Another huge week here on the Razzball Prospect Podcast as we continue to roll through all 30 systems. This week brings us to the National League champion Los Angeles Dodgers. An organization in the enviable position, of being both highly competitive and fully stocked in their farm system. In our never ending quest to talk to evaluators with first hand knowledge of an organization’s prospects, Lance and I welcome Wilson Karaman of Baseball Prospectus. For the last several seasons Wilson has covered fantasy baseball, Dynasty leagues and Dodgers prospects for BP and the Dynasty Guru. He’s a dude. We put Wilson’s knowledge to good use, as we dig in on the top 15 or so names in the system, give our takes on the Honeywell and Whitley situations, and much, much more. Finally, please make sure to support our sponsor by heading over to and entering promo code “SAGNOF” for 20% off the highest quality t-shirts in the fantasy sports game. It’s the latest edition of the Razzball Fantasy Baseball Prospect Podcast:

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  1. Jose says:

    Tatis Jr. hit HR on second AB and Luis Urias missed one by a couple feet (a 2B), both to right field. The wind was blowing out all game, but the score of the game a 3-2 loss, so nobdy else took advantage of it.

    I guess I better jump Urias early if I want to grab him.

    • Ralph Lifshitz

      Ralph Lifshitz says:

      @Jose: Haha! The Uriasito! Yeah, I love these Padres man! Go get them all!

      • Jose says:

        @Ralph Lifshitz:
        Yeah, I guess I am going to turn into a Padres fan. I already have Tatis Jr and Gore, with Urias and Baez high on my radar.

        My draft starts Thursday, March first. I will be updating you and picking your brain, now and them.

        Thanks for the help.

        • Ralph Lifshitz

          Ralph Lifshitz says:

          @Jose: Awesome, I’m in the same boat with the Padres.

          Keep me posted!

  2. Matt says:

    Non-dodgers related prospect question here:

    I have my dynasty HTH points league milb draft in two weeks. I have the third pick and assume Otani and Tatis Jr will go 1 and 2. My question is on who is the selection at number 3. I’ll include a list of available guys below. Pitching is favored in scoring and I have a good young MI (correa, moncada, albies, senzel in milb system). I planned on grabbing Whitley-does his suspension (in your mind) alter that enough to think about grabbing Gore or someone like Bichette in that spot and hope Whitley falls?

    Thanks and I have rebuilt using your and grey’s opinions!


    Available: Bichette, Gore, Whitley, McMahon, Trammell, Hayes, Robert, Lewis, Kingery, Greene

    • Ralph Lifshitz

      Ralph Lifshitz says:

      @Matt: Go Whitley, easy pick. Not too worried about the suspension.

  3. Dat Bum says:

    Wondering if you could take a gander at my dynasty roster I’ve been overhauling this winter and suggest any areas I should target for improvement. It’s 12-team, (2-catcher, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, Ci, Mi, 5-OF, 2-U) Yahoo, 5×5 Roto, keep 25 each year, 1400 IP limit. We have two minor league spots, use QS instead of W and OBP instead of AVG. Here are my keepers:


    Chase Anderson

    Honeywell or TBeckham will be my 25th keeper.

    • Ralph Lifshitz

      Ralph Lifshitz says:

      @Dat Bum: That team is nice, you could upgrade some of your MIs, but I feel like I’m splitting hairs.

  4. Jose says:

    I heard your debate over C Keibert Ruiz and as a safety net I am going to grab William Contreras as well. He looks good also and has the blood line. Look what Yadier Molina has done following the foot step of his two older brothers.

    • Ralph Lifshitz

      Ralph Lifshitz says:

      @Jose: Agree, catching prospects are risky investments, Ruiz is a good one but you need to hold a few to hit on them.

  5. BJFOHOHL says:

    Verdugo a young Howie Kendrick? Listening the Wilson and it reminded me of the conversation when Howie came up with the Angels.

    • Ralph Lifshitz

      Ralph Lifshitz says:

      @BJFOHOHL: Hahaha! God I hope not. Then again I guess it could be worse.

  6. Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo says:

    that owner traded bregman for carmart to the very same owner who i was trying to trade to get jose ram from. 14 team espn keep 9, my keepers are
    stanton/hoskins (max 2 OF keepers)
    and need one more hitting keeper. options right now suck with longo, t.anderson, w.ramos
    pitcher keepers
    2 out of darvish/paxton/wood
    i also have pham/pollock/e.rosario that i can’t keep.

    rank these trade options
    1. one of paxton/wood + one of pham/pollock for jose ram
    2. same for bregman
    3. paxton for sano
    4. pham for shaw
    4. one of pham/pollock for draft pick upgrade (it’s possible the jose ram/bregman owner wants pham or pollock but isn’t willing to give up anybody but shaw for them)

    • Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo says:

      @Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo: it appears this owner won’t move bregman or jose ram. how’d you rank sano vs gallo long term for OPS/total bases though, as i might be able to move pham/pollock for gallo, and i know i can move paxton for sano.

      • Ralph Lifshitz

        Ralph Lifshitz says:

        @Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo: I’d do Paxton for Sano. If you can move Pham or Pollock for Gallo straight up I’d do it. Otherwise got the Sano direction.

  7. sport says:

    Ralph sorry it’s off topic of your post. I have the second pick in a five round draft in our 16 team dynasty. I’m in full on rebuild. I’m guessing Ohtani is the first pick but would you order these guys like this? Ohtani, Luis Robert, Bo Bichette, Taylor Trammell, and Royce Lewis.

    AJ Minter and Brandon Morrow are also available. Not sure how Morrow made it but where I’m not a contender I think I could move him for a piece later.

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