On this week’s show we broke out of our normal setup to answer some of your questions. It’s a full episode from the mailbag, and we got some good ones. Everything from player development philosophy to which prospects rank the best for fantasy. We of course open the show with the latest victim of the Tommy John epidemic, Michael Kopech. Obviously Lance and I lament our recent loss, and ask where to rank him heading into the off-season. It’s another week of prospect banter from Broshitz! As always make sure you stop by Rotowear.com, and support our sponsor by picking up some of the freshest T-shirts out there.

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  1. Keith says:

    Held onto Kopech for 2 years in a standard categories league. 10 teams keep 15 each. Only 2 DL spots. Starters I’m keeping are Scherzer, CMart, and Bauer. Is Kopech worth a year long DL spot for 2020 potential and beyond? This killed me! Was hoping he was a monster 200K plus guy next year. ?

    • Ralph Lifshitz

      Ralph Lifshitz says:

      @Keith: I think the skills are worth holding on, but it certainly puts some risk in it.

    • Racehorse says:

      @Keith: this off-season you should suggest to your league a PUP list (Physically Unable to Perform) for player injuries like Tommy John with over 12 month rehabs. (IAny injury, not just TJ).

      My dynasty league [16 teams, started 2007] instituted a PUP list about 5 years ago where we can move a player like Kopech to it when we declare keepers during Spring Training — that way we’re not clogging up DL spots for an entire season with players who definitely won’t play that year, or who’s playing status is not definite because of always the possibility of setbacks in rehab [Jharel Cotton for 2019 season].

      So the owner in my league who has Kopech will undoubtedly move him to his PUP list next year for safe keeping … and since I own Jharel Cotton, I’ll be able to move him to my my PUP list (but won’t be able to call him up no earlier than June 1, 2019).

      We can keep up to 2 players on our PUP list, and any player on the list cannot be called up earlier than June 1st.

      The other main rule we have is that you have to finish the season with the injured player on your MLB roster in order to move the player to your PUP list when keepers are declared prior to next year’s draft.

      Lastly, the PUP list incentivizes owners to keep the injured player, especially if it’s a premium player, and not just cut him .

      Anyway, just thought I’d mention all that — we think it’s a solid idea in trying to keep a
      pretty fair competitive balance in terms of not simply having blind luck — as in bad luck — totally ruin someone’s team that they’ve spent a long time in building ~

      Kopech down with Tommy John — damn!

      • Joe says:

        Racehorse I would like more information on this. How can I reach you?

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