I took part in my second mock draft for 2009 and was hoping for a smoother draft this time around. I showed up on time and found the perfect 2009 draft iTunes mix of Fiddy and Sheryl Crow. So far, so fresh. Going into this draft (sponsored by Behind the Plate Fantasy), I wanted to do one thing, draft a pitcher really early and see how it affected the rest of my draft. Since this was a mock 2009 draft, I wasn’t too concerned. In other words, I was winging it. Okay, without further ado, my second 2009 fantasy baseball draft (Mock, ya’ll):

2009 Fantasy Baseball Draft

Here’s my (mock) draft notes that I jotted down as I drafted:

1st and 2nd picks: I was a bit surprised Johan Santana was still there at the 14th pick. I would never draft him there, but for this (mock) experiment, it was good value. Even if I’m content with finding pitching later, I think he’s about as reliable as a fantasy ace as you’re going to find. I took him here because this is a mock and I’m interested in seeing how my offense works out taking a pitcher this high. BTW, Pedroia went in the second round. Drafting while on drugs is bad!

3rd and 4th picks: I took Aramis and David Ortiz. Here I’m just trying to set the offense straight. Hopefully Ortiz has a (mock) bounce back year in 2009. Webb, Peavy, Hamels and Halladay were all on the board and I’m already regretting taking Santana with my 2nd pick. Some other guys that went before my picks that I wouldn’t have wanted anyway – Brian Roberts and Russell Martin.

5th and 6th picks: I took Vlad and almost took Abreu until I realized this wasn’t a draft for 2001, so I grabbed Adam Dunn. At this point I feel like I’ve set my offense back on track and can begin to grab some pitchers again. That was a mighty deep ditch I had to dig myself out of for five rounds. In the fifth round, I would’ve preferred just about everyone instead of Vlad… Well, except Jeter and Mauer.

7th and 8th picks: I took Jay Bruce with my 7th pick. The logical explanation is also the most obvious, so let me explain by saying Dusty Baker briefly inhabited my body. And before you mock my mock, someone took Andre Ethier in the 7th round. I’m not sure Andre Ethier would take Andre Ethier in the 7th round. I grabbed Josh Beckett in the 8th round. Another sign that there was plenty of pitching to grab late.

9th and 10th picks:  Someone took Konerko and some of the ‘perts chimed in, “Haha! That dude is done,” and “I agree.” I didn’t say, “I agree,” I’m just saying someone said they agreed, but I do agree. The ninth round is too early for Konerko. He’s like Delgado going into 2008. Wait, but Delgado just had a solid season…. Hmm… And I just took Delgado. And Cano. Mocking on…

11th and 12th picks: Carlos Marmol doesn’t have the job officially, but this will prolly be one of the top value picks of the (mock) draft. If they were giving out mock trophies, I would’ve just won one. Then I grabbed Burnett and officially have secured too much pitching, but you cannot argue with Burnett here. I might try the Santana pick with my 1st or 2nd pick again in a mock draft, but this has all but sealed my draft strategy again for 2009. I just don’t see myself as a pitching early type of guy.

13th and 14th picks: I took Yunel and Wilson. Hey maybe Yunel will get traded to the Padres and really suck! Wilson’s hard to argue with here, he’s the epitome of SAGNOF. Not sure how I went from grabbing Burnett to Yunel in one round. Was I skipped a few rounds?

15th and 16th picks: I was waiting on Greinke or Javier Vazquez. Greinke was taken a few picks before me. Scooped! I think I’m going to end up with Javier Vazquez on a lot of teams in 2009. He seems to be very undervalued. I mean, I snagged him with the 191st pick. That’s fool’s gold! (Or some cliché that applies.) So my staff is Santana, Beckett, Burnett and Vazquez. I think I could trade away half of that staff and be fine. I’d prolly target Adrian Gonzalez with Beckett. Or something similarly fresh. (BTW, I’m bringing fresh back. You’re welcome.)

17th and 20th picks: I’m skipping around now because this shizz is getting wickety-wack on the too-long-for-the-Razzball-reader’s-attention-span tip. I grabbed Theriot for middle infield because my team has no speed. Did I mean to (mock) draft a team with no speed? Not especially, but I could trade Johan for Taveras and still have plenty of pitching. Then I grabbed Rauch with the 20th pick because I think there’s a good chance he’s going to be closing in the desert in 2009.

21st, 22nd, 23rd picks: I usually look at these picks as guys that are hot in spring training or total sleepers that I don’t care if I drop before the season even starts. Salty, Blalock and Corpas fit that (mock) bill.

  1. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    I’d say that you probably shouldn’t pick a pitcher that early, using your own mock advice, but it looks like you made up for it for the most part. Ortiz and Vlad are risky, right?

    I don’t believe that Marmol will get more than 12 saves in 2009. He’s a setup guy coming off 87 innings of like 500 sliders on his arm. As a Cubs fan, I don’t trust it. I’m drafting Kevin Gregg.

    BTW… we should have a forum entry for playlist suggestions during drafting. I keep my dome fresh with Girl Talk and Doug E. Fresh.

  2. Grey

    Grey says:

    @IowaCubs: I’m not as worried about Vlad, but I don’t think he’s suddenly going to hit 40 HRs. He could be bested by Jermaine Dye. Ortiz is risky, but when you grab Santana in the 2nd round, I think you have to take those (mock) risks.

    re: Marmol — You keep preaching safety, but I’m not that worried about a 26-year-old throwing 87 innings. The amount of games he pitched (coming back on short rest repeatedly), that’s a concern for me. But saves are just about opportunity. If Sweet Lou limits Marmol to a closer role, he could get 45 saves easily.

    Playlist — I usually draft better with Modest Mouse, but it’s still early mock season so I try and mix some others in there.

  3. I’d be less concerned about picking Johan 14th (which seems like it’ll be about his value next year) and rethink your love affair with Yunel. 13th round? He’s an end-draft pick if you ask me. Couldn’t you have gotten another closer at that point? Cano and Theriot are better picks…

  4. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Rudy Gamble: You’re just mad I didn’t take Eugenio Velez.

  5. big o says:

    you certanly have a solid pitching staff , which i think you cemented with your 12th round pick (AJ).
    i want to say something condescendingly clever about your boy guthrie (19th pick) , but am afraid he’s your cousin or something …. besides it was just the 19th pick , right ?
    of course , i love the inclusion of my boy , blalock , on your team .
    but , of course , these are all jmo’s .
    my question for you today , because i do recognize your talent for saves & closers , with 12 experts /23 rds. was the absence of lindstrom just an over-sight ? or am i over-inflating his possible contribution to my fantasy team ?

  6. Grey

    Grey says:

    @big o: No relation to Guthrie. Trash talk away.

    Lindstrom was at the top of my board, and I think he should be drafted, but I was only drafting for my team. If I could’ve drafted another round, it might’ve been him. Personally, I like to grab only catchers or closers (or setup men) at the end of the draft. Guys that I’m not too worried about dropping before the season starts.

    And don’t get too excited, Blalock was another flier that prolly wouldn’t last long on my team.

  7. Jimmy ray says:

    Looks like you are punting SB. I hate the Delgado pick so early…But as you said, just a mock.Not a bad draft I guess

  8. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Jimmy ray: Yeah, Delgado’s 1 steal would’ve prolly placed him fourth on my team. Like I sorta alluded to above, when I mentioned I’d have to trade Santana for Taveras, that was really the biggest problem with my team, but when I saw Brian Roberts go super early, I realized I wasn’t getting any speed at the draft.

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