Editor’s Note (March 31, 2017): We are excited to announce a new DFS baseball lineup optimizer partnership for 2017 with Daily Fantasy Cafe. With just one login, you can get all the Razzball season-long projections, DFS projections + stacking tools AND Daily Fantasy Cafe’s fantastic MLB lineup optimizer. Check out our Subscriptions page for pricing and more info! 

Yesterday, I shared the latest confidence-affirming test on the Razzball daily MLB projections. Today, I have some great news on how you will be able to make the most out of our projections.

We have partnered with LineupLab to create a fantastic lineup optimizer. It is FREE for all DFS Premium subscribers for at least the month of June. For the low price of $9.99/month (or FREE if you open up a new DFS account), you will get our projections and this lineup optimizer for this month).

The optimizers can be accessed via the below links or via the Tools Menu.


Like some of you, I have been using an Excel-based ‘Solver’ to optimize our DFS projections. After doing side-by-side comparisons, I can say with certainty that the Lineup Lab optimizer is superior. Here are some of the examples…

  • Powerful – Lineup Lab has a more powerful algorithm than available in Excel (and, I imagine, most other available lineup optimizers on the interweb that settle for non-Razzball projections). I could bore you with the math (according to LL, “it uses a combination of interactive N-2D trees, recursion, linear programming, and other custom mathematics designed specifically for DFS”) or just note that it’s fast and comprehensive (includes every player we project vs a 200 cap in Excel).
  • Produces Multiple Lineups – It is complete bullshit that there is one ‘optimal’ lineup. Actually it’s not bullshit AFTER all the games are played but it is certainly true based on projected stats. The reality is there are many different lineups that produce nearly the same amount of points. Lineup Lab produces a number of different lineups – often the same except for one or two players – that allows you to find the one(s) that you like best.
  • Customizable – You can remove players from the consideration set – such as guys not in starting lineups or guys you don’t want – and lock in certain players. You can remove certain games from consideration (because of weather, day vs night games, etc) or filter available players based on Salary, Points, or Pts/$. You can even overwrite the Razzball projected points (not suggested).
  • No Hitters vs Pitchers – You can set it so that it will not include hitters facing your selected pitcher(s).

There are other features such as ‘Stacking’ that are also available but I would classify as ‘works in progress’.

Thanks and please be generous in your feedback. Lineup Lab is really responsive and we want to make sure we have the best product on the market!

  1. Clint says:

    I hope you’re being utilized to bring some of this awesome stuff to the football side of Razzball, Rudy. Jay’s been giving great advice but I’ve always wondered if baseball’s lengthy metrics or some football-specific ones could somehow apply to football if the right guy far smarter than me figured it out.

    • @Clint: No plans right now for me to work on anything but Baseball. Just don’t have the time. I love football but I think basketball would be my next step – the fact that every dude with Excel and some time to kill can produce weekly football projections makes it hard to stand out. Basketball, like baseball, requires more automation.

  2. Scott says:

    Is the voice-activated password, “Rudy, Rudy, Rudy” ?

    • @Scott: Just one Rudy. With 43 o’s instead of the u.

  3. Nation says:

    Playing around with the tool (PHRASING) and noticed a couple things:

    when clicking a player, it adds their name to the list of selectable players you want, but doesnt remove the player name from the list.

    For instance, by clicking on michael mckenry, it adds his name to the right side (and removes the game/opponent, score etc). However it doesnt remove his name from the left. Deleting the player from right side player pool only compounds this effect, as it does not put the player back in the correct position.

    As always, love the work and look forward to using the tool once all the bugs are ironed out. Truly incredible work rudy, thanks!

    • @Nation: I’ve found it easier to just click the green + and add all the players – then hit the minus sign to remove those you don’t want. I’ve talked about this with LL and it’s a tricky proposition to build no matter what you do.

    • Blake says:

      @Nation: @Nation: I’m having trouble trying to re-create this bug. So when you click the ‘add’ button, the players data is added to the right table, but his name remains in the left table? I’ve tried in chrome and firefox but it is behaving correctly for me.

      • Nation says:

        @Blake: thats the problem i was having in firefox. Ill try reloading the app and trying again or using chrome

        • Nation says:

          for instance: try clicking Harvey for pitching. On my end NYM v SF (and point total) move to right.

          Now it will still show Matt Harvey on the left, but with Quintanas matchup and point total. Clocking harvey again will put quintana’s matchup on the right hand side.

          Its not a huge deal if you already know the matchup, but if you got confused and tried to add and then remove players, you would get players you didnt want

  4. The JoGarza says:

    Any chance you can try this for one week straight and report back results? I don’t play DFS, but this could be pretty huge if you finish the week in the black. That’d probably get me to drop down the money for the tool.

    • @The JoGarza: It doesn’t really work that way. There are a number of different lineups you can choose. And it’s possible to cash in one contest and not another. I suggest anyone who wants to play DFS to start small and go from there (They have $1 contests that are the same format as the higher levels).

  5. uncdrew says:

    We are getting closer and closer to a world where I can just agree to play fantasy baseball but not have to do anything myself.


  6. Mike says:

    Would u trade dee gordon for cargo?
    I can replace gordon w segura

    • @Mike: carlos gonzalez? i don’t trust him to stay healthy and hit effectively. carlos gomez. hell yes.

  7. Ryan says:

    Seems like this tool would be good for cash games, but probably not GPPs?

    • @Ryan: Nice avatar! I think it’s good for both. The default lineups are best for cash games but you can look through the lineups for elements you’d like to use as part of a GPP. You can then lock in those players (and other players you like) and then re-run to see what the optimal lineup is. Eventually, we’re looking to incorporate the ‘Upside Pts’ in DFSBot so one could decided how much to weight ‘average’ return vs ‘best case’ return.

  8. SwaggerJackers says:

    My favorite line of this post:

    “There are other features suck as…”


  9. Teddy Heater says:

    You never cease to surprise me, I do this shizz on a daily basis with pen paper and lots of time. THIS SHIZZZ IS ON HIT!!! Great job! Love it already and I just started, can’t wait to familiarize myself with it more, looks like the rest of Thursday just got booked. I just started 2 weeks ago on Fan Duel and I’ve been doing ok, but this will make things much more efficient! THANKS MANG! I’d easily pay $10 monthly for it on top of the other subscription, you guys are light years ahead of any other Fantasy Blog

    • Thanks Teddy & good luck!

      • Teddy Heater says:

        @Rudy Gamble: Being able to opt for the late night & turbo games pays for itself! Just to filter the players not playing is time consuming on DFS Bot. What to do with all this free time now that you’ve streamlined my daily routine? Oh yeah, work, I guess I can do more of that, but crunching numbers is so fun. I may have to send you a Jobu doll with all my winnings. I got Grey one and it should be getting delivered by next week. The company sent that picture in my avatar as they were prepping them for shipment, Jobu dolls for everyone!

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