Grey is back from his East Coast gallivanting!  Just listen to the crazy Saturday night Grey had in NYC….  On today’s show, we chat on Grey’s NL-only Tout Wars squad, filled with mystery, intrigue, and Cody Reed – who just gave up 10 runs in his last Spring start!  We also catch up on injuries to lefties, J.D. Martinez‘s food, and Gregory Polanco waking up with a sore shoulder.  Get this guy a Tempur-Pedic!  Finally, we have Rudy join us on the show with Peter Rosenbloom and Jared Cross – two of the founders of Steamer – to talk projections systems, and how they’re formulated and tweaked based on new data sets.  I like the new unit of time we came up with!  Plus our membership subscriptions for our own special sauce Razzball tools are now live!  We’re geared for the best tools you can find for fantasy baseball, both for season-long and for DFS.  Check them out at that linkity link there!  Here’s the latest edition of the Razzball Baseball Podcast:

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