Despite a season of disappointment and injury, Stephen Strasburg won me my points league championship. As one of my keepers coming into this season, I was excited for the potential of a Cy Young campaign. Instead what I got was a season of heartache and despair as he spent more time on my bench than he did in my lineup. In his last three starts however Strasburg threw a total of 23 innings, striking out 37 batters, walking 3 and yielding only 2 earned runs. During that three game stretch he scored 103 fantasy points for an average of 34.33 points per start. I’m happy when I get 25 points from a start. Just when I thought I had my keepers figured out for next season, Strasburg has to go and do this and put his name solidly back into the mix. On a side note, a few weeks back I suggested he grow a Bumgarner-like beard in hopes of helping him find his lost ways. Instead he seems to have shaved himself clean and I am thrilled with the result it has had on his performance. I just re-read that sentence and it can certainly take on a different meaning.

Choo Choo Express

I picked up Shin-Soo Choo about three weeks ago. In the last three weeks only Adrian Beltre has scored more points. Boy am I glad I hopped aboard the Choo Choo Express as his 83 points we certainly welcomed in the playoffs.

Lindor Truffles are delicious

Another guy I picked up for the playoff run was Francisco Lindor. During the same three weeks he was top six point scorer with 76 points. Mike Trout had 75.

No more Pollack jokes!

I think the batter that was most crucial to my season long and playoff success was A.J. Pollock. Considering I drafted him in the 16th round, I’d say I more than got my monies worth. With 19 home runs, he is just one homer shy of the 20-30 club. Pollock currently has 479 fantasy points which is good enough for tenth best among all hitters. To put that into perspective, he outpointed Andrew McCutchen, Edwin Encarnacion, Jose Altuve, Michael Brantley and even Yoenis Cespedes. Knock knock. Who’s there. A.J. Pollock

Posing For Victory

I certainly am glad that I followed my own advice and drafted Buster Posey in the third round. With 448 points he scored 114 more points than the next catcher (Evan Gattis). That’s a big win at a position. The next biggest gap between the top two players at a given position is 45 points at third base. Josh Donaldson has 542 and Nolan Arenado has 497.

Rosensave and Gilden-Jensen

Even though he did his best to sabotage my championship efforts in the final week by posting negative points, I’d be kidding myself if I didn’t think that Trevor Rosenthal‘s 48 saves and 496 points didn’t player a large part in getting me to the finals. And taking a shot on an injured Kenley Jansen and his degraded ADP sure didn’t hurt either. Once he was back, these two packed quite the 1-2 punch, helping me rack up points from the RP spots.

Zach Attack

I’d really love to see Zach Greinke win the NL Cy Young, but I actually think Jake Arrieta might have done enough to slip past him in the final month of the season. The two have been outstanding. The difference. I own Greinke and he has been my ace, leading my team with 713 points. His points per start of 23 was only bested by Arrieta (23.625) and, of course, Clayton Kershaw (24.75). Greinke was one of my five keepers coming into the season and he will be one next. I really hope he re-signs with the Dodgers.

Trading Places

I made three trades this season. In the first I traded Gio Gonzalez and Alex Guerrero for Cole Hamels early in the season. Considering, among many other obvious factors, that Hamels is a potential keeper I think I won that trade. In the second trade I traded away Lorenzo Cain and Rusney Castillo for Jason Kipnis. On paper it looked great. I had an abundance of outfielders and Howie Kendrick at second. Shortly after the trade Kipnis disappeared and Cain soared. And finally, the big deal. Carlos Martinez and Kris Bryant for Gerrit Cole. We can only keep five players and neither CarMart nor Bryant were going to be on those five. Gerrit Cole is a keeper.

Farewell Tulo 

This season will mark the end of a four year relationship between Troy Tulowitzki and myself. His keeper spot will now be occupied by Gerrit Cole. I’d like to say Tulo and I had a good run, but his abundance of injuries really make that a difficult statement to say. Aside from 2011 when he hit 30 home runs and scored 485 points, every season afterwards has fallen short of expectations. Unless, of course, you expected the inevitable injuries. This year he ended with 288 points and a mediocre 0.5475 PPPA. Among shortstops that PPPA was ninth. Among all hitters he finished 121st. It’s a sad day in fantasy baseball points leagues, but the truth is that Troy is no longer the goto shortstop.

Here are my 2015 Fantasy Baseball Points League Awards:

AL Most Valuable Hitter: Jose Bautista (531 points, 0.8119 PPPA) (Josh Donaldson)
AL Most Valuable Pitcher: Dallas Keuchel (684 points, 21.375) (David Price)
AL Breakout Hitter: Mookie Betts (438 points, 0.6865 PPPA) (Lorenzo Cain)
AL Rookie of the Year: Carlos Correa (266 points, 0.6378 PPPA) (Francisco Lindor)
NL Most Valuable Hitter: Bryce Harper (558 points, 0.8637 PPPA) (Paul Goldschmidt)
NL Most Valuable Pitcher: Clayton Kershaw (792 points, 24.75 PPS) (Jake Arrieta)
NL Breakout Hitter: A.J. Pollock (481 points, 0.7298 PPPA) (Joe Panik)
NL Rookie of the Year: Kris Bryant (341 points, 0.5361) (Matt Duffy) *
*The NL ROY would have gone to either Maikel Franco or Kyle Schwarber had they had longer seasons.

Nice Surprises:

Mark Teixeira (341 points, 0.7380 PPPA)
Kendrys Morales (433 points, 0.6808 PPPA)
Adam Lind (370 points, 0.6595 PPPA)
Josh Reddick (370 points, 0.6537 PPPA)
Eric Hosmer (422 points, 0.6472 PPPA)
David Peralta (333 points, 0.6441 PPPA)
Mike Moustakas (379 points, 0.6337 PPPA)
Alex Rodriguez (381 points, 0.6245 PPPA)

In related news I heard that Michael Morse and Marcell Ozuna got work in the offseason filming a new Geico commercial. It’s so easy a caveman can do it!

I wonder how many of these players were on championship teams. I had Hosmer, Lind and Morales. Well folks, that about wraps up my coverage of fantasy baseball points league for this season. I’d like to thank those of you that took the time to read my posts and participate in the comments section. Hopefully if there is enough demand I will be back next season. Best of luck in your offseason endeavors. Check ya later!

  1. Lville Jim says:

    Been nip and tuck in one of my points league down the stretch. I get close to the first place team then they stiff arm me back(His stiffarm down the stretch was a combination of Kershaw and Greinke every five days). Got it back to about a 50 point deficit, will try and employ the Yahoo IP glitch strategy on him the last day of the season by running out as many starters as I can. Retarded that you are allowed to collect all the points from every pitcher as long as you have a third of an inning remaining that last day. I have lost a league by a few points before having it done to me, hopefully it works in my favor this time.

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @Lville Jim: Good luck. Sounds like something that needs to be fixed. But I play by the following rule, if the system lets me do it, I do it. Otherwise I am at a disadvantage to those that do it against me…

  2. Ron says:

    I HATE that the championship is this week instead of last week. Between teams clinching and the weather I got screwed AGAIN this year.

    In a 12 team points league here is who I should have been winning with.

    Bats: Trout, Donaldson, Bautista, Correa, Bryant, Ellsbury, Castro, J-Up
    Arms: Arrieta, Keuchel, Syndergaard, Carrasco, Severino, Matz, Kazmir, Gray (shutdown)

    For the third year in a row I have the best record in the league by far (18-4) and once again come in second. SO frustrating!

    Thanks for all your help throughout the year. It’s been a great ride.

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @Ron: Thanks. That’s a tough break with such a great team. All points leagues should have ended last week the latest. My league ended last week and I think it was one week too late. Do you have two week playoff matches? They are a must…

      • Ron says:

        @malamoney: Sadly just a one week playoff as well. If we had a 2 week playoff I would have easily won. My team scored 70points last night and I’m still down by 20 cause of players rested early in the week.

        Next season I gotta get some managers to agree with me to change some league rules about this.

        • malamoney

          malamoney says:

          @Ron: About 8 years ago I explained to our league why we MUST have two-week playoff matchups. It is essential to balance things out. Everyone in the league agreed and it’s been the best change we’ve made ever. To play about 20 weeks in the regular season and then be able to lose in the playoff after 1 week is BS. Since we have made the change I did the math and the favorite (better) team has won about 75% of the time. Before it was 50/50. However had that one good week at the right time.

          I will be doing a post on this very subject early next preseason. You can point your league members at it so they can read why it is a must…

  3. Seabass says:

    Rosenthal lost me my points league championship by blowing a save and getting me -13 points on the last day in one of the last games. He had been a rock all year. Strasburg got me into the final. It’s funny how six months of work ends like that. Rosenthal got a save the next day so it was just a blip on his radar. Not for me. I will never forget that blown save.

    • Ron says:

      @Seabass: That statement “six months of work ends like that” is the sad reality we face in fantasy sports. Tough to swallow but we always drag ourselves back again next year.

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @Seabass: That -13 was -18 in my league. I was very angry as I watched that inning live. I knew a save would seal the deal for me. I was up by a fair amount but another 15 or so points would have put the game out of reach. Instead he gets me -18 which did not help. Fortunately I was still up by more than enough. That will happen when you starters are Strasburg, Gerrit Cole, Cole Hamels, Felix and Greinke…

  4. Noam says:


    What’s your opinion on keepers in this points league? 10 team, H2H Points,
    no penalty for Ks,
    10 points for a W,
    5 for QS ,
    -5 for L,
    -1 for BB and ER,
    no penalty for HA…so pitchers have a slight edge…

    Pick between 3-5 keepers…next year, their keeper value is this year’s minus one round and so on…
    Sale (forfeit Rd. 2 pick – can be kept for 1 year)
    Arrieta (Rd. 5 pick – 2 years)
    Cole (Rd. 6 pick – 2 years)
    Marte (Rd 8. – 2 years)
    Hosmer (Rd 12 – 3 years)
    Pollock (Rd. 18 – 3 years)
    L. Cain (Rd. 10 – 2 years)
    Salazar (rd. 10 – 2 Years)
    Maikel Franco (Rd. 10 – 2 years)


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