One of my favorite parts of dynasty leagues is picking out the crop of prospects who I think will skyrocket in value in 2019. One of my big picks for 2019 was Julio Rodriguez, saying that he’d be a top 20 prospect by year’s end in an article I wrote at the beginning of the season. For people who grabbed Rodriguez in their FYPD, or early on in the season, a player who was fairly irrelevant in terms of fantasy value suddenly became one of their best assets, either for trades or just to keep for the future. Predicting MLB breakouts and making good trades are both important parts of playing dynasty, but if you really want to dominate your fellow league members, picking up the right prospects can make a massive difference. If you really want to get a jump in your dynasty leagues, I highly recommend picking up these three players, who you likely won’t find on many top 100 lists, but you certainly will next year. And here’s Prospect Itch’s top 100 fantasy baseball prospects, if you’re into that sorta thing.

Jairo Pomares, OF, SFG

In a Giants’ system loaded with J2 talent acquired over the last few years, Jairo Pomares has become somewhat overlooked in comparison to his counterparts. Obviously being part of the same class as Marco Luciano can lead to being a bit overshadowed, but even when compared to guys like Alexander Canario and Luis Toribio, Pomares doesn’t get the love he deserves. After signing for just under $1m in 2018, Pomares made his debut in Arizona this year, and did nothing but absolutely rake. En route to posting a 152 wRC+ in the Arizona League, Pomares showed off his incredible offensive potential, by demonstrating the ability to hit for average and power, while maintaining a solid approach. Pomares has great bat speed, as well as a swing geared for power. He’s an extremely aggressive hitter, attacking fastballs early in the count, but can also handle secondary pitches well. I could personally see Pomares developing into a 60-hit, 50-power OF. 

Pomares is also underrated because he’s a better fantasy asset than in real life, so, when people look at top prospects lists, he’s too far down for them to even notice. As a below average defender, Pomares has been ranked mostly in the 10-20 range among Giants prospects (way too low even with bad defense), so people have been ignoring him. I think this time next year Pomares will be a top 100 prospect in real life, and even higher in fantasy. I see him as a very similar player to Corey Dickerson or Eddie Rosario, with Michael Brantley being the ceiling. 

Jose Garcia, SS, CIN

If you follow me on Twitter, you know all about Jose Garcia already, but everyone doesn’t follow me on Twitter so he’s still massively underrated. I’ve written about Garcia’s for thousands of words, so I’ll keep this one short and sweet. Jose Garcia already broke out in 2019, everyone else just didn’t notice. He’s not the player we thought he was, people just haven’t realized yet. For one, despite being listed at 6’2” 175 lbs., Garcia is likely closer to 6’4” 205, partially due to misinformation and partially due to the amount of work he’s done to add strength. He’s also added all of this strength while maintaining his elite athleticism, helping him steal 15 bases this year. Garcia had a big power breakout this year, adding over 20 ft. to his flyball distance, but it went almost completely unnoticed due to the pitcher friendly conditions of the FSL. My biggest issue with Garcia is that he rarely walks, but that’s expected from a guy as aggressive as he is, and it’s almost offset by how little he strikes out. At the end of the day, we’re looking at a SS who could hit 25+ HR, steal double digit bases, and hit for a solid average. That’s not only better than we previously thought, that could be one of the best players in baseball if everything goes well. Garcia is a guy who should be rostered in almost every dynasty, yet I’m sure if many of you checked, he’d still be available, so you should change that as soon as possible. 

Hudson Head, OF, SDP

Hudson Head is a guy who’s underrated because of where he was drafted, even though he got quite the signing bonus. Despite being drafted 84th overall, the Padres gave him $3m to sign, a record for 3rd round picks, so that alone should tell you how talented this kid is. Head has the tools to be an absolute stud, and I can’t stress enough that this kid should be owned everywhere. Head is not only an explosive athlete, but he has elite bat speed and a great feel for hitting. Head also has above average raw power, which could develop into plus as he fills out. If you want a comp for Hudson head from last year’s draft, he reminds me a lot of a less polished Jarred Kelenic, who he could have a similar rise to. I think Head will be a top 50 prospect by the end of 2020, and honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see him higher. He is truly an elite 5 tool prospect.

I’ve seen Head go as low as in the 60s and 70s in FYPD, but, if he makes it anywhere past 10, you’re likely getting a bargain with him.