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Happy May day!  Or is it still April?  I ‘m not sure because I started writing this in April, but it may not go up on the site until May, and I’m just so confused…and isn’t that what you want out of your fantasy baseball ‘pert?  (Don’t answer that, please).  If you read last week I went to the Angels game the other night, first time.  Those two big ball caps outside the stadium are odd.  Do they serve a purpose?  Like if it ever rains people can stand underneath them (they look permeable)?  As Grey says, I need answers, y’all!

We were able to enjoy some Lexus club seats (and I wonder why Lexus sponsors them; on yeah, probably because they’re not cheap.   Then when I looked at Dodger tickets for another game I saw they also have a Lexus club and it makes me wonder do all the teams have a Lexus club?  And then I think why don’t I own a Lexus?  Oh right, they’re expensive; I be living that Mazda3 life y’all!).  The meal there was pretty great but the deserts tasted like they were from Sam’s Club (hat tip to the wife on that one.  I don’t know why I like using the phrase “the wife” because I only use it with people I don’t know well or not at all; it’s a crude way to refer to my life partner, but it still makes me snicker when I say it).

The seats were spectacular and I even narrowly missed a ricochet foul ball.  It skimmed my knee and fell below the seat in front of me, where a kid of about ten got it.  He was super excited, and any time I looked toward him he was holding that ball with two hands.  He’s a fan for life and that’s just supercool to me.  Did I want to get the ball first, and then give it to him?  Of course, cause that’s the cool thing to do.  But would it have been the same for him?  Probably not, so I’m glad it worked out the way it did.

At the same game Trout hit a home run (right before I took this picture):

I also saw Yunel Escobar drop the easiest pop fly to third base and when I went looking for that video I stumbled upon the Yunel Escobar Sucks Forum, which I’m not going to link to because it’s full of not nice comments; but it’s been around since 2010 and it has personal rumors and other stuff.  I don’t know why anyone would post to it but a lot of people have (and recently).  Seems like a reddit post before reddit.

Now aren’t you super glad I shared all that with you?  Did you enjoy all the tangents just to get to the meat and potatoes, one Mr. Joshua Evan Bell?  I hope so.  I’ve been touting Bell all the season thus far and I stopped and asked myself, why am I such a fan?

Not sure, maybe it’s because I want to call him Cool Papa (if you don’t know that’s the nickname of one of the fastest guys in baseball history.  But I’d be fine with Josh Bell re-appropriating it). Or maybe it’s the pedigree and easy path to at-bats with Marte’s suspension and John Jaso being the only competition basically (for playing time and dreadlock length).  I’m not a Pirates fan (any of those out there want to weigh in?) nor do I own him in a bunch of keeper leagues (he was a free agent in my main OPS league after I traded him in the preseason); I guess I just see some value in him.

Bell was a second round pick out of high school and was going to go to University of Texas but didn’t because he was drafted and paid a cool five million dollar signing bonus.  Bell even sent a letter to the MLB commissioner’s office telling teams not to draft him which is a great negotiating ploy, right?  Since then he’s followed a pretty conventional path up the ladder;  first season at A ball, second at A/AA, third AA/AAA, fourth at AAA/MLB, now an MLB regular.  Kind of ho-hum, in fact.

How do you like that regurgitated Wikipedia for ya?  (Regurgitate is one of those words that sounds as gross as what it is; is that called something?  It should be).  Just 24 years old, Bell is 6’2, 230 lbs, hit a grand slam in only his second MLB at bat, walks at a good clip (13.9% in the bigs) doesn’t strike out a ton (around 15% thus far) and has alright power.  His BABIP is only .267 as of now so expect that to go up.  Also look for him to improve his OPS to above .800 the rest of the way and chip in some more homers and counting stats.

I like him for OPS leagues and even better for OBP and AVG leagues.  Owned in only 10% of ESPN and 26% of Yahoo! leagues I’m going to continue to tout him until he A) gets owned in more than 50% of the leagues, or B) goes to the minors, in which case we’ll never speak of him again.  I’m betting on the former, obviously.  Bell only has 1B eligibility in ESPN but has OF eligibility as well in Yahoo! so use him as a fill-in OF on off days for now.

Better to get in him too early than too late so if you have the bench spot I suggest adding him.  With three homers and an OPS of 1.056 over the past two weeks Bell is only getting hotter.  This week the Pirates travel to Cincinnati for four games and then a home series against the Brewers; I like both those match-ups and will be starting him.  Good luck Razzballers and Razzballettes, see ya next week!

  1. RepublicOfNorthCorrea says:

    Do I need to make a major trade for a pitcher? What do you recommend doing with this team? Thanks!

    10 team keeper, 6×6 roto – OBP, SLG, HR, RBI, R, SB and QS, IP, K, S, ERA, WHIP

    200 GS limit. I’m currently 17/20 in QS and am currently 1st in ERA and WHIP…most other teams have at least 29 GS already…the teams with the best pitching have started 32+ games and have <50% QS rates, which have blown up their ERA/WHIP.

    I'm 10th (last) in SLG and RBI, I'm 9th in HR, I'm 8th in R and SB.

    In the past, bats are worth more than pitching in my league as the season goes on. On paper my bats are elite, but in reality, they haven't been. On paper, my pitching is mediocre at best, but in reality, I've been killing it.

    C: Realmuto
    1B: Reynolds
    2B: Segura
    3B: Bregman
    SS: Correa
    1B/3B: Suarez
    2B/SS: Xander
    OF: Stanton
    OF: Yelich
    OF: Trumbo
    OF: Bautista
    OF: Piscotty
    Util: Franco

    DL: Josh Donaldson

    P: Fulmer, Bundy, Shoemaker, Graveman, Shark, Lynn, Berrios, Sonny Gray, Nola, (Matz on DL)
    RP: Giles, Colome, Neris, Devenski

    • Phil B.

      Phil B. says:

      @RepublicOfNorthCorrea: I see what you mean about on paper. But as it looks, I wouldn’t make a move for an SP unless you’re willing to trade a guylike Stanton. His name value is worth more than his regular value. You should be able to get a tier 2 starter, depending on value, a Cueto or de Grom, Strasberg and I’d even try a Kluber or Scherzer and maybe throw in on of these pitchers.

      I would think that Shark, Graveman, Sonny gray, and Nola could all be dropped for the good matchup and/or hot outfielder and definitely a closer in waiting/guy with high K potential too of that’s out there.
      I like the position flexibility, and that should allow you to move one of Bogaerts or Franco, who I would look at moving once they go on a hot streak. Good luck, Let me know how it goes.

  2. stu says:

    The past 2 days i’ve been contemplating on who to pick up with my last waiver move. I felt Josh Bell was the move to make, but i’m very indecisive. Thanks for the perfectly timed write-up!

    Would you say he’s worth a pick-up in points leagues? I feel like guys with good OPS and average are money in points.

    • Phil B.

      Phil B. says:

      @stu: I don’t play a lot of points leagues, but yeah, he should be fine there; doesn’t K a lot, will keep adding homers(with another today) and extra base hits in a decent home park. Make the add for sure. Good luck!

  3. Cheese says:

    Love the OPS posts! That’s what makes Sundays one of my favourite days. In my 16 team 6×6 OPS league (OPS, QS, K/9, K/BB) I was offered the following:

    I give: Carlos Correa & Joe Kelly
    I get: Jonathan Villar & Madison Bumgarner

    The league only has 2 DL spots, and I have Haniger occupying an active roster spot, so I’d have to figure something out (probably just drop Smyly and Semien). The only benefit is that this is a H2H league and I’m sitting at 31-16-1 after this week so I might be able to afford MadBum on my DL for a while. RP with SP/RP eigibility have added value here as we can only start 3 RP so that’s why he is targeting Kelly. I also need the pitching help.

    C Matt Wieters
    1B Freddie Freeman
    2B Roughned Odor
    3B Justin Turner
    SS Carlos Correa
    MI Kolten Wong
    CI Jake Lamb
    LF Mitch Haniger
    CF – Kevin Kiermaier
    RF George Springer
    OF Carlos Beltran
    OF Max Kepler
    Util Justin Bour
    BEN Tommy Joseph

    SP – Kenta Maeda, James Paxton, Ivan Nova, Matt Harvey, Zack Wheeler, Charlie Morton
    RP – Edwin Diaz, Shawn Kelley, Luke Gregerson, Adam Ottavino

    DL – Marcus Semien, Drew Smyly

    • Phil B.

      Phil B. says:

      @Cheese: Thanks! Tough one for sure. If it’s not a keeper I’d do it. Your reasoning is sound, and Villar can contribute steals too over Correa right now. I’d assume there is another RP out there too; I’d lean toward dropping Semien over Smyly too. Good luck!

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