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It’s your favorite hour of the week! I Can’t Believe It’s Not Not News is back again with all the Billy Hurley jokes and Grey Albright cackles you can handle. Off the top, we discuss skydiving proposals and airplane pandemic weddings, which prompts Grey to question all types of measurements—especially IQ tests. Later we have a long talk about elevator etiquette and COVID elevator etiquette.

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Find all of this week’s hilarious stories here:

Man proposes to girlfriend after skydiving from 13,000 feet

You can now buy a $28K socially distant ‘Wedding in the Sky’

Why elevator etiquette has New Yorkers at each other’s throats

Tesla owner in Canada charged with ‘sleeping’ while driving over 90 mph



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Big League Wood
Big League Wood
1 year ago

Is the DC vs the Itch still open is did it fill?

Big League Wood
Big League Wood
Reply to  Donkey Teeth
1 year ago

I’m in !!! Looks like 5 teams out of 15.

Reply to  Big League Wood
1 year ago

Yup! Good luck!