My draft season is over and two long-ass draft posts (LABR, Tout Wars) feels sufficient. So to cover my other 6 drafts (not including my RCL where I ended up with an auto-draft because I blanked) and summarize my draft season as a whole, I put together the below chart. I imagine I will be linking to this post either to gloat or mourn after the season ends (or mourn certain picks yet gloat because I out-managed my leaguemates in season because of our awesome yet affordable season-long tools).

***Tools update – Projections have been run for the first couple of games. You can see all the pitchers in Streamonator and all 3/28 hitters under Hittertron Tomorrow (points league variant available too!). Will shift all days forward so 3/28 is ‘Today’ sometime tonight. Tentative plan is to run the first ‘Next Week’ projections on Saturday night/Sunday morning.***

Here are the leagues I am participating in:

  • NFBC Auction – 15-team mixed, $1400/team auction held in NYC (w/ co-manager)
  • NFBC Main Event – 15-team mixed, $1500/team snake draft held in NYC (w/ co-manager)
  • NFBC Draft Champions – 15-team mixed, $150/team slow snake draft and hold w/ 50 rounds
  • NFBC Cutline – 10-team mixed, $150/team slow snake draft best ball (points) w/ 42 rounds
  • Fantrax Bestball – 12-team mixed,  $50/team slow snake draft best ball (points) w/ 40 rounds
  • Tout Wars – 15-team mixed snake, 5×5 OBP industry draft.
  • LABR – 15 team mixed snake, standard 5×5
  • TGFBI – 15 team mixed snake, standard 5×5
  • Yahoo Friends & Family – 15 team mixed snake, standard 5×5


  • This year was interesting in that my mid-February LABR draft is typically my most unique draft as my player preferences evolve throughout the preseason. Not the case this year. Of the 8 players I took in 4+ drafts, 7 of them were on my LABR squad and the sole omission (Andrew McCutchen) was on my post-draft regret list. I chalk this up to more efficient preparation than in past years and many of these players still going at reasonable values by end of draft season.
  • I only included players taken in the first 28-30 rounds for the 40-50 round drafts.
  • As you can tell, I prefer 15-team mixed. It allows me to leverage the Razzball tools to make start/sit decisions and prioritize free agents (usually through weekly FAAB) but the player pool is shallow enough to disincent massive roster churn like in 10/12-team.
  • This was the third year I had an NFBC Main Event team but the first time I drafted in person. This is by far our favorite team we drafted. I think being in the same room as my co-manager and having a firmer draft plan really helped.
  • This was my first year drafting an NFBC Auction team and my first mixed league auction in recent memory. Felt surprisingly comfortable. The team does not look much different than one I would snake draft (neither Stars/Scrubs or super value). Here is a pic of the team with bids.
  • This is also the first year I’ve done MLB best ball (both an NFBC Cutline and Fantrax). My strategy was not much different than my Draft Champions strategy (build a well-balanced team and a shit-ton of SPs) except the points format tends to deprioritize SAGNOFs. We shall see.
  • I probably covered my feelings on most of these players in the LABR or Tout Wars write-ups but feel free to ping me on any of these players in the comments.

  1. johnnyhobbes says:

    You have alot of Kyle Gibson. Are you high on Gibson because if value realtive to availability so late / for so little capital? Or do you see some thing more, I’m in a twelve teamer with this guy not drafted.l, should be on a team? Drop luzardo for him?

    Same question for Adam Frazier…


    • They are value plays. I have them at close to replacement-level players for 12-team.

  2. Andy says:

    That’s a lot of Kendrys. I am worried about his playing time. How do you feel about him vs Yonder Alonso in Ann OBP league? Thanks!

    • kendrys has been free at my drafts. not too worried on playing time to start the year but will drop him if you are right.

  3. umlriverhawk555 says:

    Only see one share of Mike Trout and Mookie Betts. How worried are you for them this season?

    On a serious note, do you expect a big season from Stanton and a guy to target around the 10th-12th pick? Have a big money points league where I think he’d be a perfect snag in that range, and then a standard 12-team roto where I feel that I can get him earlier in the 2nd round instead.

    • ha! fade trout and betts – especially if i pick 3rd in your league!

      i’ve gone DeGrom/Stanton in my two leagues where I’ve chosen 10th-12th.

      • umlriverhawk555 says:

        That’s the start I’ve been hoping for with the turn pick, thank you! Keep up the amazing work

  4. packers2018 says:

    I love the NFBC cutline contest. Only 2 FAAB periods and just set back and watch.
    Do you have a particular draft strategy going into the draft?
    Multi positional players break ties for me, and I tend not to worry about closers. 17 or so pitchers and the rest bats.
    Just curious how you approach a best ball contest/league.

    • this was grey and i’s first time drafting cutline (we each drafted teams). i did go heavy on multi-position guys including an aggressive pick of Asdrubal Cabrera above ADP.

      i ended up with 21 hitters and 21 pitchers which i think was too light on hitters despite having lots of redundancies. and that team has olson so may need to grab reinforcements in FAAB. grey is closer to 24 hitters/18 pitchers which seems better.

  5. Matty says:

    No shares of Rizzo, Bryant, or Baez; is that just how things broke or do you value the Cubs guys a little less than the average bear?

    • i had Rizzo and Bryant on 3rd round consideration lists. just never broke that way. more bryant than rizzo b/c i punted 1B all over this year.

  6. True and Correct says:

    Am I missing something with Adam Frazier ? Very little speed. Would you drop Yolmer (my last pick in NFBC (12 team OLC) for Frazier ? Thanks.

  7. Brett says:

    Rudy when does the article with all the writers picks ie bust come out? Thanks

    • like Cy Young, MVP stuff? if so, that’s going out soon.

  8. Jj says:

    What are you hoping for with Frazier-280-15-70-50-10 or do you think more?

    • Jj says:

      Never mind
      See you already answered this

  9. Jj says:

    What’s the thinking behind punting 1st base?

    • ryan zimmerman was free and i didn’t think anyone beyond top 10 rounds was really that much better. grabbed a couple of bauers shares whom i liked as 1B/OF type.

      also feel like there will be early waiver options through attrition (one of them prolly matt adams after zimmerman gets hurt!)

  10. Darrell Lester says:

    Razzball/Steamer ranks love Nelson Cruz ($26, 25th overall in ESPN standard 12 team ranks) but you only picked him once. I use those rankings during most of my drafts and often he was the highest still remaining. Did you purposefully avoid him even though the numbers point to value anywhere past the third round?

    • it’s a weird one for sure. i did get him in one league (Yahoo F&F) which, not coincidentally, has two UTIL slots. there were guys that i was targeting in the rounds where Cruz comes of the board – particularly Daniel Murphy. i also share the general unease with those projections given his age and dislike tying up UTIL that early in drafts.

  11. Ritchie Rich says:

    Hey Rudy… I’m curious about your thoughts on a trade… Very competitive keeper league that uses OBP instead of AVG and SLG instead of HR.

    Give: Lindor, Pick 8, Pick 12 (after 70 were kept)
    Get: Freeman, JD, Spring, Corbin


    • it seems like a great trade for you.

  12. AKA says:

    Take it to mean you’re a fan of Hamels, Ray, and Lucchessi at least at their likely prices? What order would you rank those 3 in an NL Only auction? Big price gap between them, or are they close to even?

  13. Jeff P says:

    I see that you have 0 Buxton shares. Not buying his hot spring?

    • i don’t pay much attention to spring. i’ve got him mostly hitting 9th this year and prefer the values on other speed plays – both pricier (like Robles), cheaper (Kiermaier), or similar (Hampson). we shall see. he’s certainly got potential to go off.

      • Jeff P says:

        Makes sense. I am targeting him a lot in best ball, where I don’t have to worry that I’ll miss out on a 3 hr or 4 steal day after a 1 for 23 week.

  14. mushi says:

    Hi Rudy,

    Would you trade Clevinger to get Murphy? I need a good bat in a 20 team h2h league.


    • yes. that’s a no-brainer in my formats. yours makes me pause just a second because SPs must go at a premium. but i’d still think yes.

  15. bill says:

    It might be an interesting and fun read to write about your experiences in the draft room in NYC.

    • in concept it would. being totally honest…it was cool…but it wasn’t really different than drafting online for me aside from having a co-manager next to me. i’ve drafted enough and have the war room set up in such a way that it made for very straightforward drafting with only some minor hiccups in the ME b/c I had a slightly tougher time tracking picked players. it’s one think being snaked on a player you like…it’s another thing when he was chosen 5 picks before and you missed it! :)

  16. otisP says:

    I have been offered Benintendi and Clevinger for Vlad Jr. This is a dynasty 5×5 league. Would you take the two very solid players or hold on to the high risk/very high reward Vlad? I need SBs and Ks so the offer helps me, at least for this year. Vlad’s upside has me thinking of declining the offer. Thoughts?

    • keeper values are not my bag. i tend to play for today so prefer Benintendi/Clevinger but I can see the other side.

  17. Crime dog says:

    This could be an ignorant question but is there somewhere that catalogs these expert leagues and who’s in them and what the drafts were? I know I’ve seen numerous different tout war leagues which from my understanding are expert leagues. Are they invite only? Are there prerequisites? What’s the scoop on them and how many are there? More curious than anything. I see various write-ups all over the FB world about expert tout war drafts but am having trouble understanding how many are out there, who’s in them, and how league members are selected.

  18. Art Vandelay says:

    Hey Rudy, I have two questions, one strategic and one technical.
    1. Do you draft using the $ values in your pre-season player rater or do you have a proprietary set of rankings that deviates from the spreadsheet? Just curious whether you are super regimented in following what your model projects versus using some subjective/anecdotal insight?

    2. I can’t figure out how to clear the Razzball war room. I did a mock draft using it but now when I go back in to try to use it again, I still see all the players I previously drafted and can’t obviously figure out how to reset it so I can use it again. Am I missing something?


    • 1) Predominantly the player rater. but I do have certain roster construction and category balancing preferences.

      2) Question for Grey. I don’t manage the free War Room (it’s the only tool that isn’t mine). Comment in one of Grey’s posts.

      • Art Vandelay says:

        Thanks Rudy, and thanks for all the work you do. RCL draft tonight, so hopefully the prep will pay off.

  19. Chris says:

    Hi. Is the buy sell tool not up yet? Thnx!s!

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