We realize that not everyone can handle a daily commitment to Razzball. So here’s the condensed brilliance from our site over the past week.

TWIR Notes

Brett Myers – 7 1/3 IP, 1 hit. Gets the loss. If anyone can console him, it’s his girlfriend. She’s used to getting beaten with one hit.

Jhonny Peralta/Khalil Greene – I had these two schmohawks rated about the same in the preseason. Well, I got that right. Nice zerho for six night, Jhonny, when your team scores 15. I’m never picking a guy with H as his second letter in his first name unless it actually makes phonetic sense.

Albert Pujols – Left the game in the 4th inning due to calf tightness. Early reports of a hairline fracture were later corrected to a hairline recession.

Erik Bedard – Another bad start for the best Canadian pitcher in the game. Buy him now as the hockey season is almost over so he’ll stop being distracted. Just make sure Alanis Morissette or Bryan Adams aren’t playing in the same city where he’s pitching.

Josh Hamilton -16 HRs/65 RBIs which is roughly 77 HRs/180 RBIs in street value.

Jimmy Rollins – Was benched for not running out a popup. By that logic, Pat Burrell should’ve been benched for the last three years.

Chris Carter – From the man that brought you Cancer Man, now comes a lefty slugger that should get some opportunities against righties while Papi mends. He’s worth a flier in AL-Only leagues.

Bartolo Colon – Now 3-0. I still wouldn’t go near him with a three foot churro. (Only partly because waving a three foot churro near Bartolo would be similar to going to a grizzly bear observatory wearing nothing but bikini briefs made of Marshmallow Fluff…. Talk about a Fluffernutter — oofa!)

Negro League Draft – Dave Winfield helped organize a ceremonial draft where Negro League players were picked as honorary members of MLB teams. Very touching. It must be a special day for all these players as they approach their twilight years. The biggest applause was for Atlanta’s pick. A middle infielder known for his distinct batting stance and line drive power. His name is Julio Franco.

John Smoltz – Excerpt from his news conference: “I don’t ever want to stick around throwing 85 MPH and trying to paint corners like a little bitch. Oh, hey Tom…didn’t see you there…”

Justin Masterson – 6 innings of 6.00 ERA, 1.33 WHIP isn’t that exciting but he got the win against your 1st place Rays. With Dice-K on the DL, he’ll likely get another start or two. Depending on the matchup, he could be worth a flier. Based on recent Sox pitching prospect history, there’s an 100% chance Masterson throws a no-hitter in his next couple of starts. On a more tragic note, there’s a 50% chance that he has cancer.

Comment O’ The Week

This week’s riff is from all-star commenter Baron Von Vulturewins. Enjoy…

Before yesterday’s Philadelphia-Cincinnati game, Jay Bruce approached Cole Hamels.

Bruce: I know you’ve been struggling, buddy.

Cole: It’s true. I never should have cut my mullet. I mean, it was only a trim! But still.

Bruce: Tell you what. I’ll go oh-fer today.

Cole: Really? You’d do that? For me?

Bruce: Sure.

Cole: Thanks, man. This means a lot to me.

Bruce: I’m going to hit 3 HRs against that Andrew Miller gimp tomorrow though. Screw him.

Cole: Yeah, man. Sure. Whatever. Thanks again.

Bruce: Not a problem. (About to walk away; turns back.) By the way, your elbow’s a little wonky.

Cole: Really? I don’t feel –

Bruce: (waves hand) There you go. Don’t worry about it. See ya round kid.

Cole: See you — hey, where did he go?


New Glossary Entries

Click here for the full glossary.

Analcysts – Ex players hired by ESPN that provide discomfort for fellow baseball analysts and the viewing audience. Prone to obvious observations “Dunn is strong!” or circular arguments like “He’s a good player because he knows how to play good in situations where it’s important to be good. And that’s why he’s a good player.”

Cleveland Streamer – When a pitcher you picked up for a stream start craps all over your team’s stats. “I picked up Wakefield because he was going against the Royals and he gave me a Cleveland Streamer. It’s going to take a week to clean the mess he left on my ERA and WHIP.” (assist to Razzball commenter Hank)

Cuddle Boy – Relievers who are good with holds but fail anytime they try to close. See Rafael Betencourt, Kyle Farnsworth, the kid from American Virgin who pays for the abortion of a girl his friend knocked up and then, when she’s recovered, goes back to that guy.

FEMAs – Closers that are paid to provide relief but are woefully equipped. Rumored not to care about black people.

Flat-Billed Pitchypus – Rare species of pitcher whose hat brim is perfectly flat and either covers their full forehead – exposing only glaring eyes – or is tilted to the side. This species is prone to early success and a quick fade once the shock has warned off. See Dontrelle Willis, Chad Cordero.

Futility Player – Someone eligible for multiple positions but doesn’t warrant a starting position in any – e.g., Marlon Anderson, Brendan Ryan, Marco Scutaro, Ramon Vazquez etc. Tony LaRussa hearts these players.

Kazaams – Situations where talented closers are brought into a non-save situation and have no idea how to act.

Rip-Cord – Chad Cordero. Any team with him at this point in his career can only plummet. Pull him to ease your landing.

Roofie – A rookie pitcher who fails to deliver on their tremendous K potential and, instead, abuses your trust and violates your ERA and WHIP.

Wickmen – Joe Borowski, Todd Jones, etc. In honor of Bob Wickman.

Extended Riffs

On the Rays/Sawx brawl:

When James Shields swung and missed his haymaker yesterday during the Sawx/Rays brawl, Coco should’ve totally spun him around and gave him a springboard splash to the solar plexus. Then once Shields was down, Coco could’ve laid him on top of the Spanish Announcer’s table and dropped the big ‘bow. But, alas…it was Coco Crisp not Koko B. Ware. Then three innings after the brawl, Manny tweaked a sore hammy and left the game. As he was limping through the dugout, Manny gave Youuuuuuuuk a solid shove. This was heard right before Manny shoved him. Youkilis, “You know with Big Papi on the DL…if you want to teach me the handshake you do with him, I could try to fill in…” Manny, “You’re not my real Papi! I hate you!” *shove* In the next inning, this transpired: Youk, “Sorry about that Manny. I have this extra Chupa Chup lollipop….” Manny, “Gimme! He he he… Thanks, Millar.” Youk, “We talked about this… My name is… Oh forget it.”

On David Ortiz going on the DL:

David Ortiz went straight from DH to the DL. If there was any justice, he’d have at least gotten some time at DJ. So this is our rap ode, a ’sixteen’ if you know what I mean and watch Miss Rap Supreme….

David Ortiz – you partially tore your tendon,
Ain’t no good for slapping, ain’t no good for bendin’,
You’re the Big Papi…suckaz all try to copy,
Your belly’s like Buddha’s, theirs is lookin’ all sloppy.
Now you’re out of my lineup – ay dios mio,
My smile is gone, mi corazon es frio,
Thought I’d pick up Lyle Overbay – homey, I gotcha
Maybe LaRoche, is that French for cucaracha?
Sexson and Millar and Dmitri and Barton,
Have been MIA so long, they be on a milk carton.
Maybe I’ll trade – give up some relief pitchin’,
But even if it works, other leaguemates be bitchin’.
I’m pouring some out of my forty – that shit be real fittin’
Because that was the total of homers I thought you’d be hittin’
Now I got none other than Mike Jacobs,
Here’s hoping the Sawx are rained out 60 straight — need makeups!

  1. BSA says:

    Softball question to start this Sunday morning – mostly because I am shocked to see this guys name on the waiver wire.
    Someone dropped Saito – Put a claim in on him? I have closers – Papelbon, Rauch, Ryan, and Soriano.

    It has been a tough week for saves on my team.

    Mind you this team picked up Percival for Saito.

  2. BSA says:

    I’m using the claim and dropping Soriano – if he even drops to me.

  3. wakeNbake says:

    @BSA: Yea you make that move, dont understand y someone would drop Saito.

  4. Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    I’m honored to be selected as the very first TWIR Comment O’ The Week(tm). I still can’t believe it’s true! I’d like to thank Grey and Rudy, my parents, my commenting agent, Cole Hamels’ mullet, and, of course, IowaCubs, Salty Biscuits, BSA, Frank Rizzo and all the other regular commenters for inspiring me to be just a little better than they are. (As opposed to the Commenters League, in which I will be a lot better than they are. Oh, that’s right.)

    And last, I’d like to thank Jay Bruce. Without him, none of this is possible. My life has really turned around since I discovered Bruce and asked him onto my team. (And, I’d like to point out, he didn’t hit 3 HR against the Gimp Miller, but he did rough him up for 3 RBIs, returning to his Brucian ways.) So thanks, Jay Bruce.

    For all of those who sold high on Bruce, I hope you enjoy the dirty spoils of your cold, calculating greed, and I’ll see you in hell.

  5. Kevin says:

    Re: the debut of TWIR Notes — How about that!!

  6. wakeNbake says:

    Whos next in line for saves of Huston Street gets traded or hurt? Devine, Casilla, Foulke??

  7. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BSA: You have to pickup Saito. That’s a boneheaded move to drop him.

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: You’re welcome. The voting for commenter of the week was very close according to the accounting firm of Gamble and Grey, but you won out. Don’t rest on your laurels.

    @Kevin: Ha.

    @wakeNbake: Foulke right now, but that could change any moment.

  8. BSA says:

    I put in the claim – one of 4 other savvy teams will drop “brainer” for him and I can still upgrade. Either way a total dolt move and I hope others in the league are sleeping. Picking up Tulo this week, another drop, blew my mid-level waiver pick to last.

  9. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BSA: I hope you’re going to be in the Commenters League too for some better competish.

  10. BSA says:

    Unfortunately for my ego I will be jumping in. I tried a similar league last year and ended the season with the scum you find at the bottom of your trash cans. At least PorkBurn has been giving out some GRRREAT ADVICE for my draft. He is so nice. I think he said, “OCab would be a good shortstop for me to draft.”

  11. Zebo says:

    Someone just picked up Alexei Casilla, right when I am about to, this is just great! I think I wil drop Masterson and pick up Troy Glaus.

  12. Chase says:

    Greinke’s line for today against the Yanks…

    1/3 IP 10 Hits 16 ER 14 Walks 1 Fly Ball to the warning track by A-Rod

  13. nick says:

    Which 4 do you start in outfield/util today?

    Markakis, Quentin, Lee, Burrell, Young ? Leaning towards benching Young but he’s playing a Pittsburgh Lefty…

    Also Votto or Jackson at First ? Again Jackson is playing a lefty in Pitt but Votto had a good night last night

    & What do you do with Ortiz ? I guess just leave him DL’d…as soon as figgins gets back

  14. Chase says:

    @nick: Markakis quentin lee burrell votto

  15. Chase says:

    Grey, any word on Rich Hill and how he’s doing?

  16. Zebo says:

    I really need Soriano DL’ed so I can drop his dead weight, this “see how I feel in the bull pen everyday to decide if I close” thing is killing me.

  17. BSA says:

    Ok, Waiver watch – My SP is Bedard, Cueto, Harden, Hudson, Lincecum, Shields with closers Ryan, Rauch, Papelbon
    Jared Weaver just showed up on waivers – is his value greater than anyone on my pitching staff?
    My bench is Tulo, Pence, figgins.

  18. nick says:

    @Zebo: I don’t think anybody really wants him, just drop him…hes been on the waiver wire for a long time in my shallow 8 team league

  19. Chet says:

    @ Zebo: I’d hold on to R. Soriano unless you are in an 8 team shallow league. Maybe pick up M. Gonzalez if you can.

  20. Chase says:

    Berkman just tried to bunt…

  21. BigFatHippo says:


    Oh Greyt Guru

    My sherpa, Bartolo, and I hiked literally dozens of yards up this mountainside to seek your fantasy advice. You have proven wise and true in your recommendation of Masterson, Greyt Guru.

    We are forever in your debt.

    I just dropped him for Parra.

  22. p0rk burn says:

    Still trying to move George P. What do you guys think of a T. Buchholz for Posada? We score Holds so Buchholz has more value than pure closer speculation. At this point I just want to move Georgie Porgie for something with Bengie already established at catcher. Wells just came off the DL also so I need to get rid of somebody somehow to get him back in the lineup.

  23. SaltyBiscuits says:

    Drop Raffy Soriano and his balky elbow for Todd Jones and his healthy yet less awesome pitching?

  24. wakeNbake says:

    better reliever pickup, Chris Perez or Taylor Buchholz??

  25. BigFatHippo says:


    Can’t you get more than Buchholz for George?


    Jones is always gonna get saves. That’s me being Mr. obvious. Ok, he does write a great column in SN, so he’s better.


    Not so sure about Perez now, Franklin struck out the side in the ninth. I’ll take a dozen glazed in the morning. Ohhh, different kind of bake……

  26. wakeNbake says:

    Does Chris Iannetta split time at catcher or he has the full time job?

  27. Steve says:

    Keppinger is not too far away – is he going to be better than Renteria for the rest of the season? I need AVE and OBP help.

  28. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Chase: Hill walked seven in his last start in 5 IP.

    @BSA: I’d hold tight.

    @BigFatHippo: That works.

    @p0rk burn: T.B. wouldn’t be a bad snag in a holds league. I would think you could do better.

    @SaltyBiscuits: I would go to TJ.

    @wakeNbake: Taylor, but they’re close.

    @wakeNbake: Splits time. Why?

  29. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Yeah, but I’d wait until Keppy’s actually back.

  30. Steve says:

    @Grey: Indeed.
    Speaking of flipping George for a closer (a la pork), guy in my league has 5 of ’em: Papelbon, Jenks, Wood, Lyon and Ryan (nice rhyme).
    Thinking of going after Jenks – will George get it done? Or is Lyon more realistic? He has Pudge and Salty already. Would pimp George as better than Pudge cos he just is and better than Salty cos at least he plays (almost) every day.

  31. Chase says:

    Sanchez, Cueto, Guthrie, Parra, Cain Can you rank these for the rest of the year?

  32. Zebo says:

    I was really close to a win by a great effort from Ervin Santana, and so what does D. Oliver do? He blows Ervin’s win. I hate D. Oliver.

  33. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Worth a shot to go after Lyon.

    @Chase: Guthrie, Parra, Cueto, Cain then Sanchez.

    @Zebo: D.O. got nothing but love for you.

  34. p0rk burn says:

    @Grey, BFH: The problem I’m having is in a 10 team league there are only a few teams needing a catcher after you subtract Martin, Soto, even Martinez still.

    I offered Posada for Hudson to the Olivo owner and he came back with Cain for Johan (jerk!) saying that the offers are just as close to each other. He wrote off Posada completely because of the injury.

    I just don’t think anybody is going to be willing to part with anything close to George’s value.

  35. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    Not that I’m ready to settle up my bill at the Jerk Store or anything with this, but I believe it’s my right to take the full credit for the Cleveland Steamer comment last week, attributing this to Blowowski.

    I’d also like to pay for a side of cutting a guy off in traffic, telling my employees to work on Saturdays and a full order of spam emails… And I’m going to be paying for this in pennies and nickels.

  36. peter says:

    Carlos Delgado: 3 for 4 yesterday, 3 for 5 today (falling a HR short of the cycle – yes, CD hit a triple. Corey Hart had an inside-the-parker on less of a hit a couple days ago). Over the last week, he’s raised his average 20 pts. Feel free to discuss/dismiss, I’m cust kayin’.

  37. JR says:

    For those obsessed with middle relievers (do we need a glossary term for this affliction?) or for those in leagues that reward holds, you have to love how the Angels are using Jose Arredondo right now…

  38. BKK says:

    I have Aaron Harang, he is 2-9 and it is getting out. I already ditched Verlander and his 555 ERA. Jered Weaver, Jon Garland, Jair Jurrjens are all FA. Are any of these guys a better option they at least play for winning teams.

    I am in search of wins.

    At this rate I could have the entire LAA pitching staff, I also have Lackey, E Santana and K-Rod.

  39. BKK says:

    I have Aaron Harang, he is 2-9 and it is getting old. I could live with him not winning but he never gets a ND its always a Loss.

    I already ditched Verlander and his 2-9 record and his 555 ERA.

    Jered Weaver, Jon Garland, Jair Jurrjens are all FA. Are any of these guys a better option – they at least play for winning teams.

    I am in search of wins. It is a points league so ERA and WHIP don’t really matter. Just K’s and Wins and or at least the absence of a loss.

    At this rate I could have the entire LAA pitching staff, I also have Lackey, E Santana and K-Rod.

  40. knighttown says:

    HELP! I got what I wished for. If you remember, I’m that guy who has is all 11’s in his 11 team league for pitching and all 1’s for hitting. I’ve been offering an ACE to everyone for a bat (Hamels for Miggie Cabrera etc.) but was not even getting responses.

    Today, out of the blue, this came across my desk:

    Dan Haren, Felix Hernandez and Willy Tavares for
    Prince Fielder, Adam Dunn and Chad Gaudin

    Seems to be more than I could ask for at this point right?

  41. BKK says:

    Sorry about the double comment, I hit stop but still went through. I needed to edit.

    BTW, the Fielder/Renteria for A-Gonz/Theriot trade went through. Too bad Renteria couldn’t have waited for his GS until he was on my roster!

    @Zebo: I feel your pain. I lose the win and a potential save opportunity.

  42. Grey

    Grey says:

    @IowaCubs: I love that I’ve created a place on the web where people battle of the origin of Cleveland Streamer.

    @peter: And CD was a my bench all weekend. Sweet!

    @BKK: Those guys are not better options than Harang.

  43. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    @p0rk burn: I don’t share the views of Grey and the rest of the people here regarding Yankees catcher George Papadopoulos . Yesterday he homered and looked good throwing to second. He also kept calling Cano “Webster” who in turn kept calling Girardi “M’amm.” Weird.

    I’m keeping him at my own peril, but I find the risk of Posada much more sexy than the return for him in a trade.

  44. BKK says:

    @Knighttown: I think I’d do that. Fielder and Dunn should help your team if you can afford to lose Haren and Felix. Tavares and Gaudin, to me, are not a factor in this deal. But feel free to get a 2nd opinion.

  45. knighttown says:

    @BKK: Oh man it’s scary as I’ve already dumped Tim Hudson in a package for Jimmy Rollins. I’ll be left with Hamels, Volquez, Lilly, Jon Sanchez, Gaudin, Laffey and Kershaw. Not the best but I’m +177 innings so I’ve got to start “spot starting” the back of the rotation guys anyway. Tavares sits on my bench and I’ve got Adam freaking LaRoche starting at 1B. I think I’m gonna pull the trig’.

  46. BigFatHippo says:


    I’m in a 10 team league also and you’re right. Figured you’d bring that up.

    Guys in my league carry 2 catchers so I can’t have one, it’s the only spot I’m weak. Hell I drafted two, Towles and Salty, look where that got me.

    Playing Yadi cause he never strikes out and I’m sitting at 9 in Ks, two more than leader. Since picking up Yadi I’ve gone from 7 to 9 in Ks.

    Do you think I should stick or pick up Olivo (37 k) or Varitek (45 k)? Yadi has 9.

  47. BKK says:

    @Grey: I know, it was a retarded question. But the guy in 2nd behind me is doing it all on pitching with Joe Saunders, Cliff Lee, Aaron Cook, Chien-Ming Wang, Jon Lester and some other SCHMO’s and its pissing me off.

    The season is all bassackwards. Many of the “good” (Harang, Verlander, Carmona, Bedard…) pitchers are pitching like all of the above should be pitching and vice-versa. It’s like they are were at a party and some strange lightning storm caused them to switch abilities. I mean even Ervin Santana is pitching like he’s Johan.

    Okay, I’m done, Fantasy baseball is a marathon, Fantasy baseball is a marathon, Fantasy baseball is a marathon,… okay got it.

  48. BigFatHippo says:


    Apparently you’re enrolled in the Distler School of Management. Doesn’t work for roto leagues.

    You better take what you can get fast and furiously, don’t ya think? Pull the trigger and let the bidding war begin if you’re so far above everybody in pitching stats.


    If you have say, 49 wins and the next closest has 34, offer guys who have wins for one hitting stat you’re not far behind the next 2 or 3 places in. If you’re borderline on ERA, whip, etc., keep your best guys. Do the same with saves if you’re way up.

    I’m curious to see if this works out for you. What are your best pitching numbers? 11 across the board is incredible.

    Obviously this only works in a very active league, hope you have opponents willing to deal.

  49. knighttown says:


    I didn’t intend to draft so pitching heavy but I couldn’t believe the speed the hitters were going, like Ryan Braun in the Top 8. I didn’t draft the pitchers until pretty late value wise and picked up Volquez off waivers. Hamels, Hernandez, Haren, Hudson and Volquez is a solid top 5.

    The imbalance came when ALL of my hitters sucked. A-Rod hurt. V-Mart at #20 (too early) is brutal. Pronk- pool killer. Ibanez; 0-for-May.

    My pitching numbers, all 11’s (except saves). 43 wins (+4 over 2nd), 546 K’s (+80), 3.21 ERA (-.54) and 1.25 WHIP (+.02). 31 HR’s behind the leader tho…

    But when I pull this off I’ll have a paper-tiger at the very least, starting V-Mart, Fielder, BJ Upton (2b eligible), Rollins and A-Rod, with Jacoby, Quentin, Dunn, Jay Bruce and Dye. Helton and O-Dog at CI/MI and Ibanez and Polanco on the bench.

  50. knighttown says:

    Oh, forgot to mention, Jose Guillen who’s a fucking God.

  51. Grey

    Grey says:


    Are any of youse excited about the announcement that is coming tonight?

  52. cockyphoenix says:

    @Grey: um yes I’ve been drinking and checking periodically between drinks and you are killing me. I’m going to have to end up dropping Kershaw but after the encouragement from the board I think I’ll manage. It’s Sunday night already bro; what it is?

  53. p0rk burn says:

    @BigFatHippo: If you don’t need to catch up in the other offensive stats I’d stick with Yadi. No point in losing your grip on 1st in Ks for the chance of picking up a few points elsewhere. Depends on how much more offense you need.

    @Grey: Hell yeah. I was thinking the week in review was the big change and I didn’t want to ask in case it was.

    I’m thinking I need to live like the rebel IowaCubs is and commit to Georgie. Bengie apparently has the better trade value right now and Posada is good enough for me if he stays healthy. I know, thats a big if. What the heck else am I supposed to do. Stupid stupids.

  54. Grey

    Grey says:


    As Snoop said Sam Cooke said, Change gonna come, nephew. It probably won’t be ready until late my time (PST), so some or most of you won’t see it until tomorrow morning. It’ll be included in tonight’s roundup.

  55. BigFatHippo says:


    Hell yeah, I’m with pork. Thought TWIR was it. I’m giddy as a pedo priest at Chuck E Cheeze. ( ok that’s just sick )

  56. BigFatHippo says:

    @pork burn

    Thanks, just looking for clarification. Actually kinda high on Yadi right now. Think he’ll bat .300 believe it or not.

    Offense good right now, 10 Avg 10 OBP 9 Ks 9 R 7 HR 7 RBI 8 SB.

  57. Steve says:

    Calling all Rios owners –

    Interesting article over at Rotonomics on the relative merits of Vlad and Rios. Not all that positive about Rios’ outlook this year.
    Have a read (be sure to come back to the Razz of course) – would be interested to know what y’all think.

  58. wakeNbake says:

    @Steve: I too own Rios and I must say I bought into the whole 27yr old hitter theory of increased production. Right now I am a little worried, not too much though. As of now his AVG. is low but I have faith he will hit .300, his HR’s are not there yet but what hes lacking in HR’s he is making up for with SB’s. He usually turns it up right around this time of year, so well see and pray.

  59. SaltyBiscuits says:


    Should I start Peavy this week at home vs Dodgers? (Kuroda)

    Debating between him and his teammate Randy “Hungry Like the” Wolf. Kinda thinking I should observe Peavy in his first start off he DL before activating him.

  60. SaltyBiscuits says:

    @ wakeNbake

    I like Rios, but I hate to burst your bubble about when Rios puts up his power numbers.

    He has been a fairly consistent first half hitter since he started playing full time.

    2007: Pre All-Star 17 HRs, Post All-Star 7 HRs, April & May were best overall batting months
    2006: Pre All-Star 15 HRs, Post All-Star 2 HRs, April & May were best overall batting months

    That is why he isn’t a buy low guy for me.

  61. wakeNbake says:

    @SaltyBiscuits: I’d start him, gotta let your boys swim.. ya know. I can see why you’d be a little hesitant, but an ace like Peavy I’d send out there everytime I could. Even at 85% you gotta figure hes better than most SP, especially since hes at home I’d give him a go.

  62. wakeNbake says:

    .300 AVG/15-20HR/40SB is nice to have on your team no matter how u slice it. Just dont overpay.

  63. Chet says:

    Any guesses from the Shmohawk Gallery? (Myself included of course)

    I say that Grey has squandered, uh I mean invested his considerable Razzball wealth into a churro slash Octoberfest beer mug marshmallow peep store.

  64. SRB says:

    My guess: Grey reveals his true identity as curmudgeonly but lovable bench coach Don Zimmer.

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