Oh man. It’s bad out here guys.

Oh Jesus, what even is an oblique?!

It’s okay little buddy, relax. Nobody knows what an oblique really is. Some kind of triangle I think. But damn they love to get injured lately, huh? I mean, c’mon we’re talking dynasty here, we’ll just wait until our competitive window opens in 2025, right? WRONG! But you better be prepared, son.

Do you think it’s bad now? Wait until AA and A ball get rolling. Not to be the bearer of bad news, predicting some massive bloodbath across the league but… I’ve seen Nicky Lopez starting in shallow redraft leagues. Poor, poor souls. Please say a prayer for your local Middle Infielder. Or better yet-

Buckle up and hit that waiver wire bucko, we’ve got leagues to win!

Okay, maybe “win” was strong wording there. We’ve got a league to… compete in! That’s still fun, right guys?

Here’s a guy who might just help you stay in the game when push comes to shove:

Justin Foscue, 22 year-old out of Mississippi State University drafted 14th overall by the Rangers in the 2020 Amateur Draft is…. interesting. Putting up .321/.464/.509 in 16 games his shortened senior year, Justin Fozzy got on base a whole heck of a lot. In his time at MSU, Justin walked 67 times and struckout 57 times. That’s 10 more for my math geniuses out there. That’s pretty good!

His speed on the bags has been noted as… average on a good day but Foscue can swing the dang ol’ bat. He’s a bit out of place at 2B but hey I’ll take the eligibility if you’re going to give it to me. It’s hard out here, man. I feel very good about stashing Foscue on my bench in any dynasty league I can get him in, if Solak misses time he might just be next up. When he does hit the bigs he’ll hit some ding dongs and he’ll get on base. That’s baseball, baby! Foscue is all about floor, he’s probably not going to win you a league but he’ll sure as hell keep your pretty little head above water if he’s playing.

Dylan! Don’t you know, Dynasty is all about upside! Boring!

Dynasty is about tanking for a few years straight

Dynasty is about survival, my friend.


Not enough you greedy little thing, you? Here’s a guy you may recognize if you’re constantly trowling the trade tracker.

In 4 seasons in the minors, he hit…. get ready for this: .241/.377/.405

Did you guess it? Yeah, this is Zack Short. Oh yeah pick your jaw off the floor, this guy is a beast!

Haha just kidding, he’s possibly the most boring batter you’ve ever seen in your life. But there’s a silver lining… He’s 25 years old, acquired by the Tigers in the BLOCKBUSTER Cameron Maybin trade from the Cubs, and the Tigers could be fine slotting him in the lineup should there be one of those aforementioned injuries. How many days has Schoop spent on the IL again?  His defensive versatility on the basepaths doesn’t hurt much either, with Beacon of Truth™ himself, AJ Hinch, saying “I think he’s a big leaguer at some point, could even be this season sometime,” after he went for 4 extra bases in his 5 hits in Spring Training. Plus he had a stolen base… SAGNOF BABY!!

The 25-year-old “versatile infielder” will likely supply pedestrian numbers at best but could provide some pop off the bench for deep dynasty teams already decimated by the major league injuries at SS and 2B. You need a guy to replace the guy off the bench? You may be drawing the SHORT straw but at the end of the day, he might give you some at-bats when you truly need them. Not that they’ll be the best at-bats but have fun sorting through your free agent list at 2B/SS right now… That’s what I thought.
Stay safe out there fellas and be sure to protect your obliques, there’s clearly an evil force out there collecting bounties.