird cause I tracked your IP and it showed you found this post by Googling, “get jiggy” + “in flip-flops”

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