On this high holy season of fireworks and excessive drinking, it all unfortunately comes to an end on a Monday.  Today.  July 5th shouldn’t be a day of the hangover and partial powder burns…  So in honor of our noble sacrifice, let’s touch on some chaps that have some steal value.  We will attack it slow so you can read this, and in between flip the burgers and dogs on the grill.  The steals game is slowing down.  Look at the numbers we expected from guys this year based off last years stats.  Guys like Rizzo, and Goldy, and even Ryan Braun all down.  The expectations across the board have to be lowered.  It should be lowered enough that we open the window and chuck it out that same window.  Unfortunately, we can’t, because counting stats are counting stats and it is still a whole category which we must choose to score points in.  The days of steals being a reliable category are long gone.  The “punt a position” for SB’s is a mythical lore of the whole Pegasus persuasion.  It exists only because we remember the days that it actually happened.  The weekly guys for the leaders in the category read like an extra list for a CSI episode, it is not fun, but we get drawn into the allure of the chase.  The chase is fun, the end result is just a let down like an aerial photo of your upcoming date from Tinder.  So here is the week ahead, behind and below SAGNOF targets and guys that are contributing for their teams that will make you give a second look if chasing that SB fix.  Cheers!

Oswaldo Arcia – Picked up by the Rays, because of course.  Tampa is the reclamation project where failed things go to rehash what they were.  It has got to be the water.  He should get the look over Guyer and Souza, but with the holiday, I can get it if Souza gets a look.  All he has done is gone 9-25 with a OBP near 4 bills.  If he gets the regular at bats for the potential he showed as a Twins spec, then he is worth a look in some leagues.

Devon Travis – Just given the potential of the Jays line-up, he should be on most peeps rosters.  The middle infidel position is littered with similar guys, but his runs given is a boost.  He is the starter at second, sorry goes to the Ryan Gouns family that read this blog.  Two steals in his last seven, as he is finally getting his hitting legs under him.  Expect more and add now if available.

Adam Frazier – He has the feet and knowledge to be a good base stealer, just not a great one.  Regardless, he is making the most of the utility role he has been given.  I mean, it’s Jordy freaking Mercer he is spelling.  17 steals in minors this year before his promotion, and him adding three in his past seven games means that he’s a weapon, just in a deeper league format.  Until he gets a more viable role via injury or continuous prosperity.

Adam Ottavino – Is nearing a return from T.J. last season.  Charlie is still the cat in the high seat for the Rockies, and McGee is saying “what about me?”.  Adam was and had the goods, but the return to form won’t be instantaneous.  Command will be a thing to watch, and if and when they trade McGee, will be the other indicator.




  1. Knucks says:

    Pick one for deep-ish league stash for 2nd half saves…

    Watson/ DHudson / Maurecio Cabrera

    • Knucks says:

      @Knucks: scratch that, pick 3…

      TWatson/ R Iglesasis / E Diaz/ DHudson/ MCabrera

      Thanks Smoke

      • Knucks says:

        @Knucks: Add Bedrosian to the list. Last addition I swear!

        • Smokey

          Smokey says:

          @Knucks: Watson, Iglesias and Diaz

  2. knucks says:

    Don’t think I saw another article anywhere, surprised I’m the only one firing Closer Q’s your way.

    Would you prefer to hold MCabrera or Benoit right now for future saves?

    I already own EDiaz for K/9. You think Cishek is gonna struggle through the break and after? Also read that SEA could buy some RP help at the deadline.

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