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If it’s not news then you won’t hear about it on I Can’t Believe It’s Not Not News with Grey Albright, Billy Hurley and Donkey Teeth. On this week’s show we discuss a woman who called the police over a piece of meat she bought at Save A Lot which she suspected might be a human penis—it wasn’t. Then a lock of Abraham Lincoln’s hair goes up for auction which gives Grey the brilliant idea to clone Honest Abe and employ him to write for Razzball. Later, a tourist in Thailand grabs a docile tiger’s testicles for a selfie opp and a New Zealand boy has a lego piece lodged in his nose for two full years. Find links to all of this week’s stories below!

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Phallic-shaped meat prompts police investigation

Lock of Lincoln’s hair and bloodied telegram up for auction

Ballsy tourist slammed for grabbing tiger by testicles for zoo selfie

Lego piece falls out of New Zealand boy’s nose after being stuck for two years

Shit a brick: doctors swallow Lego to allay parents’ fears


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