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We know how easy it is to just click on a player’s name from within your fantasy baseball league site when you want to find out more information/stats on the player.

But we feel confident that no site’s player pages can help you as much as Razzball’s redesigned player pages to make quick and informed day-to-day fantasy baseball decisions.

Here are examples of the redesigned hitter and pitcher pages.

The major changes from last year are:

  • Cleaner design – very easy to read on all devices (computers, smartphones, tablets).
  • Added a small summary box at the top of the page with Last 7 Day Stats, Last 30 Day Stats, Season-to-Date Stats, and Rest-of-Season Projections with $ figures for each of these time periods (based on 12-team mixed-league).
  • Moved up the Stream-o-Nator and Hitter-tron projections (starting pitcher and hitter projections for the next 7 days’ worth of games)
  • Aiming to have a ‘Next Calendar Week’ projection for hitters/pitchers to help for Weekly League lineups
  • Adding Daily Fantasy Sports predicted values for DraftKings and two other DFS services.  Hoping to have this ready by opening day.  More on this to come!
  • Added links at the top of the page so you can jump right to:
    • Season Stats (2010-2014 MLB stats with 12-team MLB $ values for each year + link to a pop-up window with Baseball-Reference full major/minor league stats)
    • Monthly Stats – This will show the player’s stats + 12-team MLB $ value for all completed and in-progress months.  (For the 2014 pre-season, we still have 2013 data)
    • Game Logs – Last 30 days for hitters and relievers.  Full season for starting pitchers including 12-team MLB $ values for each start.
    • Player Rater – This jumps right to Rest of Season Player Rater and it is followed by Season To Date and Pre-Season.  Includes values for 5×5 format for MLB 10, 12, 14, 15, 16 + AL/NL 10/12 team leagues as well as 12-team mixed values for various formats like 5×5 OBP (instead of AVG) and 6×6 w/ Holds.  The values in each category are $.

We have also updated the RHP and LHP dollar values at the top of the hitter player pages.  This estimates a player’s value if they were to get 650 PA (580 PA for catchers) against only RHP or LHP using Steamer projections.  These are the same $ figures that are in the Platoony Tunes page where you can see how some star players go from incredibly valuable to replacement level depending on the handedness of the pitcher (e.g., Shin-Soo Choo $28 vs. RHP, $0 vs LHP, Matt Adams $20 vs LHP, -$2 vs LHP).  This can help identify which players you want to consider platooning based on the pitcher matchup (this data is factored into the Hittertron projections).

You can access our fantasy baseball player pages several ways including:

  • Searching for the player in our search box (top right of page)
  • Clicking a player’s name in a Razzball article or data grid
  • Clicking a player’s name in the free daily lineups provided by Baseball Press
  • Clicking a player’s name in the free daily batter vs pitcher matchups @
  • Typing the player’s name into Google along with ‘razzball’.

Please note that our player pages are limited to players on MLB 40-man rosters.  This is just a limitation based on our data sources.  We all love prospects here (especially our prospect guru Scott Evans) and maybe someday we cover every single minor leaguer.  So if you were wondering why we have a player page for Taijuan Walker and not Javier Baez (yet), that’s the reason.

Thanks and let us know if there is anything you would like us to add/change!


  1. John Stamos says:

    Rudy, your statistics skills could make a grown man (me) cry! People are always like, ‘Mr. Stamos, why are you making fantasy (cough cough gambling) spreadsheets for every sport with all this crazy (advanced) information?!’ And I tell them, ‘Because I had to pay off the Olsen twins to keep their mouths shut before they turned 18. I need the money!’ Anyway, just bc advanced stats analysis makes my dookie twinkle, it doesn’t make me any less of a man! Seriously though, I could dig into this stuff for days. Really awesome stuff.

  2. RicoSuave says:

    Wow guys! AWESOME…

    • @RicoSuave: Thanks! First, John Stamos. Now, RicoSuave. Who’s next from the 90’s – Chris Cornell?

      • mauledbypandas says:

        @Rudy Gamble: If Eddie Vedder stops by and starts singing that damn Temple of the Dog song I am so freaking out of here.

        Great job on the stats!

  3. Alky Sobrera says:

    Love the breadth and depth of the data available on the player pages. A lot more informative and helpful than the 5 second blurbs over at some other sites. Small tweaks like the jump links add a lot of convenience, and are appreciated. Thanks for the work Rudy and razzball!

  4. Nate says:

    You guys are really cranking it up around Razzball! Congrats, you are the best collective fantasy ball gurus on the planet.

    • @Nate: Thanks for limiting the comment to this planet. Xarnon on Mars has way better fantasy baseball stuff than us.

  5. Clint says:

    Man, nice job Rudy. Can you organize my house next?

    • ha – i’m awful at house organization. my wife takes the lead on that.

  6. Tehol Beddict says:

    Nice work big homey

  7. Tehol Beddict says:

    Nice work big homey

  8. Big Al says:

    Great work as always Rudy and well thought out. Under player information it would be nice to have his age or birthdate and height and weight. Age comes into some player decisions and height and weight is nice to have for new prospects.

    • Good ideas. I don’t have access to that information but will consider it in the future.

  9. Maestro says:

    Hi Rudy –

    Great work as always. I have a question about the H2H Calculator. Will the projections be updated daily, just as they are for Steamer projections? The reason I ask is a player like Medlen who is getting TJ and out for the season still shows stats he would have gotten if healthy. I know the news on Medlen is only a couple days old but just wanted to know as my draft is coming up and I want to sort players by their projected points.

    Speaking of points, just to clarify something I saw a little while back, did you say to change the value of doubles (2-1) and triples (3-1) to account for the calculation errors? Just wanted to be sure… Thanks again, Maestro.

    • The projections should be updating daily but something must’ve disconnected since I dropped Medlen a week ago. Reaching out to Baseball Press to resolve this.

    • @Maestro: Re: 2B/3B/HR, yes, you should mark Hits as 1 and then 2B worth 1, 3B worth 2, HRs worth 3.

      • Mike says:

        @Rudy Gamble: Thank you, Rudy.

  10. Bream Dreams says:

    You make it too easy. Great work. When you do a player name search on the “Top 400”, his(or maybe some day her) 400 rank isn’t there. It is always 1. that’s is something I would like to see change. Thanks.

    • @Bream Dreams: thanks. the ranking process is dynamic which is great when you filter by a position and want to see who the top 10 is but not as good when searching for a player – e.g., Jake Peavy is the #1 “Peavy”!

      This is just one of those cases where we had to choose one method and the dynamic is the more useful. You can always do a Control-F to find a player and see their rank.

      • Bream Dreams says:

        Got it thanks.

  11. 2 Giant rings says:

    Hey buddy, I’m bad at trading so I like to use dollar values to equate two side of a trade. Can I get good dollar values here, or if Razzball doesn’t have them, could you recommend a good source for that? And are dollar values even a good way to look for a balanced trade? Thanks a lot.

    • 2 Giant rings says:

      @2 Giant rings: I took a look and I see kershaw has a DV of $35. Taijuan Walker has -$8 DV. Does that mean Walker is a bad investment? Does it mean Kershaw is $43 more valuable than Walker?

      • I wouldn’t get hung up on negative values since any player that’s that bad (or inactive) will be dropped before they can do that damage.

        But, yes, kershaw is way more valuable than walker. I like Walker as a late round flier but wouldn’t want to count on him in any league. If he starts well, great. If not, dump him.

    • I would totally use our $ for that. For now, use the pre-season player Rater. Once the season is under way, we’ll have a rest of season player Rater.

  12. SwaggerJackers says:

    @Rudy: Those pre-season Grey stats would look less like swiss cheese if Grey would add in OBP. :) I’m sure Tom Jacks agrees.

    • I’ll pass on the feedback to Grey :)

  13. FifthCommentor says:

    as a weekly player, a “next calendar week” would be an awesome addition. I know you said that was possibly in the works already, and I just wanted to encourage such behavior :-) Awesome work as always!

    • @FifthCommentor: Thanks. All down to whether how many days of ‘probable pitcher’ data I’ll get my hands on. Have tentative commitments on 10+ days.

  14. Nimrod says:

    How do you connect to razzball thru an Android smart phone. Great stuff by the way.

    • @Nimrod: Just use the web browser and go to (we don’t have an app).

      • Swagger Jackers says:

        @Rudy Gamble: One day you’ll have a RazzApp! And it will be awesome.

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