Happy 4th of July week Razzball Commenter Leaguers!  This week not only marks the birthday of our fine U.S. of A., but more importantly, marks the halfway point of the fantasy baseball season!  We just finished ~13 weeks and there are ~13 weeks remaining. While we typically use the All Star Break to mark the halfway point, this week is the real deal.  If you were exactly on pace with your innings pitched, you would have 700 on the button. You can use that as a nice gauge to see if you need to be streaming your buns off the next 13 weeks or if you can chill out a bit and wait for the choice match-ups.  This week, in addition to the weekly leaders we will take a look at our halfway point leaders. It will be a quick shoutout to those teams that have started hot in each of the roto categories. Obviously, our team of the halfway point is the leader of our Master Standings.  Who might that be you ask? It might not be who you think. Let’s take a look at that and the rest of the week that was week 13 in the Razzball Commenter Leagues:


Each week we’ll peek in at our resident ‘perts to see who is laying claim to best “expert” RCLer in the land.  We’ll take notes, check the standings and generally stalk them.  The heading is also hyperlink, so feel free to follow along as we go.

I barely hung onto first place for a second week, but this week, I’m sharing it with B_Don.  Technically, I’m still in first since FanTrax calculates in the tiebreakers when it makes up the standings page.  Isn’t that handy!? That’s something ESPN couldn’t handle. The first tiebreaker we look to, in case you are wondering, is “Ahead in more scoring categories”.  Still, it was a great week for B_Don who soars up the standings, gaining 13.5 points and moving from seventh to second. That’s an impressive jump. B_Don led the league in Runs (60), average (.361), Wins (6), and strikeouts (82) this week.

The league is silly close, with only eleven points separating first and seventh right now.  This really is anyone’s game at this point. Expect a lot of lead changes over the coming weeks.

On the not so good side of things we had Pert-Wan dropping seven points this week and Ralph losing ground in the standings, falling three spots to fifth.

TOP 10

For those too lazy to check the MASTER STANDINGS, I present to you, the current top 10

1 MattTruss223 DFSers Anonymous 113.4 105.5 107 110.2
2 Fat Fuckin’ Babies RCL 2019 (#57) 113.2 109 104 111
3 UpNorth RCL 2019 (#65) 109.3 104.5 105 106.7
4 Licketty Splits RCL 2019 (#52) 107.1 100 108 102.1
5 The Hippos ECFBL 106.8 100.5 105 105
6 Team mcafeeeee RCL 2019 (#17) 106.2 107.5 102 101.8
7 J&G RCL 2019 (#9) 103.5 108 98 102.4
8 The Cherry Stones RCL 2019 (#19) 102.9 100.5 103 100.5
9 Squat Cobblers 2 RCL 2019 (#14) 102.9 105.5 100 100.7
10 Team razzkai RCL 2019 (#19) 102.3 99.5 103 100.2

New leader alert!  I barely squeaked by the Fat Fuckin Babies this week by a mere 0.2 points to claim first place overall.  We’ll see if it can hold up. Also, here seems like as good a place as any, but a manager in RCL #57 has deleted themselves from one of the teams.  The team was in second at the time, now sits in fifth and needs a replacement owner. This isn’t like the manager stopped setting a lineup and is a deadbeat, this is like, there is no owner of the team at all, just blank.  So, if you want a shot at the RCL #2 overall team, let me know in the comments and we can get you in there.

UpNorth and Licketty Splits remain in third and fourth, respectively and my ECFBL team moves into fifth place.

Team mcafeeeee falls one spot this week to sixth and J&G moves up three places to seventh.

The Cherry Stones debut in the top ten this week, checking in at eighth place while the Squat Cobblers 2 stay in ninth for another week.

Rounding things out, we have Team razzkai jumping into the top ten for the first time this week after reaching 13th last week.


All the trades that have gone down in the past week.  Public ridicule is not only allowed, but encouraged.

6/25/2019 RCL #57
Fat Fuckin’ Babies traded C.J. Cron & Didi Gregorius to All Rise for Max Muncy
6/26/2019 ECFBL
Creative Chaos traded Juan Soto to Johnny Utahs for Blake Snell
6/26/2019 ECFBL
Johnny Utahs traded Zack Wheeler to Vegans for Carlos Santana
6/27/2019 RCL #4
Confortobly Numb traded Anthony Rendon to Ben in 10D for Cole Hamels
6/27/2019 RCL #20
Team Dealthegame traded Rafael Devers & Felipe Vazquez to Team Jbmwlgraphs46 for Jason Heyward & Austin Riley
6/27/2019 RCL #57
Fat Fuckin’ Babies traded Zac Gallen to Hoagie Mouth for Jose Leclerc
6/28/2019 Crab Army
Yusei he’s just a friend traded James Paxton & Mike Minor to CA Majordomo for Charlie Blackmon & Mike Moustakas
6/28/2019 RCL #23
Team Roadkillers traded Jack Flaherty to Team StlPerfectos for Eddie Rosario
6/28/2019 NOTLZ
Love My IPAs & ERAs traded Max Scherzer to Backyard Baseball for Freddie Freeman
6/28/2019 RCL #54
Rocket City Trash Pandas traded Lorenzo Cain to Team Wass for Jorge Polanco
6/28/2019 NOTLZ
Love My IPAs & ERAs traded Jose Berrios to Howie Kendricks for Manny Machado
6/29/2019 RCL #64
Trussell Shuffle traded Fernando Tatis Jr. to Team Silence14617 for Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
6/29/2019 RCL #3
Pousse-Pousse Drivers traded Jose Abreu to High Priest Vatican Assassin Warlocks for Bryce Harper
6/30/2019 RCL #66
The Sneetches traded Manny Machado to Two Hole Hitter for Paul Goldschmidt & Wil Myers

As slow as trading was last week, you all made up for it this week with 14 trades busting out.  Our former RCL leader, FFB did some work this week swapping CJ Cron and Zac Gallen for Didi Gregorius and Jose Leclerc in separate deals.  Nothing major stands out this week, but I’d trade Jose Abreu for Bryce Harper everywhere I could. Nice!


The best of the best from the week that was.

R – 69 – Sauceman’s Sluggers II (RCL 2019 (#37))

HR –26 – 4 Teams Tied

RBIs – 78 – Another Day in Paradise (RCL 2019 (#21))

SB – 14 – Team Stop Short (RCL 2019 (#20))

AVG – .372 – Team coachdalmore (RCL 2019 (#12))

K – 104 – Shrimp Shack Shooters (RCL 2019 (#66))

W – 10 – Team Dalmore (RCL 2019 (#31)) & Acuna Moncada (RCL 2019 (#46))

SV –  10 – 3 Teams Tied

ERA (Min. 40 IP) – 1.53 – iowa yanks 4 (RCL 2019 (#25)) (in 47 IP)

WHIP (Min. 40 IP) – 0.754 – Team rudygamble (RCL 2019 (#1)) (in 61 IP)

No records were broken this week, but we did tie the steals and wins mark.  We now have a four team tie for the stolen base lead and three team tie for the wins lead.  We need someone to break those, please and thank you. Look, there’s Rudy leading the RCLs in WHIP this week!  We haven’t talked much about Rudy’s team this year. He’s quietly leading RCL #1 and sits in 52nd overall. Nice work Rudy!


The best of the best from the year that has been thus far.

R – 727 – Backdoor Sliders (Frequent Commenters League)

HR – 238 – Uno Mas Cerveza (RCL 2019 (#15))

RBIs – 690 – 1992 City Champs (RCL 2019 (#45))

SB – 112 – Team Stop Short (RCL 2019 (#20))

AVG – .292 – Man With The Golden Glove (RCL 2019 (#16))

K – 999 – @Roto_Chris (RCL 2019 (#19))

W – 77 – Rocket City Trash Pandas (RCL 2019 (#54))

SV –  103 – The Brown Horse (RCL 2019 (#60))

ERA (Min. 520 IP) – 2.83 – The Seven-Year Yelich (RCL 2019 (#17)) (in 696 IP)

WHIP (Min. 520 IP) – 1.017 – Bad as Can (RCL 2019 (#13)) (in 680 IP)

For some reference of how this season is going, we are up 72 Runs, 33 HRs and 0.36 ERA from last year’s halfway leaders.  We are down 9 saves and only up 1 strikeout, which surprised me.  Congrats to our halfway leaders!


Our weekly shout out to the team that killed it the previous week.


League: DFSers Anonymous

Stats:   AVG: .321, R: 62, HR: 19, RBI: 49, SB: 8

IP: 70.2, ERA: 2.67, WHIP: 1.118, K: 78, W: 7, SV: 3

Summary: Fantasy Icon put up a heck of a week in one of the toughest RCLs so far this year.  The result? They jumped from 107th to 41st in the overall standings and gained 6.5 league points, pushing them into second place, behind only the RCL overall leader.  Not a bad week I’d say! David Dahl’s four homers and 14 RBIs led the offense while Madison Bumgarner and Gerrit Cole led the way on the pitching side. Nice work Fantasy Icon!

Want to be Matt’s Twitter pal?  That’s kinda creepy, but you can follow him here: @MattTruss

  1. Hater Bell

    Grey Albright says:

    Our league is going to come down to who can avoid the most ratio blowups… It’s insane, I’m in 1st when my SPs do well, then I throw Adbert and I fall two spots

    • Cram It says:

      There’s so many points for me to again on the pitching side and I…just…can’t…do it.

      • Grey

        Grey says:

        Ha! I know!

        • Grey

          Grey says:

          I’m afraid to start everyone

          • Cram It says:

            Yup, I’m just gonna throw sh*t at the wall and hope it sticks from here on out.

            • Grey

              Grey says:

              Haha, yup

    • MattTruss

      MattTruss says:

      Yea, I find it’s like that in most of my leagues this year. Everyone right around a 3.80 ERA and one bad day sinks you. Then you spend three weeks getting back only to have another blow up!

      • Grey

        Grey says:

        Ha, yup!

  2. Michael Regan says:

    Rendon for Hamels?

    • MattTruss

      MattTruss says:

      Yea…that was a bad one. There were so many I overlooked it, but that’s not great…

  3. Matty says:

    Worth noting- Rudy’s team was autodrafted, so he’s been slowly dismantling us in RCL without the benefit of starting with the guys he wanted.

    • Matty says:

      Should be “RCL #1”

    • MattTruss

      MattTruss says:

      Yea, he’s not bad at this game, haha

  4. B_Don

    B_Don says:

    We need more games in London, but only for my hitters.

  5. The Great Knoche says:

    I can grab the team without a manager if you want.

    • Mouth of Babies says:

      The Babies are staring out at you from their freshly-filled butter tub as if to say, “Welcome. Join us in our soon-to-be-liquid lipid luxury. Don’t ask who fills the butter tub. Drink the bathing butter when it melts. But not too much. And enjoy Keston Hiura- a Butter Baby through and through.”

    • MattTruss

      MattTruss says:

      Done, I’ll get you an invite

      • MattTruss

        MattTruss says:

        Invite sent!

  6. FANTASY ICON says:

    Wow didn’t realize I had that good of a week. My 2nd team of the week and im still 20 points behind you. I’m hoping that my trade for Judge pays off in the 2nd half.

    • MattTruss

      MattTruss says:

      Oh wow, I didn’t realize you had done it twice! Dang, that’s impressive.

      That Yelich/Bellinger combo has been pretty insane. Wish I drafted those two everywhere!

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