Frank Grimes of Sunnyvale, California! He was lucky number 401 of the 993 submissions in our Win a Free Awesome Dell XPS 13 Laptop Like the One I Use! contest. I am psyched that the randomizer function I ran picked a longtime reader/commenter (Frank’s been commenting on Razzball since 2013).

My condolences to the 992 of you who failed to win (none of you are losers in my book) and those of you who failed to enter the contest. If you are in the market for a laptop, though, I do give a Fred McGriffian endorsement to the Dell XPS 13 laptop. Below is my review of the laptop from the original post in case you missed or forgot it.

Thanks to Dell for providing the free laptops (I got one too). I look forward to seeing my avatar and endorsement stamped on Dell laptop boxes going forward!

Rudy’s Review of the Dell XPS 13 with Intel 5th Gen Core Processor

  • Battery Life – I spend my whole day at a desk. For night-time number-crunching, I prefer to be in front of the TV. The problem is my living room has the plug accessibility of a second-rate airport. As I refuse to huddle in a corner, I need my laptop to handle a couple hours on the couch without being plugged in. Same goes for the occasional flight or if I camp out at a coffee shop. The XPS 13 handles this very well – I’ve been getting about 4-5 hours on it. Even better, they have an accessory (the Dell Power Companion PW7015M) that can charge both the laptop and 2 USB-based devices. Came in handy when sitting on the couch with my daughter and had her iPad and my laptop charging at the same time.
  • Weight – My laptops have typically weighed in around 5 pounds. That is fine for the most part but sucks when walking w/ laptop bag in tow. The Dell XP13 is less than 3 pounds. That is two pounds I can invest in food provisions, a book, contraband, etc.
  • Size/Screen – I used to love big screens on my laptops but, nowadays, keep it slim and small (13″) and I’ll plug it into a monitor as a second screen if I am at my desk. This laptop has a 13.3″ screen with crazy resolution (4x HD) and the dimensions are tiny. I am told that it is 23% smaller than a MacBook Air 13! That is nearly 1/4 less! It is at least 50% slimmer than my previous laptop. It is almost like packing a laptop in the space of a tablet. (Note: if you plug into a second monitor, they have a nice accessory that converts your USB port into a HDMI/VGA/USB port. Minor trade-off for keeping it slim!)
  • Speed – I always have a bazillion Chrome tabs open as well as Excel and MySQL Workbench. I am also networked into my home network drive and printer. Nothing is more infuriating then when the a computer lags or freezes. I do not know if it is the Intel 5th gen core processor or the 8GB in RAM or both but this computer is fast. Like I upgraded from Billy Butler to Billy Hamilton.
  • Heat – I know it is called a ‘lap top’ but most laptops start toasting your thighs and undercarriage if you keep them on top of your lap too long. FWIW, the XPS 13 seems to run less hot than my old laptop.
  • Touch-Screen – Wait, what? Yes, this laptop has touch screen capabilities. It is taking me a while to get used to this on a computer. It is a sweet addition though I will have to hide this feature from my tablet-obsessed kid.


  1. Grey

    Grey says:

    Grimey! Congrats!

  2. El Famous Burrito says:

    Congrats, Frank!

    Can I have your old Tandy and your pager?

    • Grey

      Grey says:


  3. jiveballer says:

    “My condolences to the 992 of you who failed to win (none of you are losers in my book) ”

    To clarify, I’m not “loser”, I’m just a “failure”…

    Thanks, Rudy – haven’t heard that since my final convo with my ex-wife.

  4. AL KOHOLIC says:

    congrats Frank

  5. JeF With 1 F says:


  6. ashtray says:



    congrats, Frank

  7. Grant says:

    Damn I am a failure

  8. Fireball Feliz says:


  9. Mike says:

    Congrats, Frank *grumbles*

  10. Zeus says:

    The fix is on. Perhaps if my avatar showed my sweet beard.

  11. DominicanPower says:

    I really wanted that lap top.

  12. The Theory says:

    We all really wanted that laptop.

    I think I forgot to enter, though.

    • FrankGrimes says:

      @The Theory:

      Thanks everyone,

  13. the swinging says:

    Lol so fixed :/

  14. Bye Felicia says:

    I wanted to win…. Then I realized that i never win anything in life except fantasy leagues. Lol

  15. Aubrey Plaza's Pillow says:

    after looking up what an I5 is (i about a year and a half ago bought my currently only modern up to date technology item, a huge screen I7 (but heavy as shit)), i would’ve only had this as backup or sold it. Glad it went to somebody who likely will use it more than i would’ve. That being said I still would’ve accepted it had i won it of course.

  16. Tehol Beddict says:

    YOU ARE F ING KIDDING ME!?!?!!?!?? FRANK!!!!! i just sent this fool a razzball t-shirt. what a legend! give him my job! Rudy hates me so I’m stepping down. Congrats, my friend.

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