Death, taxes and Mike Trout destroying the competition. It’s comforting to know that even in the chaos of 2020 some things haven’t changed. He’s right back in the Top 3 of the two week running ISO power index. I was thinking Mike Trout was given Compound V by the Vought corporation as a baby, but it turns out he’s more like the male version of Captain Marvel, no discernible weaknesses. Uh oh, my geekness is showing, sorry about that!

So what’s very cool is that it appears the virus threw what it could at the sport and baseball has survived for another week. Love it! So we have comebacks, step ups, step backs and the Red Sox playing like the Pirates. Some Yankees are injured again, another sign that things are getting back to normal. This is a hitter listing. but have you seen Dustin May pitching this year? Unreal. Anyway, you can find last week’s list here.

Here are some of the movers for this week, followed by the list:

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