Last week we dove into the first half of the top 100 hitters for the 2021 fantasy baseball season.  This week, we will finish out the 100 completing our preseason baseline as we are weeks away from the regular season kicking off.  The themes of this sequel range between aging vets dropping down from the highest of highs to young upstarts with boundless potential.

Although we walked through tiers with the initial 50, as we move into the later portion of our rankings, tiers mean less and less.  What becomes critical at this point in our rankings is how you fill the gaps after the initial 6-7 rounds of the draft.  Did you lean towards power or speed?  Take a risk or two with the young potential star (looking at you Luis Robert)?  How about drafting 5 straight starting pitchers to start the draft like some crazy person?  No matter how you started, this portion of the draft is about shoring up your team and creating that much-needed balance to bring home the trophy.

Without further ado, here are the full top 100 hitters for the 2021 Fantasy Baseball Season:

Top 100 Hitter Rankings

Ranking Player Team Position
1 Acuna Jr., Ronald ATL  LF,CF,RF
2 Betts, Mookie LAD  CF,RF
3 Tatis Jr., Fernando SD  SS
4 Soto, Juan WSH  LF,RF
5 Trout, Mike LAA  CF
6 Story, Trevor COL  SS
7 Yelich, Christian MIL  LF,RF
8 Ramirez, Jose CLE  3B
9 Turner, Trea WSH  SS
10 Bellinger, Cody LAD  1B,CF,RF
11 Harper, Bryce PHI  RF
12 Freeman, Freddie ATL  1B
13 Lindor, Francisco NYM  SS
14 Bichette, Bo TOR  SS
15 Rendon, Anthony LAA  3B
16 Abreu, Jose CWS  1B
17 Ozuna, Marcell ATL  LF
18 Machado, Manny SD  3B,SS
19 LeMahieu, DJ NYY  1B,2B,3B
20 Bogaerts, Xander BOS  SS
21 Arenado, Nolan STL  3B
22 Seager, Corey LAD  SS
23 Bregman, Alex HOU  3B,SS
24 Anderson, Tim CWS  SS
25 Jimenez, Eloy CWS  LF
26 Tucker, Kyle HOU  LF,RF
27 Mondesi, Adalberto KC  SS
28 Devers, Rafael BOS  3B
29 Albies, Ozzie ATL  2B
30 Springer, George TOR  CF,RF
31 Merrifield, Whit KC  2B,CF,RF
32 Cruz, Nelson MIN  Util
33 Arozarena, Randy TB  LF
34 Robert, Luis CWS  CF
35 Marte, Starling MIA  CF
36 Realmuto, J.T. PHI  C
37 Judge, Aaron NYY  RF
38 Alvarez, Yordan HOU  LF
39 Blackmon, Charlie COL  RF
40 Conforto, Michael NYM  CF,RF
41 Biggio, Cavan TOR  2B,3B,RF
42 Martinez, J.D. BOS  LF,RF
43 Goldschmidt, Paul STL  1B
44 Guerrero Jr., Vladimir TOR  1B,3B
45 Rizzo, Anthony CHC  1B
46 Marte, Ketel ARI  2B,SS,CF
47 Baez, Javier CHC  SS
48 Torres, Gleyber NYY  2B,SS
49 Alonso, Pete NYM  1B
50 Grisham, Trent SD  LF,CF,RF
51 Voit, Luke NYY  1B
52 Lowe, Brandon TB  1B,2B,RF
53 Meadows, Austin TB  LF,RF
54 Castellanos, Nick CIN  LF,RF
55 Suarez, Eugenio CIN  3B
56 Hiura, Keston MIL  2B
57 Altuve, Jose HOU  2B
58 McNeil, Jeff NYM  2B,3B,LF,RF
59 Rosario, Eddie CLE  LF,RF
60 Stanton, Giancarlo NYY  LF
61 Myers, Wil SD  1B,LF,CF,RF
62 Moncada, Yoan CWS  3B
63 Olson, Matt OAK  1B
64 Gurriel Jr., Lourdes TOR  2B,LF
65 Pham, Tommy SD  LF
66 Brantley, Michael HOU  LF,RF
67 Swanson, Dansby ATL  SS
68 Chapman, Matt OAK  3B
69 Moustakas, Mike CIN  1B,2B,3B
70 Hernandez, Teoscar TOR  LF,CF,RF
71 Correa, Carlos HOU  SS
72 Muncy, Max LAD  1B,2B,3B
73 Bryant, Kris CHC  3B,LF,RF
74 Semien, Marcus TOR  SS
75 Yastrzemski, Mike SF  LF,CF,RF
76 Buxton, Byron MIN  CF
77 Perez, Salvador KC  C
78 Bohm, Alec PHI  1B,3B
79 Verdugo, Alex BOS  LF,CF,RF
80 Reyes, Franmil CLE  RF
81 Laureano, Ramon OAK  CF,RF
82 Soler, Jorge KC  RF
83 Smith, Dominic NYM  1B,LF
84 Bell, Josh WSH  1B
85 Hoskins, Rhys PHI  1B
86 Hosmer, Eric SD  1B
87 Santander, Anthony BAL  LF,CF,RF
88 Urshela, Gio NYY  3B
89 Smith, Will LAD  C
90 Gregorius, Didi PHI  SS
91 Contreras, Willson CHC  C
92 Lewis, Kyle SEA  CF,RF
93 Mountcastle, Ryan BAL  1B,LF
94 Edman, Tommy STL  2B,3B,SS,LF,RF
95 Mancini, Trey BAL  1B,LF,RF
96 Lux, Gavin LAD  2B
97 Solak, Nick TEX  2B,3B,LF,CF
98 Happ, Ian CHC  2B,3B,LF,CF
99 Grandal, Yasmani CWS  C,1B
100 Gallo, Joey TEX  LF,CF,RF


So, let us assess what we can see from the second half of the top 100 and the biggest differences against ADP around the industry with a few hits and misses:

  • Hit: Wil Myers was basically free at the draft table in 2020. He parlayed a change of approach at the plate during spring training into the regular season with his lowest chase rate since his rookie year and the lowest first pitch swinging rate in his career.  Although he has been a bit banged up this spring, he is a clear value at his current ADP.
  • Miss: Teoscar Hernandez and Joey Gallo represent great upside and substantial downside. For me, that downside is just not worth the investment.  Both guys sat in the top dozen players in K% during 2020 and the only difference from my perspective is how the hits fell for Teoscar and did not for Gallo.  Yes, these guys can be lightning in the lineup if they get hot.  However, they can be an absolute nightmare driving you to migraines throughout the season.  Let somebody else jump on that rollercoaster.
  • Miss: Salvador Perez and Yasmani Grandal are showing us the lack of upside in the catcher position. Would I like to have either of these guys on my team due to their power and solid playing time?  Yes.  Is it worth the investment considering the other type of talent on the table?  Not at all.  For 2021, I see no reason to be investing in catcher early or even in the middle rounds.
  • Hit: Anthony Santander and Trey Mancini bring us the excitement from the Baltimore outfield. The last time we could say that was the heyday of Brady Anderson.  But these birds are about to fly and provide substantial value at the draft table.  For Santander with his 2020 small sample size he was on pace for over 40 home runs.  Would you believe he was actually a bit unlucky?  Across the green grass, Mancini is returning from a much greater challenge than many players.  That said, this is still a guy that hit .291 with 35 homers in 2019.  More please!
  • Hit: Gavin Lux is where we end the analysis of the second half of the top 100. This is not about numbers or adjustments but about a commitment to an immensely talented young player.  Dave Roberts is on record saying that Lux will regularly play this season and I expect him to take full advantage.  While many have soured after an up and down 2020, that has simply created a great buying opportunity for the wise.


  1. Oshizz says:

    Keeper question. 6 cat OPS league, OF, IN, and UTIL extra slots. I’ve got Tucker, Alonso, K Marte, McNeil, Bohm, and Soler for equivalent prices, Bohm three years, Soler one, the others two. Can keep four. Locks are Tucker and Alonso. I’m then leaning Ketel and McNeil, but they both have 2B so that’s redundant. I’m thinking about keeping Bohm instead of one of them, for his upside and the positional diversity this year.

    So the question: What do you think? thanks!!

    • Jeremy Brewer

      Jeremy Brewer says:

      I personally believe Ketel has a lot of potential and should have more positional potential. For the second place, I think MaNeil is the pick if we are looking in a vacuum. However, nothing in our silly fantasy world is done in a vacuum. So with that said, I would be leaning towards the upside of Bohm. Good problem to have!

      • Oshizz says:

        Thanks! Super helpful

  2. Barry Bonds says:

    i think you are on the right track—keep Bohm for different positional eligibility –Ketel has more potential, plus the OF-2b eliigibility almost definite this year–i like McNeil, but go with Ketel and Bohm

  3. Omar says:

    In a 10 team 6×5 (standard + ops) weekly H2H. 1 year keeper (3 max drafted can be kept thru 2022).

    Really torn on whether to take JoRam or Bellinger in the 1st. I think I like JoRam more this year, but it’s really a 2 year decision. Eventually JoRam will stop running, I just don’t know if it will happen before his age 29 season (2022). They both have the potential to be 6-category contributors – Belli probably providing a little more power + OPS, Jose providing more speed.

    Hoping Trout or Soto falls to me so I don’t have to make that decision. Thoughts!

  4. Jeremy Brewer

    Jeremy Brewer says:

    I have heard Trout falling more and more lately so you have a chance! I would be looking to play for this year taking JoRam, but you can’t go wrong either way.

  5. Anodyne says:

    How far outside your top 100 is Justin Turner? I’ve gotten a few shares of him in auctions because the price was super cheap, but maybe that’s because he’s too long in the tooth to be useful for fantasy? Interested in your thoughts on him.

    • Jeremy Brewer

      Jeremy Brewer says:

      Don’t tell, but next weeks article will be about guys who just missed the top 100 including Mr. Justin Turner. He is likely in the 120 range, but love the lineup and love the floor in many categories outside of speed!

      • Anodyne says:

        Looking forrward to next week’s article! I appreciate Turner’s steady reliability and love the lineup as well. I’m a little worried that they’re going to give him regular days off, which might hurt his value. Might need to stash a bench bat, or rely on batty calls, to keep a regular presence in my lineup.

  6. Mike says:

    Hey- I can keep two of these guys- 12 Team Mixed:

    Abreu $29
    Biggio $10
    Swanson $7
    Grisham $5



    • Jeremy Brewer

      Jeremy Brewer says:

      Often I love maximizing my draft dollars in a keeper league. But the certainty of Abreu and upside of Biggio is too nice to pass up.

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