About a year ago, I started seeing more people riding electric scooters around Los Angeles. Then, I’d see groups of scooters parked on sidewalks. My first thought was, “Scooter gangs!!! Ride-bys!!!” Alas, I did a little due diligence and learned that the company, Bird, was responsible for this new concept. It makes sense. Los Angeles is so spread out and mass transit kind of sucks, so the scooters have been a hot trend to be that “last-mile” of transportation. Unfortunately, not everyone agrees. Up in San Francisco, residents have been complaining about “disorganized parking and hazardous sidewalk usage.” Which side of the scooter rage are you on? The same question can be posed for Scooter Gennett (69.1% owned – increase of 35.7%). This Scooter has been the most added player in ESPN leagues over the past week. Rightfully so, as he’s gone 12-for-23 with 4 runs scored, 2 home runs, and 6 RBI over that span. For the season, Scooter is batting .323 with 19 runs scored, 6 home runs, 24 RBI, and 1 stolen base. We’ve been here before, as Scooter was often written up last season, when he finished with 27 home runs and a .323 batting average. I’m a Scooter Gennett guy. Low strikeout rate (18.8%), utilizes the whole field (38.4% oppo rate), 82.4% contact rate, and 8.7% swinging strike rate. He also has a 42.4% hard hit rate!!! Now, that will probably come down, as will the batting average that is supported by a .373 BABIP. With that said, a .270-ish batting average with a .170 ISO seems feasible with upside. Great American Ballpark is a great place to hit and Scooter is batting cleanup in the Reds lineup. The most encouraging thing for me has been the success against left-handed pitching: .343 average with 1 home run in 37 plate appearances. Keep in mind that the sample size has been small and that he’s a career .221 hitter against lefties in his career. With that said, even if he regresses against lefties, there’s still plenty to like with Scooter. As for the other scooters? I’d be scared shitless riding those things around. Too many people with road rage in Los Angeles. I’d imagine sidewalk rage could become a thing with riders getting clotheslined soon. TREASURE

Matt Chapman (61.8% owned – decrease of 11.8%) has gone 7-for-25 with 5 runs scored, 1 home run, and 4 RBI over the past week. Not great, but not bad, considering he’d gone 1-for-23 to begin May. The .237 batting average stinks and 26.4% strikeout rate is high, but but but…..that .204 ISO coupled with an 11.5% walk rate? Yummy. Want more? 41.5% hard contact rate! Yaass! 8.4% swinging strike rate, 21% chase rate, and 78.2% overall contact rate. “It’s very nice” in Borat voice. Now that I think about, how does he strike out so much? Anyways, Chapman plays in a tough hitter’s ballpark and is very streaky, but the power is real and he doesn’t get platooned. TREASURE

Mark Trumbo (28.4% owned – 9.9% increase) is 10-for-28 with 7 runs scored, 1 home run, and 3 RBI over the past week. For the season, he’s batting .309 in 55 at-bats. Trumbo’s season did not begin until the 1st of May. A career .250 hitter, the average is being supported by an unsustainable .381 BABIP. He’s also only striking out 17% of the time, but his career rate is 24.8%. I’d expect some massive regression all around. With that said, the power is still there and many Trumbombs will be hit. Just don’t expect the lofty batting average to continue and prepare for the inevitable flurry of whiffs. TRASH

  1. Kingslayer says:

    In my H2H Weekly NL-Only league, these three pitchers are free agents:

    Samardzija, Matz, Kingham

    Any of them work picking up or all “trash”?

    • Son says:

      @Kingslayer: I’m not a Matz guy. Kingham is probably worth it, but some regression is coming. I still have some belief that Samardjia will turn it around, but may take some time.

  2. Chicitysox23 says:

    Keeper league and we can trade draft picks.

    I have beninteni for 3 more seasons. I am being offered Verdugo and a 1st round pick next year. What side do you like?

  3. jellis721 says:

    I got a RP problem. Can start two of three- Jansen, Giles, Morrow. Who should I trust most? Dodgers suck so Don’t know what to do. Please help if anyone can! Thanks

  4. westcoastpete says:

    Scooter or Marwin?

  5. your mom says:

    Hi. 20 team h2h league, which side:
    Cozart/kepler/clevinger or e.escobar/c.santana/trevor williams?


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