Greetings from the inter web!  I’m glad you’re all back for another amazing Wednesday slate on FanDuel.  Today is going to be a fun day full of chunky first basemen and pitchers you’re going to second guess at first.  First I want to start with my favorite stack/team of the night.  That’s going to be the Boston Red Sox.  I couldn’t decide on just one or two players to pick from Boston.  Instead I’m going to recommend everyone in the lineup (basically.)  I’ll mostly be rolling with Mookie Betts, Dustin Pedroia, Xander Bogaerts, and Chris Young.  I wouldn’t fault you for using Hanley Ramirez, Andrew Benintendi or Deven Marrero either.  Why do I like these guys so much?  Because they get to face off against Martin Perez.  He’s been really bad to start the year, and over his career in general.  Once seen as the next up and coming LHP for Texas, he’s now just another bad LHP in the MLB.  He has horrible numbers against RHBs and gives up solid power numbers against LHB.  No one is off the table for Boston today.

Now on to the picks…

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