San Francisco Giants 2009 Minor League Review
Overall farm rankings via Baseball America (2009)
2009 (5) | 2008 (23) | 2007 (20) | 2006 (18) | 2005 (17) | 2004 (24)

Record of Major and Minor League Teams
MLB: [88 – 74] NL West
AAA: [71 – 73] Pacific Coast League
AA: [83 – 59] Eastern League
A+: [93 – 47] Carolina League
A: [76 – 63] South Atlantic League (Sally League)
A(ss): [49 – 27] Northwest League
R: [39 – 17] Arizona Rookie League

The Run Down
As the baseball world focuses on Stephen Strasburg, Aroldis Chapman and Jayson Heyward, San Francisco has watched their once consensus number one overall prospect, Madison Bumgarner, struggle since the second half of 2009 and during the 2010 Spring Training. His lost of velocity at end the 2009 season has been written about ad nauseum. He’s still only 20 and people are worried. Don’t fret, be patient and he’ll eventually become a post-sleeper candidate. Scouting the Unknown broke him down last summer, and there shouldn’t be much more to add. However, another Scouting the Unknown article about Angel Villalona may be meaningless as he is currently charged with murder in his home country (Dominican Republic). This once top prospect is facing, if charged, 20 years in prison. The Giants have some plus talent hitters in their lower minors moving up to their Double-A team (Thomas Neal, Roger Kieschnick, Brandon Crawford) and some great pitching throughout their farm system (Bumgarner, Dan Runzler, Zack Wheeler). Three of the minor league levels were at the top team in their respective levels (A+, A(ss), R), with the High-A and Rookie level winning their league. The Giants have finally turned around their minor league system with two straight years in the top five (ranked fourth in the 2010 Baseball America Handbook). Look for several prospects in the Giants’ farm system to mature this year (Bumgarner, Buster Posey, Dan Runzler, and Steve Johnson).

Arizona Fall League Players –
Pitchers – (RHP) Steve Edlefsen; (RHP) Joe Martinez; (RHP) Daniel Turpen
Hitters – (C) Buster Posey; (SS) Brandon Crawford; (LF) Thomas Neal

Graduated Prospects
#10 (RHP) Sergio Romo; #17 (1B) Travis Ishikawa | #18 (LHP) Alex Hinshaw

Players of Interest in 2010
#2 Buster Posey | C | A+/AAA | 22 | .325/.416/.531 | 42 AB | 50 XBH | 18 HR | .206 ISO | 6/1 SB/CS | 68:62 K:BB | .354 BABIP | 52.9 GB% | 17.8 LD%| 29.3 FB%

Who’s this Buster Posey everyone is talking about? Seriously? I mean, with comparisons to Joe Mauer he must be good. Okay, enough chiding. Posey is considered the best hitting prospect in the Giants system, which isn’t saying a whole lot (they haven’t produced an all-star hitting prospect since Will Clark and Matt Williams). With control of the strike zone that matches Mauer, a clean swing, and more power than Mauer ever exhibited. All right, the debate between Carlos Santana, Buster Posey and Jason Castro (not to forget Tyler Flowers, Austin Romine, Derrick Norris, Wilson Ramos, Hank Conger, or even Jesus Montero, who won’t stay at catcher) for 2010 may be dirty, but in the long run, I want Posey. ‘Nuff said.

Brock Bond | 2B | AA | 23 | .333/.429/.409 | 450 AB | 27 XBH | 1 HR | .076 ISO | 13/15 SB/CS | 69:67 K:BB | .399 BABIP | 63.7 GB% | 20 LD% | 16 FB%
Accidentally drafted by the Giants in 2007 (in round 24), Brock Bond has been their Sparky Anklebiter, except he’s 5-10. Praised for his scrappy play and work ethic, Bond has exceeded most expectations. His defense is fringe-average, his plate-discipline/strike zone judgment is good, and he has great speed. This great speed hasn’t translated to a ton of steals as he gets caught far too often (15 times in 28 attempts). He runs the bases aggressively and breaks up double plays. Not that the Giants need scrappy infielders, but with Freddy Sanchez perpetually injured, Bond may get a call up during the season. His ceiling is a major league utility man.

#24 Matt Downs | 1B/2B/3B/OF | AAA | 25 | .300/.343/491 | 424 AB | 50 XBH | 14 HR | .191 ISO | 8/2 SB/CS | 58:24 K:BB | .321 BABIP | 36.3 GB% | 19.4 LD% | 44 FB%
Not much of a prospect anymore as he has aged out of that definition, Downs has transitioned from third base to second this past year. The Giants’ GM, Brian Sabean, has compared Downs to Shane Spencer (the Yankees super-utility a decade ago), meaning that he is a good hitter and will do whatever it takes to play. Downs has an above-average short swing that makes him a hard out as he works each at-bat. If given full playing time in the majors, he won’t reach 20 homers, but 10 to 12 homers with a slash line of .280/.335/.425 is plausible. He isn’t extraordinarily fast, but he has above-average speed and runs the bases like a wise veteran, which he’s approaching at 25. He has played everywhere on the diamond besides SS, CF, C and or pitching. Think a Mark DeRosa. I think Downs would get the call up before Bond if a Freddy Sanchez, or any injury for that matter, happens.

Dan Runzler | LHP | A/A+/AA/AAA | 24 | 12.7 K/9 | 3.7 BB/9 | 59 IP | .76 ERA | 2.61 FIP | .797 WHIP | .3 Hr/9 | 3.5 H/9 | .188 BABIP | 64.7 GB% | 5 LD% | 28.6 FB%
Runzler played at every level in the Giants, including nine innings at the major league level. As a closer in the minors, Runzler annihilated the opposition in 2009. Aided by an unbelievably low BABIP (.188), Runzler used his mid 90’s fastball and devastating curveball to blow through the minors. Currently, Runzler is projected to be the closer after Brian Wilson, but Wilson was just signed through 2012.

#15 (LAD) Steve Johnson | RHP | A+/AA | 21 | 9.5 K/9 | 3.8 BB/9 | 145 1/3 IP | 3.41 ERA | 4.45 FIP | 1.29 WHIP | 1.1 Hr/9 | 7.8 H/9 | .294 BABIP | 30.9 GB% | 8.6 LD% | 52.7 FB%
A Rule-5 draft pick this offseason, the Giants have to have Johnson on their major league roster or offer him back to the Orioles (he was traded to the Orioles from the Dodgers last year in the George Sherrill-Josh Bell swap.). Johnson throws a 88 to 91 mph fastball combined with an average slider, curveball and change-up. If he stays with the Giants, he’ll be used as a long-reliever.

#26 Osiris Matos | RHP | AAA | 24 | 8.0 K/9 | 2.2 BB/9 | 54 1/3 IP | 3.48 ERA | 4.27 FIP | 1.27 WHIP | 1.2 Hr/9 | 9.3 H/9 | .325 BABIP | 29.2 GB% | 24 LD%| 43.9 FB%
Throwing a mid 90’s fastball, Matos is great, except his second offerings are inconsistent. Scouts lament about how his fastball projects him to be a MLB closer and the remaining pitches will keep him at Triple-A. Guess that would be why he wasn’t ranked in the newest Baseball America Handbook. If he was a lefty, he would have a shot to be situational lefty. His statistics would indicate a solid reliever, and that may come to past, but his prospect shine has dulled. Look for him to return to Triple-A and only be on the major league roster if the Giants need bullpen help. He could be an intriguing trading chip or a Rule-5 draft pick next year too.

Honorable Mention
#23 Thomas Neal | LF | A+ | 21 | .337/.431/.579 | 475 AB | 67 XBH | 22 HR | .242 ISO | 3/0 SB/CS | 98:65 K:BB | .382 BABIP | 46.2 GB% | 18.7 LD% | 34.9 FB%
Neal formed part of a devastating lineup at High-A (along with Kieschnick – see below). Drilling extra base hits all over the field, Neal showed that he could be a middle of the order stalwart for the Giants for years to come. He may have high strikeout totals, but his plate coverage and strike zone judgment (65 walks) will keep his slash line fairly consistent – even with a high BABIP. Although he only had three steals during the regular season, while playing in the Arizona fall league, he went 12 for 15 in his steal attempts at AFL. His defense is average but his arm is quite strong as he had 15 outfield assists. He’ll move up to Double-A in 2010 and may even be pushed to right field as his defense has improved and his arm strength would play well at that position.

#14 Roger Kieschnick | RF | A+ | 22 | .296/.345/.532 | 517 AB | 68 XBH | 23 HR | .236 ISO | 9/1 SB/CS | 130:36 K:BB | .355 BABIP | 43.6 GB% | 16.6 LD% | 39.8 FB%
Neal’s bash brother, Kieschnick struck out farm more often than Neal and walked considerably less. The better defender, stronger arm, and higher power ceiling than Neal, Kieschnick isn’t as refined. He may have the pedigree (father was a major league ball player and Roger was a higher draft pick), but if he doesn’t fix his poor strike zone judgment and holes in his swing, he’ll become a fringe major league outfielder. He’ll team up with his bash brother again at Double-A in 2010.

Brandon Crawford | SS | A+/AA | 22 | .282/.328/.414 | 497 AB | 42 XBH | 10 HR | .132 ISO | 13/11 SB/CS | 132:30 K:BB | .358 BABIP | 51.7 GB% | 17.5 LD% | 30.3FB%
His 105 at-bats while playing at A+, inflated all his numbers. He had a ..478 BABIP at High-A while slashing .371/.445/.600; he hit .258/.294/.365 at Double-A with a .332 BABIP in 392 at-bats. His defense is excellent, his arm is accurate and he has 15 to 20 homer potential. The Giants brass believe he could progress and turn out like a pre-2009 J.J. Hardy. He should return to Double-A to fix his terrible hitting.

Craig Clark | LHP | A+ | 24 | 8.2 K/9 | 2.2 BB/9 | 147 2/3 IP | 2.86 ERA | 4.49 FIP | 1.13 WHIP | 1.2 Hr/9 | 8.0 H/9 | .279 BABIP | 43.9 GB% | 15.5 LD% | 37.5 FB%
Clark throws a high, watch-the-ball-to-the-catcher’s-mitt 80’s MPH fastball that he mixes with a high 70’s slider, a low 70’s curveball and a changeup. Reminds me of Mitch Stetter or even Tim Wakefield without the knuckler. He’s a pitcher and not a thrower. However, I would expect him to max out at Triple-A, but you never now. His strikeout rates are average, he has good control, and keeps the ball on the ground more than in the air, but he has a case of gopheritis and his FIP is over a run and half over his ERA. See how he fairs in 2010 while pitching against better hitters at Double-A.

Eric Surkamp | LHP | A | 21 | 11.6 K/9 | 2.7 BB/9 | 131 IP | 3.30 ERA | 2.99 FIP | 1.28 WHIP | .4 Hr/9 | 8.9 H/9 | .380 BABIP | 46.3 GB% | 12.8 LD% | 33.5 FB%
Another high 80’s fastball pitcher, but Surkamp is able to keep the ball deceptively hidden – it’s been commented that the ball appears to “come out of his shirt.” He also throws a very good curveball and an average changeup. Posting solid strikeout rates (third most in the minors) and displaying good control, he’ll need to face better hitters before one can jump on his bandwagon. Several sources compared him to similar pitchers who flamed out at Double-A. He’ll start at High-A in 2010.

  1. royce! says:

    So regarding your pic, I had asked about it before because it totally looks like a blurry photo of Alf. Which I think is amazing.

    Also, keep up the good work. I really enjoy the minor league reviews. I’ve always wanted to catch some minor league games but in Southern California it seems that all of the teams are in towns that are very difficult to convince people to visit with me. Lake Elsinore, Rancho Cucamonga, etc. I’m thinking a road trip in the NW would be my best bet…hit Salem, Portland, Tacoma, Everett and Vancouver. Maybe even head east to Yakima (the self-proclaimed Palm Springs of the Northwest!).

  2. ThreeFingersBrown says:

    @Grey: Yeah man, great job. Best FBB blog around hands down.

    Michael Brantley just named CLE starting LF.

    I’m thinking Austin Jackson’s still the better option for a SAFNOF OF no?

  3. GopherDay says:

    @ThreeFingersBrown: I would go with Jackson, because it looks like Brantley will be sent down to AAA once Branyan comes back, which in turn pushing LaPorta to left field.

  4. royce! says:

    Berkman’s on the DL in Yahoo and ESPN now, for those looking to pick up a FA

  5. Lines says:

    @Grey – Re: my girlfriend. <– gee, wonder how that looks out of context…

    She is unofficially a Razzballer. I turned her on to the site, and smartypants that she is, she turned your infinite wisdom into a pretty nice team. She hasn't commented yet, but that's just a matter of time. Since she probably won't, I'll post her team for your perusal.

    C – Mike Napoli
    1B – Yoooouk!
    2B – Utley
    3B – Wright
    SS – A-Ram
    OF – Sparkakis.
    OF – Dread Pirate
    OF – Josh Hamilton (autodrafted when her internet failed)
    UTIL – Votto

    BN – Damon, Cantu

    SP – Verlander, Ubaldo, Garza, Slowey, Buehrle, Happ, Kazmir
    RP – Pap, K-Rod, Hoffman

    Not bad for a first timer.

  6. Lines says:

    Oh yeah, and I’m still wondering if I should drop Reimold, or hang on in case Dave Trembley comes to his senses?

  7. majortommy says:

    I know I have asked before but any idea of the Giants plans for Posey? Minors? Majors as part time catcher/firstbaseman?

  8. Levo says:

    The Giants’ High A club in San Jose just won the award for best all around minor league organization, get out there if you get a chance.

    Matt Capps has been struggling badly this season, no surprise, but whose next in line if they make a change? Bruney, Clippard, random guy off the street?

  9. GopherDay says:

    @majortommy: It looks like right now that Posey is going to the minors until something happens to Molina.

  10. GopherDay says:

    @Levo: They might go with a current reliever, but Drew Storen is the closer of the future for the Nats. He’s major league ready and they could turn to him.

  11. majortommy says:

    @GopherDay: Yeah, it was wishful thinking.

  12. Grey

    Grey says:

    @ThreeFingersBrown: Yeah

    @Lines: Did you pull the internet plug when she was drafting? Not cool, man. She’s gonna beat you.

    @Lines: I don’t think his Achilles’ is going to get better overnight if it’s been since September and it still hurts. See ya next year Reimold.

  13. T-BZA says:

    G.Soto is really strugglin’ this spring…I know spring stock is fools gold, but man maybe losing 30 lbs sapped his fat man power. Plus, factor in 8th in the order…

    Anyhow, J.Clement or Geo OPS-wise tomato/tomahto?

  14. mrbaseball says:

    Who do you like better this year out of the GIANTS bullpen

    Sergio Romo or Dan Runzler – just asking someone just picked up Runzler and he could have picked up Romo instead

  15. MikeE says:

    I drafted Chris Davis to fill 1B at the end of my draft, even though I already had Mark Reynolds. Now I’m worried that I killed my average. I know everybody sees a lot of upside for Davis, but should I try to trade him for Helton if he’s available?

  16. Dad says:

    @All: Yahoo’s got Bedard DL’d if you’ve got him and been waiting to pick up a FA.

    @T-BZA: I’m having the same issue, but i’m sticking with Soto. I can’t recall how many different line-ups Pinella used last year, but it’s absurd. He’ll start 8th, but could move down if he earns it. Plus, his OBP is still .400+ and he’s been working on things with Rudy J. Clement at 5/6 is tempting though.

    @Grey: @All: Is Buchholz assumed to have the 5th starter job? He, Latos & CJ Wilson are all FA’s in a 16-teamer (w/ only 3 bench spots). Are those 3 in right order if he does get the gig?

  17. Smell The Glove says:

    @Grey: Should I be worried about the Wandbagon and his rough Spring especially since he’s admitting to it coming from issues with his mechanics in particular his planting foot?

  18. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @royce!: Eh, there’s a DL note for Berkman(that he will go on the DL), but don’t see him officially DL’d on ESPN yet.

  19. Dad says:

    @@GopherDay: : I’d have my money on Bruney this year, though i agree that Storen is the future. That said, I wouldn’t hold any RP on that team unless they have the gig in hand.

  20. royce! says:

    @Simply Fred: Huh, I just checked it and he’s showing up DL’d. Weird.

  21. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @royce!: Just refreshed my browser and the list of 3 jumped to 5, with Berkman. My bad. Thanks!

  22. Ben the M says:

    In a vacuum which side do you like? 5×5 + OPS,2B, QS, & HLD




    I am looking upgrade my OF and 2B, only concern would be my hole at 3B (Prado is there right now so he could just move from 2B to 3B, but more likely I will deal a SP for a 3B).

  23. Stephen says:

    Sorry for the delay with my responses, my internship didn’t allow for much free time to comment today.

    @royce!: Thanks for the compliments. I am looking at taking a road trip with my father after graduation and heading out west to catch some Triple-A games. I was/am looking specifically northwest – Washington / Oregon area — as they possess both the level (AAA) of baseball I want to watch and the type of epic road trip which would / could ensue. Thanks for the trip location destination stops.

    @majortommy: I would assume Triple-A to improve his receiving and calling skills while pushing his arbitration back a year (avoiding the Super-Two status). ETA, mid-May.

    @Levo: And to think that Oakland A’s were trying to move their team to San Jose.

    re:Capps and closers — Next in line may be Mike MacDougal

    @mrbaseball: To begin, Romo; by the end of the year, Romo. Runzler is an extremely deep sleeper. He needs to learn how to pitch some more. Plus, the Giant’s wont gain all that much with him in the majors immediately.

  24. mrbaseball says:

    Curtis Granderson for Stephen Strasburg trade in a keeper league

    I own strasburg – what should I do grey

  25. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Ben the M: Way too many guys changing hands.

  26. Stephen says:

    @mrbaseball: Keep Strasburg. Granderson is old, relatively speaking (29).

  27. Ben the M says:


    Ok, it is two separate trades that have been proposed. Just trying to get the net effect if I accepted them both.

    Kinsler & Hamilton (Get) for Cain & Sizemore (Give)


    Kemp & Wainwright (Get) for Zimmerman & Morneau (Give)

    would you do either of those moves individually?

  28. mrbaseball says:

    In a Keeper League Stephen should I take in consideration the Maya calendar predicting 2012 apocalypse when I get a trade offer

  29. GopherDay says:

    @mrbaseball: Ha! Don’t take age into consideration!

  30. royce! says:

    I wish the Mets would get their act together and put Beltran on the DL. Their disregard for fantasy baseballers (<– Grey's mom's term) is deplorable.

  31. Big Al says:

    Would you trade Kinsler for Kubel and Fowler in 16 team dynasty.

    I will have Phillips at 2b to fill his spot.

    It is h2h with 5×5 cats and Kinsler’s injuries and streakyness worry me.


  32. Steve says:

    Huston Street’s been shut down.

    You’ll have to go round the long way.

  33. Matt B says:

    Drafting at #2 for 5×5 (obp) head-to-head weekly league. For a keeper league assuming Pujols goes 1 is Hanley the no brainer at #2? I’m wondering if using OBP narrows the gap enough to take Lincecum at this spot. We use 4SP/2RP for the 5 pitching categories.

  34. GopherDay says:

    @Matt B: Don’t take Lincy #2

  35. eltoo says:

    Are we able to check out RCL leagues other than our own? I think the reason they are ESPN is that it allows non-league members to view them if I remember correctly, but I could be way off.

  36. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Grey: rank these sp,s latos,nieman,c young ,c.j wilson or corriea

  37. Calogero says:

    You have an open roster spot in a 6×6 H2H (OPS and Hld added). You have Headley and Aybar at 3B and SS, pretty solid everywhere else except Snider at Util. Who do you pick up?

    S dot Rodriguez
    Ad. Laroche

    I’m torn between going with big upside and snagging a sleeper at any position and going for a known quantity that can provide insurance for the sleepers already on my roster (like Tejada). What say you, fuzzy britches?

  38. Big Al says:

    nunez and frenchy for hamilton in 16 team dynasty?

  39. Eric C says:

    @Grey or anybody: I was offered Reyes/Kerry Wood/ for Granderson/Wuertz (league counts Holds). I’m thinking this deal is essentially Grandy/Wuertz for Reyes…good deal for me or not?

  40. knighttown says:

    I’m seeing Lindstrom just sitting there on the FA list in my 10 team league. I’ve got Soriano, Dotel and Marmol already and can only play 3 but I’m thinking the asset of a 4th closer might come in handy down the line. I’d have to drop one of my “quantity over quality” staff of Haren, Nolasco, Price, DeLaRosa, Sanchez, Webb, Cueto, Ervin and Buchholz. I’d assume it’d be one of the last two because I’ll just DL Webb.

    Would you pull the trigger?

  41. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Eric C: It’s fair. Wuertz is useless though. It’s Reyes and Wood for Grandy. Depends on what you need.

    @knighttown: Why can’t you just DL Webb and grab Lindstrom with the empty spot?

  42. MarkM says:

    Do the Yahoo player notes crack anyone else up? This is from Mike Napoli –

    Napoli hit his sixth homer of the spring in Wednesday’s win over the Cubs.

    Recommendation: He struck out the other three times he came up, which is pretty much par for his all-or-nothing approach. Draft him for the power from the catcher position, but know there’s a batting average risk involved.

    “There’s a batting average risk involved”? Really? And there isn’t with the other 28 starting catchers not named Mauer?

  43. Tom says:

    Hey Grey

    I need your knowledge

    Im thinking about a trade

    I get ricky nolasco for derek lowe and jason heyward

    thoughts anyone

  44. GopherDay says:

    @Tom: Keeper league….no. Yearly league….yes.

  45. Tom says:

    none of this guys will be my keeper

  46. sucklingduck says:

    I’m taking over an already drafted team in a 5X5, 12 team Roto league with these roster requirements: 2 at each infield position, 5 OFs, 1 Utility, 5 Starters, 2 RP, 2 P (either starters or Relievers). I just have to decide between 2 teams. One owner decided to concentrate on his marriage. WTF? Fantasy sports has always helped my relationships! The other is going to a place where he will not have an internet connection for a couple of months. At first i thought it was jail…….but he’s just going to Haiti. I’d prefer jail but whatevs.

    Team 1
    C – Russell Martin, Towles
    1B – Miggy Cabrera, Robot Jones
    2B – R. Cano, Scott Sizemore
    SS – Stephen Drew, Ever Cab
    3B – Longoria, Ian Stewart
    OF – Granderson, BJ Upton, Victorino, Quentin, Reimold, Rasmus, Travis Snider
    P – Hamels, Ubaldo, Wand Rodriguez, David Price, K. Slowey, Ervin Santana, Homer Bailey, Billy Wagner, Matt Capps, Franklin Morales

    Team 2
    C – Montero, Iannetta
    1B – Pujols, Adam Laroche
    2B – Pedroia, Luis Castillo
    SS – Alcides Escobar, Orlando Cabrera
    3B – Gordo Beckham, Adam Kennedy, Andy Laroche
    OF – J-Upton, Lind, Adam Jones, J. Damon, JD Drew, Milledge
    P – Lester, Nolasco, Scott Baker, Oswalt, Lilly, Porcello, Correia, Bucholz, Broxton, Ryan Franklin

    I’m leaning toward Team 1 but i like Team 2’s pitching better. Which one do you guys prefer? Any suggestions and comments are greatly appreciated. And what kind of league has 2 starting catchers? Lame.

  47. sucklingduck says:

    @Tom: Nolasco, no doubt. Everyone is so GAGA over Heyward but remember how hopeless J-Up was 2 years ago? 20 Year olds just don’t hit like superstars in the bigs. His BB/K ratio is scary good for someone so young though. He will be great, just not this year.

  48. Stephen says:

    @I am the Liquor: I honestly think he could be as valuable as Marmol was in ’07 – just don’t expect that until he starts to produce. In NL-only leagues, he’s worth the ratios he could provide and in deep leagues, or leagues that count holds, he may be worth a pick up if you have other so-so MR on your team.

  49. Grey

    Grey says:

    @MarkM: Ha!

    @sucklingduck: Funny intro to how you came upon this team. I’d go with Team 1, it’s not that close.

    @I am the Liquor: Nice pre-pitch ritual.

  50. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Tyler: Thanks for sharing, hadn’t seen that.

  51. Steve says:

    @Grey: An exploding post-it note at CBS told me that Reyes is targeting April 8 as a return date.

    Just realised I have him on the 3 teams I have drafted so far. And Grandy.

    Just the RCL to come…

  52. Terrence Mann says:


    From the comments:

    “Ambiorix Burgos!! He blew more saves for the Royals than Farnsworth!! As our closer in 2006: 4-5, 5.52 ERA, 18 Saves, 12 blown saves!! And if that’s not enough in 05? in just 60 innings of work he was 10th in MLB in wild pitches!
    And yet we still got Bannister for him? People wonder why the Mets can’t get out of their own way no matter how much they spend, that’s why!! And since the trade the only playing time he’s seen is in the prison leagues because he killed two people and then beat his girlfriend…..if he isn’t on this list than no one else should be!!!”

    Holy crap, that’s awesome. The commenter thinks getting Bannister for Burgos was a steal. Anytime you “steal” Bannister for any player, said player get an automatic pass to the razzball HOF, in my book.

  53. ThreeFingersBrown says:

    @Grey: What’s the over/under on PA’s for Randy Ruiz? Any chance of The Overfiend finally losing the starting 1B gig to Ruiz? Did a search for him and only found a few mentions of him from last year.

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