FINALLY baseball has come back to our televisions! This year on top of my weekly injury article I’ll be bringing you the top 100 hitters for each week. I’ll be honest — this first week is just going to be a boring baseline. Nothing too outlandish on this list. I’m not one to overreact too much to spring stats or three days of games. However, from here on out you never know who is going to be showing up, moving up or sliding down this list.

  • These rankings are based on a 12 team roto league because if you’re reading this — you’re most likely in one of our fun, free and fantastic Fantrax RCL’s. I’m in RCL #80 — the fighting 80th! And I’m coming for that $100,00 grand prize!
  • Short-term injured players will still make the list, but long-term injured guys will probably fall off.
  • Use this rankings as a way to base your trade offers — these are the rankings from this point going forward. If you’ve got a league-specific trade question — leave it in the comments!
  • Looking for your favorite player? Hit CTRL+F or COMMAND+F (on a Mac) to search for him.
  • If you take umbrage with my rankings — leave a comment at the bottom! And while you’re there — tell me what umbrage means?


Rank Name Team Position
1 Mike Trout LAA OF
2 Matt Davidson CHW 3B
3 Joe Panik SF 2B
4 Jose Altuve HOU 2B
5 Nolan Arenado COL 3B
6 DJ LeMahieu COL 2B
7 Mookie Betts BOS OF
8 Nick Ahmed SS ARI
9 Giancarlo Stanton NYY OF
10 Benny Agbayani 1999 NYM OF


  • You expect me to NOT put a guy on pace for over 480 HRs near the top of the overall best 100 hitters?! Davidson is a sure fire MVP and I knew it since day 1.
  • I tried to tell y’all about this power break-out from Joe Panik after he hit double-digit HRs in each of the last two seasons! HRs in back to back games already!
  • A stolen base AND a HR for D.J. LeMahieu? 40/40 is a lock.
  • Nick Ahmed baby! Look at this face — this isn’t the face of a scared pre-teen boy at his first co-ed mixer! This is the face of a ruthless baseball killing machine:

  • Benny Agbayani is one of the best baseball names of all time — he had to crack the top 10!
  • Alright, but for real folks — here’s the top 100 hitters for week 1:


Rank Name Team Position
1 Mike Trout LAA OF
2 Jose Altuve HOU 2B
3 Nolan Arenado COL 3B
4 Bryce Harper WAS OF
5 Mookie Betts BOS OF
6 Giancarlo Stanton NYY OF
7 Trea Turner WAS SS
8 Charlie Blackmon COL OF
9 Paul Goldschmidt ARI 1B
10 Carlos Correa HOU SS
11 Kris Bryant CHC 3B
12 Manny Machado BAL 3B
13 Joey Votto CIN 1B
14 Aaron Judge NYY OF
15 Francisco Lindor CLE SS
16 Anthony Rizzo CHC 1B
17 Freddie Freeman ATL 1B
18 J.D. Martinez BOS OF
19 Jose Ramirez CLE 2B/3B
20 George Springer HOU OF
21 Cody Bellinger LAD 1B/OF
22 Josh Donaldson TOR 3B
23 Brian Dozier MIN 2B
24 Dee Gordon SEA 2B
25 Jose Abreu CHW 1B
26 Gary Sanchez NYY C
27 Corey Seager LAD SS
28 Justin Upton ARI OF
29 Christian Yelich MIL OF
30 Alex Bregman HOU SS/3B
31 Edwin Encarnacion CLE 1B
32 Anthony Rendon WAS 3B
33 Marcell Ozuna STL OF
34 Andrew Benintendi BOS OF
35 Rhys Hoskins PHI 1B/OF
36 Nelson Cruz SEA DH
37 Buster Posey SF C/1B
38 Starling Marte PIT OF
39 Elvis Andrus TEX SS
40 Robinson Cano SEA 2B
41 Wil Myers SD 1B
42 Jonathan Schoop BAL 2B
43 Byron Buxton MIN OF
44 Khris Davis OAK OF
45 Yoenis Cespedes NYM OF
46 Eric Hosmer SD 1B
47 Tommy Pham STL OF
48 A.J. Pollock ARI OF
49 Xander Bogaerts BOS SS
50 Miguel Sano MIN 3B
51 Willson Contreras CHC C
52 DJ LeMahieu COL 2B
53 Andrew McCutchen SF OF
54 Billy Hamilton CIN OF
55 Jean Segura SEA SS
56 Lorenzo Cain MIL OF
57 Nicholas Castellanos DET 3B/OF
58 Whit Merrifield KC 2B
59 Joey Gallo TEX 3B/1B
60 Trevor Story COL SS
61 Yasiel Puig LAD OF
62 Rougned Odor TEX 2B
63 Mike Moustakas KC 3B
64 Domingo Santana MIL OF
65 Ender Inciarte ATL OF
66 Ian Desmond COL 1B/OF
67 Carlos Santana CLE 1B
68 Travis Shaw MIL 3B
69 Adam Jones BAL OF
70 Kyle Seager SEA 3B
71 Didi Gregorius NYY SS
72 Manuel Margot SD OF
73 Rafael Devers BOS 3B
74 Matt Carpenter STL 1B
75 Matt Olson OAK 1B
76 Ryan Braun MIL OF
77 Miguel Cabrera DET 1B
78 Javier Baez CHC SS/2B
79 Eduardo Nunez BOS 2B/3B/OF
80 Justin Smoak TOR 1B
81 Eddie Rosario MIN OF
82 Adrian Beltre TEX 3B
83 Marwin Gonzalez HOU SS/1B/2B/OF
84 Gregory Polanco PIT OF
85 Adam Eaton WAS OF
86 Nomar Mazara TEX OF
87 Jay Bruce NYM OF
88 Brett Gardner NYY OF
89 Ian Happ CHC 2B/OF
90 Evan Gattis HOU C
91 Chris Taylor LAD 2B/OF
92 Adam Duvall CIN OF
93 Ozzie Albies ATL OF
94 Josh Bell PIT 2B
95 Jake Lamb ARI 3B
96 Ryan Zimmerman WAS 1B
97 Kevin Kiermaier TB OF
98 Kyle Schwarber CHC OF
99 Justin Bour MIA 1B
100 Yoan Moncada CHW 2B


Just missed:

101 Evan Longoria SF 3B
102 Delino DeShields TEX OF
103 Yadier Molina STL C
104 Daniel Murphy WAS 2B
105 Salvador Perez KC C
106 Michael Conforto NYM OF
107 Justin Turner LAD 3B


There you have it! Top 100 hitters for week 1 of the most wonderful time of the year!

I want to hear your thoughts on why your favorite player isn’t ranked higher?! Why Matt Davidson didn’t make my top 100?! Wtf does “umbrage” mean?!

Leave ALL the comments!

  1. yankee candle factory worker says:

    Sanchez (26) + Rizzo (16) + Bregman (30) + Story (60) + Upton (28) + Buxton (43) + Rosario (81) got as many hits combined as Jesse Winker yesterday. ?

    • Kerry Klug

      Kerry Klug says:

      @yankee candle factory worker: and Matt Davidson leads the league in homers. I still don’t think Winker will be in my top 100 next week — but we’ll see what happens. He’s got a lot more proving to do.

  2. Jim says:

    My keepers this year were judge, Bellinger, Hoskins, Severino, Bauer and Tallion in the last 6 rounds of a 28 round draft. It’s a points league and I took strasburg and machado Witt my first two pics. Round 4-6 I took Jansen, knebel and Ozuna to try and gain an edge. Hitters in those rounds are not better to me than he five following rounds. I have pretty solid pitching and decent hitting very young players. Everyone seems to be so down on judge and Bellinger. Should I try to trade them or is that assuming you’re taking them in rounds 2 or 3? I hate to give up those keepers but if I want to win now should I try to trade them for the rizzos of the world? Should I move strasburg for another hitter and add an underrated pitcher if I have Quintana and Sevy already? Thoughts?

    • Kerry Klug

      Kerry Klug says:

      @Jim: There is definitely a point in every draft when the hitters just got gross and you had to let the other owners in your league take them. If this is a keeper league I’m sticking with bellinger and judge for years. They’re both young top-tier power hitters. I’d stick with what you have — seems like a good team to me!

  3. caa says:

    Schwarber is hitting every game in the middle of the line up.

    I am not a big fan, but he is absolutely torching every pitch. It is the Marlins. But I’d venture he should be up about 30 to 40 spots. Even his outs are lineouts.

    • Kerry Klug

      Kerry Klug says:

      @caa: and if the newly svelte one keeps it up he’ll keep climbing this list. But let’s wait until he faces pitchers that deserve to be in the league.

  4. Robert Blake says:

    When Acuna gets the call (hopefully in a couple weeks) where do you see him sliding in?

    • Kerry Klug

      Kerry Klug says:

      @Robert Blake: 75ish with a lot of upward mobility. Let’s see what he can do in the bigs before crowning him.

  5. Alex says:

    Which side wins

    Hosmer for Porcello and Pomeranz
    In a 16 team OBP league
    Have jo ma and Mancini to cover first

    • Kerry Klug

      Kerry Klug says:

      @Alex: Don’t like that at all — you can’t get more for Hosmer than Porcello and Pomeranz. Who else does he have?

      • Alex says:

        @Kerry Klug:
        He has price. Could shoot for him. Degrom is probably too high for straight up trade

        • Kerry Klug

          Kerry Klug says:

          @Alex: Price is a good offer. DeGrom is too expensive.

  6. Maverick says:

    Hey asking for advice from anyone who wants to weigh in…
    In an 18 Team POINTS League. Offered this trade:
    Hosmer / Morton for Yonder Alonso / Trevor Bauer

    Seems like a move to accept Homer / Morton but just want to be sure. I know @Grey loves Hosmer and I have bought in so anyone with feedback I’d appreciate! Thanks!

    • Kerry Klug

      Kerry Klug says:

      @Maverick: Grey also LOVES him some Bauer. I think I might actually like the Alonso/Bauer side in this one.

  7. Earl says:

    Talk about a no win situation. For a weekly 5×5 roto league, I have to pick from following for my CI and UTIL spots (must pick 2 for the upcoming week):

    Evan Longoria, Ryon Healy, Ryan McMahon, Miguel Andujar. Dont’ think any of them have hit yet this season.

    Any suggestions (besides giving up until I can do waivers next Saturday for following week)?

    • Kerry Klug

      Kerry Klug says:

      @Earl: I’d grab McMahon and Andujar. Sure, they’re the most unknown but also have the most full season upside in my opinion.

  8. Wile E Coyote says:

    Jose Martinez belongs on this list, and not just based on 3 games. Unless you don’t trust the notion that he will continue to receive regular ABs? And you’d put Acuna at 75 without a MLB AB? Heresy.

    And while I’m at it… Duvall and Bour are on it? Duvall loses ABs to a 4-man OF, and Bour is on the Marlins… Apostasy.

    And while I would never argue that Davidson belongs on the list, I predict he ends up on it within a month. I smell improved walk & K rates – enough to approach but not reach Gallo in terms of upside. Prophecy.

    • True and Correct says:

      @Wile E Coyote: I hadn’t read 1 word of your post before I posted.
      Dude can HIT !

    • Kerry Klug

      Kerry Klug says:

      @Wile E Coyote: This is the opening day rankings there should be a lot of shake-ups next weekend.

  9. True and Correct says:

    Guess you think Jose Martinez is not a better hitter than Longoria, Story, Duvall, LeMahieu, Baez, Gattis and a lot more.
    Yeah, I get it, he’s only hit since he was called up at the end of ‘16.
    I predict he’ll reluctantly (haha) make the list before April is over.

    • Kerry Klug

      Kerry Klug says:

      @True and Correct: lol not reluctantly. he’ll definitely be there — y’all love you some jose martinez. I’ll put him #1 next week!

    • Kerry Klug

      Kerry Klug says:

      @True and Correct: he’s 0 for 7 in the past two games! Now he’s off the cool list!

  10. True and Correct says:

    Just scanned Hittertron. It suggests that Razzball thinks Jose will play 1/2 the games. Ouch. I say he gets almost , if not as many, a.b.’s as Ian Happ gets, and he’s a future 30/20 guy. Martinez hasn’t perfected the art of striking out like Happ has.

    • Wile E Coyote says:

      @True and Correct:

      I would bet on Jose getting more ABs than Happ (more to do with Maddon than anything else) – but I would still rather HAVE Happ than Jose. But yeah I guess they don’t trust Jose to get 400+ ABs. I didn’t either before the draft, but it sure looks like he’s being used like that.

      And for the sake of replying to you just once – I also like Haniger a ton, but I wouldn’t say he has earned his way on the list just yet. He’s another one who is on it by May 1. Ditto for Conforto, though at least he’s acknowledged as already being close.

    • Kerry Klug

      Kerry Klug says:

      @True and Correct: everyone — i like jose martinez too okay. he’ll be on the list next week. like haniger too — drafted him reallllly late last year but unfortunately didn’t end up with him on any teams this year.

  11. True and Correct says:

    A vote for Haniger in the top 100.

    • Kevin says:

      @True and Correct: Agreed, he can replace Sal Perez, who is on the DL.

    • Kerry Klug

      Kerry Klug says:

      @True and Correct: Next week he’ll be in there.

  12. Jimmy says:


    Which side do you like here? (12 team H2H)

    Bellinger/Luke Weaver for Arenado


    • Kerry Klug

      Kerry Klug says:

      @Jimmy: Arenado. He’s the best player in the deal and a top 5 fantasy player.

  13. Kevin says:

    Sal Perez who is guaranteed not to play this week is at 105???

      • Kerry Klug

        Kerry Klug says:

        @Kevin: I shouldn’t have even numbered those guys at the bottom. They’re really guys who have fallen out or just missed.

  14. Mike says:

    Would you deal Acuna for Story?

    • Kerry Klug

      Kerry Klug says:

      @Mike: Keeper/Dynasty definitely. Redraft — not yet.

      • c says:

        @Kerry Klug: if you’re getting Story in that league, then you better not be trading Acuna for Story. That’s crazy. I could see it in re-draft.

  15. Kerry Klug

    Kerry Klug says:

    @c: I think I read this backwards — in a keeper/dynasty league you want Acuna. In redraft — stick with Story.

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