There’s nothing going on in baseball and like any good propaganda arm we created content to discuss. We manufactured controversies and fought about them for 60 minutes. That’s actually not what happened at all. Instead Lance and I discussed the recently released Top 100 over on Prospects Live. We walk through some of our big discrepancies, and discuss our differing of opinions. But that loyal listeners is not all we talk. Oh no, we touched on a project I’m in the midst of researching. One I believe will make you deep leaguers sweat. Will I say what it is? NOPE! You gotta listen bro. It’s the latest episode of the Razzball Prospect Podcast.

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  1. Donkey Teeth

    Donkey Teeth says:

    Is this secret project of yours a luxury Caribbean music festival? Sign me up for one deluxe cabana!

  2. Soulfly says:

    How close is Brandon Lowe to making the top 100? His hard hit data and exit velocity numbers were in the top 100 and OBP was solid, especially for a 2B.

  3. JC says:

    Prospect God, help: CBS H2H Points League (generally favors power pitching and power pitching). 12 teams – Keep forever, moves up one round each year. 26 rounds. Pick 3: Thor (12); Acuna (24); Bellinger (25); Tatis JR (26).

    I feel like I might be making this more complicated than it should be, but also think any expert could choose any combination.

    Thank you.

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