This week’s Fantasy Roundtable is being hosted by Fantasy Baseball Geeks:

THE TOPIC: If you could only play in one fantasy baseball league a year, what type of league would you want to participate in? Draft vs. Auction, Keeper vs. Redraft vs. Dynasty, Roto vs. H2H vs. Points vs. Other, Mixed vs. AL vs. NL, “Expert” vs. Friends, How many teams…..

On the edge of your seat? Either click the link to see the answers or just sit back in your chair as it’s better for lumbar support.

  1. josh says:

    i’m doing a few 5×5 leagues with obp instead of ba. def recommended if you can find some next year. adds a little strategy, in that there’s not much mainstream content specifically for leagues like that. the values on the whole are also probably slightly closer to a player’s real life value.

  2. BSA says:

    James Shields and Rich Harden are on the waiver wire. Which should I pick up? I just missed Billingsley this morning.

  3. @Josh – Will give it some thought as BB are rather important for a hitter.

    @BSA – James Shields. Harden is too injury prone.

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