We realize that exporting our views across the country has damaging consequences on the blogosphere.

To help remedy this, we will try to occasionally feature locally blogged advice/insights/humor/etc. that will be fresher, more sustainable, and require less energy consumption (for us anyway).

Send tips to [email protected] Enjoy…

Rays Index – I was always puzzled as to why the Rays didn’t just let Jonny Gomes DH every game vs platoon him with schlubs like Eric Hinske. But it’s all making sense now…

MetsBlog.com – Congratulations John Maine. You are the early season favorite for 2008 gayest Met. Your plaque will go up next to the likes of Mike Piazza, Ray Knight (you know his wife – golfer Nancy Lopez – gave him the 3-wood now and then), and Ron Darling (just b/c the name and his hair). I wonder who was Piazza’s favorite Friend….

Capitol Punishment – Great name for a Nationals blog. Interesting points regarding Ryan Zimmerman’s approach at the plate. I’m a much bigger Zimmerman fan (Zimmerfan?) than Grey but even I’m having trouble getting excited about him right now….

McCovey Chronicles – It can’t be easy being a SF Giants fan right now. They are a real-life Razzball team. Here is some local WTFing regarding their aptly named rookie SS Brian Bocock.

South Side Sox – Is there a more entertaining coach/GM duo out there than Ozzie Guillen and Ken Williams? Don’t fuck with the Swish!

Another Cubs Blog – A Cub fans tries to get to the bottom of Ted Lilly’s bottomless start of the season….