I hope everyone was able to enjoy a nice long weekend.  As I mentioned Saturday, I wasn’t really in a flag-waving mood after recent events and the events of Monday in Highland Park did nothing to help matters.  My family was able to at least enjoy a cookout with my parents, grandparents, and my little sister’s family followed by a hike and some time with friends.  I’m writing this late Monday and really not looking forward to heading back into work in the morning.  For this week, I thought I would look into the biggest move-makers in the RCLs.  I noticed FFB was creeping up on my top two teams and saw they had made over 150 more moves than my top team.  That’s substantial.  FFB’s 266 is not the most moves in the RCL universe, however:

Rmuzz55 RCL 2022 (#12) 78.8 311
Vin Moves In RCL 2022 (#8) 82.3 284
Scoboticus 2 RCL 2022 (#17) 94 276
Fat Fuckin’ Babies Cougs R Us 107 266
Backdoor Cutters Night of the Living Zombinos 65.6 261
No one cares about the Witts RCL 2022 (#21) 86.7 260
Vin Original Original Recipe 72.8 260
Scoboticus RCL 2022 (#5) 102.3 257
Vin 17 RCL 2022 (#17) 63.7 249
Cleats Boyardee Night of the Living Zombinos 64.2 247

That honor belongs to Rmuzz55 of RCL #12 with 311!  FFB actually ranks fourth.  Vin knows what’s up and has three teams in the top ten and Scoboticus has two in the top ten, one of which is in the top ten in the Master Standings as well.  As for the leagues, well, COUGS R US (FFB’s league) is running away with it:

Cougs R Us 1728
Night of the Living Zombinos 1365
RCL 2022 (#17) 1244
RCL 2022 (#26) 1134
ECFBL 1005
RCL 2022 (#39) 945
RCL 2022 (#21) 900
Original Recipe 858
RCL 2022 (#43) 842
RCL 2022 (#8) 799

Almost 400 more moves than NOTLZ.  ECFBL makes an appearance here and it won’t surprise me if these are the top three LCI leagues at the end of the season.  This makes me nervous for my top teams as ‘Perts and DFSers could be hurt in the LCI department late, especially if teams not making moves don’t hit the IP limit.  Being ahead now is well and good, but it only matters if you’re leading in week 26.  Here’s the rest of the data from the week that was, week 12:



Each week we’ll peek in at our resident ‘perts to see who is laying claim to best “expert” RCLer in the land.  We’ll take notes, check the standings and generally stalk them.  The heading is also hyperlink, so feel free to follow along as we go.

Coolwhip and Cram It swapped spots this week as Whip lost two places and Crammy gained two.  Likewise, Grey and Malamoney swapped spots with Malamoney rising and Grey falling.  I hung onto the top spot despite losing two points.  Cram It was the biggest points earner this week, gaining 8.5 with their big jump.  Coolwhip was the big loser, dropping 6.5 points as he went the other way.  Cram led the league in Runs, RBIs, and steals this week while co-leading in wins.  Laura had a phenomenal pitching week, throwing 74.2 IP and earning a 2.17 ERA and 0.964 WHIP while collecting 93 strikeouts.  My DFSers team is battling for the top RCL ERA with Laura and she took the lead by 0.01 with this performance.



Each week we’ll also take a look at the top ten overall standings in our other Razzball sponsored league, the RazzSlam.  This is our NFBC Best Ball league with managers from all across the industry, from content providers to fans and readers just like you.

We’ve got about a week until the first playoff round starts, so this is the week you’ve got to get into the top three in your league.  Not that you have any control over that at this point outside of cheerleading your squad.  Mine just fell four points out of third this week, so I’m really rooting for Seiya Suzuki to have a bonkers return so I can make the playoffs.  The following won’t have anything to worry about including Zach and Nate who continue to anchor Razzball spots in the top ten overall:

The Squat Cobblers and Tindor made big jumps this week with the Cobblers leading the RazzSlam in points this week with 702 and Tindor making the biggest jump, moving up 40 spots.

TOP 10

For those too lazy to check the MASTER STANDINGS, I present to you, the current top 10

1 MattTruss PERTS LEAGUE 109.4 106 101 111.6
2 MattTruss223 DFSers Anonymous 107.1 101 104 107.4
3 Fat Fuckin’ Babies Cougs R Us 107 98.5 108 103.9
4 stechsjj RCL 2022 (#35) 105.4 104.5 101 104.5
5 DonkeyCorns RCL 2022 (#6) 105.1 109 96 108.5
6 Scoboticus RCL 2022 (#5) 102.3 103 101 100.4
7 MattTruss RCL 2022 (#37) 102.1 101 102 101
8 Fred Garvin MP Cougs R Us 100.8 92 108 98.9
9 Son PERTS LEAGUE 97.5 95 101 98.9
10 AllRice RCL 2022 (#42) 97.2 96.5 100 97.9

My two teams held the line this week and FFB moved into third, followed by stechsjj as Donkeycorns slipped to fifth.

Scoboticus remains in sixth this week as my RCL #37 team had a good week and pushed from 13th to seventh.

Fred Garvin MP falls one spot to eighth as Son moves up one spot to ninth making from for AllRice to sneak into tenth overall, up from 31st last week, what a jump!



All the trades that have gone down in the past week.  Public ridicule is not only allowed, but encouraged.

6/28/2022 Cougs R Us
Fat Fuckin’ Babies traded Edward Olivares to Athletically Unathletic for DJ LeMahieu
6/28/2022 Cougs R Us
Athletically Unathletic traded Nolan Gorman to Fat Fuckin’ Babies for Alex Verdugo
7/1/2022 RCL #26
Young Guns traded Starling Marte to mdubs for Cristian Javier
7/1/2022 RCL #17
Fantrax, please don’t crash today traded Alex Kirilloff & Randy Arozarena to TT Is The Way for Michael Kopech & Corey Seager
7/1/2022 RCL #22
ChangeOfPace traded Gerrit Cole to Finkelstein Ballers for Nolan Arenado

The most active league also made two trades this week as Athletically Unathletic and FFB just couldn’t get it all done in one deal.  I really like the deal for FFB though, dealing Olivares and his inconsistent playing time and Verdugo and his ‘meh’ play for Nolan Gorman and DJ Lemaheiu.  My odds of catching FFB in Cougs just got slimmer.



The best of the best from the week that was.

R – 63 – Fat Fuckin’ Babies (Cougs R Us)

HR –23 – Jersey Pine 2 (RCL 2022 (#35))

RBIs – 62 – Bartilotta (Writers League)

SB – 15 – The Highlanders (RCL 2022 (#6))

AVG – .350 – clate (RCL 2022 (#11))

K – 120 – Seiyantists (RCL 2022 (#10))

W – 9 – 6 Teams Tied

SV –  11 – Greetings from the Humungus (RCL 2022 (#9)) & Lucky Bucky (RCL 2022 (#30))

ERA (Min. 40 IP) – 1.13 – Finkelstein Ballers (RCL 2022 (#10)) (in 55.2 IP)

WHIP (Min. 40 IP) – 0.745 – Satchel Rages (Night of the Living Zombinos) (in 52.1 IP)

One week after setting a new strikeout record, we break it again with a 120 from Seiyantists



Our weekly shout out to the team that killed it the previous week.

Team: Seiyantists

League: RCL 2022 (#10)

Stats:   AVG: .231, R: 52, HR: 20, RBI: 61, SB: 9

IP: 117, ERA: 3.23, WHIP: 1.299, K: 120, W: 9, SV: 5

Summary: Whenever I see a team with a ton of IP top the TOW charts I always get a little nervous and I have knocked teams for crap hitting when that’s happened in the past.  This week though, Seiyantists really had some nice hitting numbers to go along with all those innings.  The average could be higher and the WHIP could be a little lower, but all in all, it’s a pretty great week. Parades, Reynolds, and Stanton all had three dingers for Seiyanists and Brandon Woodruff came off the IL to dominate for 11 of those 117 innings.  The fine week moved Seiyanists up from 48th to 25th overall.

Want to be Matt’s Twitter pal?  That’s kinda creepy, but you can follow him here: @MattTruss

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Fred Garvin MP
Fred Garvin MP
1 month ago

Hey Truss, I accidentally dropped Jordan Romano in the Cougs R Us league. I meant to drop Rafael Montero. Is there any way you can correct this? Thanks.

Fred Garvin MP
Fred Garvin MP
Reply to  MattTruss
1 month ago

Thanks! There is nothing like the “oh sh*t” moment where you realize you clicked the wrong player.

1 month ago

Thanks, everyone! Great info as usual.

1 month ago

Laura has had uniformly superb pitching from her streamers, starters, and relievers.

22 SP/70 STARTS/407 IP: 2.61 ERA

24 RP/197.67 IP: 2.55 ERA

18 SP WITH 3 OR FEWER STARTS: 156.67 IP/2.59 ERA

4 SP WITH 9 OR MORS STARTS: 250.33 IP/2.63 ERA

Reply to  VinWins
1 month ago


Laura Holt
Reply to  MattTruss
1 month ago

I’m good at it when I concentrate on one team at a time… I have NO idea how you keep up with so many teams MT, because I have 4 RCLs and I feel like I’m lucky if I address 2 of them properly on a given day! Starting to think I made the right choice in only having 2 kids because I probably would have done whatever the kid version is of accidentally leaving Musgrove on my bench in Perts a few weeks ago for his best game of the year!

Laura Holt
Reply to  VinWins
1 month ago

Hey VW, tell that to my friends in the Night of the Living Zombinos league… every move I make has been backfiring and I’m dropping like a rock in the standings. Still early though!

Reply to  Laura Holt
1 month ago

Haha. Well, your ERA is still 3.23, so even your failures are better than my triumphs!

1 month ago

That deal in RCL 26 had instant results. Marte was 3 for 6 with 2 home runs in the first 2 games, while Javier threw that 7 inning gem with 14 Ks while allowing 1 hit.

1 month ago

I’m beginning to think quality of moves may be more important than quantity!

Reply to  VinWins
1 month ago


The Great Knoche
Reply to  VinWins
1 month ago

Or who is making them?

Reply to  The Great Knoche
1 month ago

No, I think if someone else was making the same moves I make, they wouldn’t be more successful.