Tim Alderson – SP – San Francisco Giants – AA – 6′ 6″ 220 lb – DOB 11/3/1988 – Throws Right

This young righty was drafted with the 22nd pick straight from his Arizona high school with the control of a veteran. Scouts were afraid of his quirky mechanics, and this caused him to drop much further than he should have in the 2007 draft. Picked 12 picks after Madison Bumgarner, the Giants seem to have a load of pitching crops rising through the minors. What’s more, the Giants have shown with Tim Lincecum that they aren’t worried about “weird” deliveries.

Coming out of high school Alderson’s fastball was clocked from 89-94 mph, and since joining AA, its been consistently hitting anywhere between 92-94 mph. Along with an impeccably controlled fastball, he throws a plus curve that the majority of scouts say is one of the top in the minors. Unlike his teammate Bumgarner, Alderson relies more on the curve than his fastball. Nothing to fear, he has yet to encounter any major injuries. Nevertheless, a pitcher needs at least a third pitch to be successful and typically a change-up. Tim’s change-up is still a work in progress, and he will need to master this pitch to sustain success at the remaining levels of baseball.

After a lengthy contract “dispute” he played a few games in rookie ball in 2007. In 2008, the club decided to place one of their top arms in high-A and he rose to the occasion. With a line of 13 W 4 L, 145 1/3 IP, 34 BB, 124 K, 1.08 WHIP and 2.79 ERA (7.68 K/9, 2.11 BB/9, .25 HR/9, 2.65 FIP). After essentially skipping rookie ball, that is highly impressive. Not quite the strikeout machine that Mad-Bum is, it is his control that separates him from the pack, and the lack of the long ball. Interestingly, the Giants sent him back to high A ball to start the 2009 year (with Mad-Bum). With nothing left to prove, I found out that the Giants did this to avoid the inclement weather of the northeast (their high A ball plays in the southwest). With April long gone, Alderson was promoted to AA ball and has succeed well there. His first game he k’d 10 in 6+ innings. The numbers continue to dazzle as he has k’d 24 batters in 27 innings and only has walked 1 batter!

Though Mad-Bum gets all the hype, press, and drool, look for Alderson to reach the majors after Mad-Bum in 2010. There would be a small chance that we could see him in September, but the Giants have no reason to rush either of their top pitching prospects as they aren’t going anywhere for quite some time.

Kyle Blanks – 1B – San Diego Padres – AAA – 6′ 6″ – 270 lbs – DOB 9/11/1986 – Bat/Throws – Right

Mr. Blanks has probably heard all the jokes that one can think of from his last name, but his future in a Padres uniform definitely looks rather bleak. Due to Adrian Gonzalez playing first base, Kyle Blanks has started to shag some fly balls in the outfield before games.  Kyle will need to learn to play LF, otherwise, barring a trade of either Gonzales or Blanks, he will have trouble seeing time in the majors. He has the athleticism to change positions, but he will never be an above average outfielder. In Petco, this might become a problem, but the way the Padres hit the ball they might be willing to substitute a bit of defense for any kind of offense. (Interesting factoid, if Blanks plays in the outfield, he will become the heaviest outfielder in the history of the game. Just thought you would like to know)

He is an above average hitter who is still developing some pop to his bat. I saw one blog compare him to Adam Dunn, but upon further review he would be a poor man’s Dunn. He hits for decent power and average. Look at these lines since rookie ball:

2005 Rookie .299/.420/.500 (164 AB)
2006 Low A .292/.382/.455 (308 AB)
2007 High A .301/.380/.540 (465 AB)
2008 AA .325/.404/.514 (492 AB)
2009 AAA .256/.377/.468 (203 AB)

Pretty impressive. If not for a early May slump this year’s numbers would be relatively similar to last year’s. He walks at an impressive rate, especially this year’s 14.7 BB/9, but this year his k-rate has jumped to 29.6 after last year’s all time low of 18.3. Needless to say, his power is his top attribute, but he is still hitting far more doubles than homers.  Keep on eye on the injury to Scott Hairston, or the continuing dismal Padres hitting situation because he could be called up sooner rather than latter. I expect him to be up by mid-July hitting some doubles and walking, but with an average near .275.

  1. AL KOHOLIC says:

    yeah ive heard of blanks of cousre,but as stated a gonz isnt getting traded at what hes making yet

  2. Stephen says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: I was looking for some more relevant hitters, and Blanks has started to be mentioned in call up talks. I wanted to beat most of the prominent writers to him.

  3. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Stephen: as mentioned a lot lately,the n.l has a bunch of D.H. like hitters coming threw the ranks,gamel,fox etc,it might not be very soon but one day there will probably be a D.H in the n.l

  4. Quintero says:

    Kyle Blanks! I’m so exciting, I didn’t even read it before I give birth to this meaningless post! Tight! Stephen! Tiiiiiiiiiiight!

  5. Stephen says:

    @Quintero: No problem. I just hope you were still this excited after you read the post.

  6. cws05nuts says:

    Blanks and Dayan Viciedo could sumo during a rain delay. Speaking of which… Stephen it would be nice to hear some objective banter on Viciedo someday – dubbed the “Cuban Pimp” by Ozzie. Nice writeup!

  7. Quintero says:

    Of course, especially the “heaviest outfielder in the history of the game” part. I know I would like to know that.
    It is really helpful to see how other view him. I added “Kyle Blanks” to my Google news tab long time ago…and holding myself not to add him ever since he clear wavier in a dynasty league.
    With his swing, Blanks supposes able to hit for a high average than Dunn(altho not by much. Oh and Baseball Cube only gave him 35 out 100 in contact ability…don’t know what is that coming from…)
    I would like to see his K% goes down and show more power, because after all, he is in PCL. I guess Padres must think the same way.

    Another “factoid” I would like to know is Blanks’ body fat ratio…Damn…is this what people called man-crushed?

  8. Stephen says:

    @Quintero: Yeah that is definitely man crush material. I am not sold on Blanks. AAA is proving to much for him right now. That k-rate is nasty and until he starrts hitting in AAA at a higher percentage, he might just become the next Dunn-lite – Like a Mark Reynolds/Chris Davis clone with half the K’s. He is still young, but sometimes your gut tells you more than any analysis can.

  9. Quintero says:

    @Stephen: Yeah, he needs to improve on reading pitches to handle AAA, and, overlook his build, the minor leauge ISO between his and Dunn’s is very huge, while Dunn was getting 100 free pass one time in a minor season.
    I also agree with you on the gut feeling, tho. If he get called, I will surely give him a good look.

  10. Quintero says:

    @Stephen: Oh, and Aaron Poreda got called up. Will you do a post after prospect already got the call? hehe. Anyway, keep up the good work. Looking forward to the next issue.

  11. Stephen says:

    @Quintero: I think the key word is “look” and I will be watching him on another person’s team. I feel like he will be a decent MLB player, but not right away.

  12. JR says:

    @Stephen: Who is the current record-holder for fattest outfielder?

  13. cws05nuts says:

    @Quintero: @Stephen: Poreda = has the cheese with control problems. Hopefully it works out. I think they are showing him off for a future move. Or maybe just hoping they use him or Clayton to get another bat. But, he also might be here to stay because I think Bartolo has been shown the permanent exit.

  14. Teef says:

    2 things – 1. Quentin out till after the allstear break – tore a tendon in his foot.

    2. would you trade Theriot/Hoffman for Pedrioa? I can’t really see all that much more that Ped offers over Theriot – especially if he continues to have one of those fluke power years ala Perdoia ’08

  15. Billy says:

    Trade Advice Please…

    I give McCuthen and Chris R Young and I get Edwin Jackson and Drew…


  16. cws05nuts says:

    @Billy: Sounds pretty good.

  17. Span left Tuesday’s game against the A’s with dizziness and will be sent home to get examined, the Associated Press reports.
    Spin: This is the second time in a week that this issue has come up. At best, he’ll be out until Friday. “He’s going to go get checked out,” Twins’ manager Ron Gardenhire said. “He had that dizzy spell that he had when we were home. He said he’s really not feeling good at all.”

    Its bloody contangious.

  18. Quentin damn…Such a promising start too.

  19. Billy says:

    sorry its JD Drew..

  20. paulzone says:

    who’s my best option for saves right now?

    gonzalez, cj wilson, choate, or anyone else i may be missing


  21. Stephen says:

    @JR: Frank Howard

    @Teef: I am not sold on Pedrioa, but if the owner bits I like the Pedrioa side more.

    @Billy: I like the E-Jax and Drew side. That would be a great trade. Even after reading that it’s JD. McCutchen will not hit like this all year.

    @Elijah: Next thing we know, he is having dizzy spells because he has a social anxiety disorder.

    @paulzone: On that list, the exact order you have.

  22. jbatkins says:

    @royce!: Man, Cecil had a HUGE ass.

  23. jbatkins says:

    So I said earlier that I have to cut loose one of four: T. Hanson, C. Volstad, G. Meche, J. Danks. And the consensus was Danks or Meche. But now with Volstad getting rocked and Danks and Meche tossing gems, is Volstad the guy I cut loose? Or do I just close my eyes and hope his FIP-ERA differential (almost 1.00) is going to maintain itself?

  24. Jorge Cantu left Wednesday’s night’s game in the sixth inning with dizziness.

    Contagious! WTF Mate!

  25. Stephen says:

    @Elijah: It must be in the bats.

    @jbatkins: Well, there is always a possibility that Volstad pitches to that, but average pitchers get rocked every once in a while. I’d drop Volstad, but don’t get angry if he pitches well in his next outing.

  26. joe says:

    I was just offered Mauer/Kinsler for Phillips/Halladay… soto is my current catcher, but he’s sucking it up so maybe mauer would be the solution. what do you think of the trade?

  27. Griff says:


  28. Rob says:

    i was just offered furcal for e. santana. I have drew at ss, but maybe having furcal as a backup until he starts hitting might be a good idea.

    any thoughts on this trade?



  29. Grey

    Grey says:

    @joe: It’s even, but I wouldn’t do it. Phillips to Kinsler is slight advantage you, but Halladay’s a horse. Can you afford to lose him?

    @Rob: I’d take Furcal there.

  30. Rob says:

    thanks again Grey. Love the column. cant believe I only found your site this off-season.


  31. Quintero says:

    @Stephen: @cws05nuts: I guess I have to join the “look” party then…

    @royce!: Great stuff! Food-related injuries!

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