For those of you in leagues where SP and RP are rostered positions, the below list includes all SP/RP eligible pitchers (defined as 5+ Games Started and 5+ Relief Appearances in 2013).

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Note: Filters and sorting in the table below apply to the output!

# Name GS Relief App
Andrew Cashner 26 5
Wade Davis 24 7
Hector Santiago 23 11
Tom Koehler 23 6
Lucas Harrell 22 14
Dallas Keuchel 22 9
Esmil Rogers 20 24
Joe Blanton 20 8
Alexi Ogando 18 5
Tony Cingrani 18 5
Garrett Richards 17 30
Tyson Ross 16 19
Joe Kelly 15 22
Brandon Maurer 14 8
David Phelps 12 10
Alex Wood 11 20
Tom Gorzelanny 10 33
Michael Wacha 9 6
Carlos Torres 9 24
Chad Bettis 8 8
Jeanmar Gomez 8 26
Tyler Thornburg 7 11
Donovan Hand 7 24
Wade LeBlanc 7 6
Carlos Carrasco 7 8
Jose Alvarez 6 8
Jose Alvarez 6 8
Kevin Gausman 5 15
Paul Clemens 5 30
Brett Anderson 5 11
Tanner Roark 5 9


  1. KB says:

    Wondering how well you did in NFBC last year? Starting a draft today and wanted to know if your strategy was a success.

    • i’m writing a post on this that should be up in the next week or two. quick summary is i finished 6th out of 15. the strategy was solid but overdrafted power over AVG and had some awful execution and/or luck with SP 2-4 (Sabathia, Beckett, Vogelsong).

      • KB says:

        @Rudy Gamble: Thanks! Have the 12th pick overall. Looking at either Fielder or Longoria in that spot unless someone like Jones drops a bit.

  2. centerfield ballhawk says:

    Thoughts on Kevin Gausman? Everyone raves about his stuff. Could he, and not Dylan Bundy, be the Orioles starter to target this year and next?

    • @centerfield ballhawk: Our scout guy Scott Evans has a more informed POV than me but Gausman definitely has promise. I wouldn’t want to count on Gausman much this year but I could see making him a late round pick in deep leagues and/or keeper leagues.

  3. The Thumb says:

    Yuck, none are particularly useful in SV+HLD leagues where stashing an extra reliever in your rotation could be vital. Smyly was good for that last year.

    • KB says:

      @The Thumb: Gorzellany could be good for that. He was pitching the 7th and 8th at times last year as one of the only LHP in the Brewers bullpen. Figaro could be useful too since there are plenty of questions in the Milwaukee bullpen right now. Other than that, yeah … it’s a little ugly.

      Wondering what eligibility Feliz might have in Texas. Since his last season was as a SP might have SP and earn RP not too long into the season as the setup man or perhaps eventual closer in TEX.

      • @KB: It’s hard to guess sometimes what an injured player’s position eligibility would be but I could see it being ‘SP’ given his last year in the bigs.

      • duder says:

        @KB: Played 4.2 innings at Rp. Usually for Yahoo that means he’ll be RP only this year.

  4. Al lydon says:

    Thanks Rudy for posting this. Wacha, Cashner,Cingrani,Wood, Kelly all become a little more valuable for match-ups because of the RP eligibility in my H2H Points league. Wacha and Cingrani especially and Cashner at home. Thanks again Rudy your a man of your word.

  5. brett says:

    Thanks Rudy.
    Keep an eye on Drew Smiley. RP eligible and he’s gonna rock it in the rotation this year. Any others like him come to mind?

    • @brett: RPs that are going into the rotation in 2014. No one else is really coming to mind but Smyly as Cingrani and Ogando are already on this list.

  6. Snoman says:

    In my league we roster “SP” and “RP”, it only makes a difference when a player with an SP becomes a closer. Know any players this year to watch out for this for? When you get a 3rd closer in our league because of this you basically win the saves category.

    • goodfold2 says:

      @Snoman: first half of 2 years ago i did this very thing in 18 teamer with brett myers, before he started to really suck and later got traded to WSOX.

  7. FifthCommentor says:

    nice! I will eventually take this, cross reference starting rotations, and again abuse the RP position in my league to add another starter that has much more value category wise. thanks!

  8. Obmij76 says:

    Rudy, are you going to do a post like last season where you review what systems/sites did the best in projections and rankings? That was hugely valuable going into the 2013 season.

    • Yup, just about done w/ the analysis and the Rankings post is nearly complete. Hope to have both done by end of January.

      • Obmij76 says:

        @Rudy Gamble: Awesome! Looking forward to it. Thanks for the hard work fellas!

  9. Clint says:

    So I guess the question from this becomes “Who of these relievers is making the jump to starting positions this year if any?” I’m probably jumping the blog posting gun here, though.

  10. T says:

    Are there any stud relief pitchers that you would target that qualify at sp? Im in a daily h2h league with an innings minimum, so if i could get 5-10 ip per week from a few stud relievers but use them in my sp spots when i dont have any actual starters going that would be huge. Thanks!

  11. Alex says:

    In the past, guys like D Hernandez and Matusz were huge for yahoo leagues with SP slots and holds. Do you have any ideas on SP elig guys for holds?

  12. JB_SIMMS says:

    Quick question. This is probably not the place to be, but it’s the closest I can find…

    I have traded for Bobby Parnell and Vic Black as well as LaTroy Hawkins and Rex Brothers with aspirations of getting the Closer and the setup man. (Hold/Save combo for the teams) I only plan on keeping one combination of these guys. Any thoughts on what I should do with the rumors of the Mets signing another closer (i.e. Grant Balfour)? Buy/Sell on any 4 of these guys? All of these guys? Any 2 of these guys? Thanks!

    • i think Brothers and Parnell start the year as closers. I feel a little more confident in Brothers. I’d just hold.

      • Grey

        Grey says:

        Latroy Hawkins was pegged as the closer for the Rockies…

        • over Brothers? Jeez, what are they thinking? They love them some old closers out in Colorado.

          • JB_SIMMS says:

            @Rudy Gamble: Yeah. Pretty weird I thought as well on Brothers/Hawkins. I hope Parnell can rebound after TJS. It sits now as Parnell and Hawkins as the Closers, with Black and Brothers as the “8th inning guy”. The biggest concern overall was that RotoWire had some “news” come across with the Mets offering cash to Balfour before he signed with the Rays. The Mets have gave the media 100% trust in Parnell, but it doesn’t seem so after the latest news. I guess that’s were my speculation was.

  13. JB_SIMMS says:

    Lot’s of reports coming in that the Mets are trying to sign a closer. Balfour then Rodney in back to back days. Time to unload and get another closer? We play in NL only format, so I could possibly lose him.

    • JB_SIMMS says:

      @JB_SIMMS: I currently have Parnell and Black (in my minors). Sorry… Could possibly swing a deal together for a middle tier closer. Anyways. What do you gentlemen think? Deal Parnell/Black before the let down, or just hang on?

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