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Our fantasy baseball pitcher (Streamonator) and hitter (Hittertron) tools are designed to help fantasy baseballers make their daily and weekly decisions. Should I stream a starting pitcher? Which hitter should I pick up? Whom do I sit/start? Et cetera.

Some of you who play Daily Fantasy Baseball Games like (our DFS sponsor) DraftKings probably use Streamonator and Hittertron to help choose your daily lineup.  I hope the tools have been helpful though I realize they were never ideal – notably, because 5×5 value does not necessarily equal a daily fantasy baseball site’s point structure.

Well, good news. We now have a tool specifically designed for those of you who play daily fantasy baseball games.

Introducing the DFSBot (GIF/JPGs submissions welcomed).

The DFSBot is a salary predictor for the three leading DFS sites (including DraftKings). Every morning (usually by 10:30AM EST), we provide our projected stats/points/salary for every probable starting pitcher and hitter on teams with a game that day. We have worked with each service so that you will also see their actual salary for the day and the reports are sorted by the players with the biggest gaps between our projected salary and the DFS services’ salary.

The projections are the same as those used in Streamonator and Hittertron.  They rely on Steamer Rest of Season projections as the base and are adjusted based on various factors such as the opposing pitcher/hitters and the park.

For now, the service is in ‘beta’.  You can access it from the Tools menu and there will be links from the pages of its android siblings (Streamonator and Hittertron). Over the coming weeks, I will start accumulating the projections vs actual stats so that I can compare our salary projections versus the DFS salary projections to determine what edge (if any) these projections provide.

I project each hitter’s stats as if he is going to start.  While I estimate the likelihood a player will start, consider this stat directional. It is up to you to confirm that a player actually makes it into the starting lineup (as well as that the game is not rained out).

Please leave comments on the tool pages if you notice anything like missing players or odd projections.

  1. elipitt says:

    Thanks for this! All the work you put into the tools is very much appreciate!d

    • HolyGhostClaw says:


      I second that! I use HTron and SON daily! I want HT and SON daily! I need HT and SON daily!

      And now this!??! Thanks!

  2. Hawk says:

    I use Hittertron every day for Daily advice. This is terrific, thank you guys!

    • @Hawk: You’re welcome and thanks for using our suite of tools!

  3. Shake N Bacon says:

    Going above and beyond over and over again. Just another reason to love Razzball. Great work Rudy!

  4. gareth says:

    Terminator was right. The robots are taking over!!!

  5. RicoSuave says:

    Can this be applied for H2H points format (weekly)?
    Thanks Rudy!

  6. Troy: The Collector

    Troy says:

    I tweeted at u but man this site is easily the best in the business. U guys do it all man thanks everyone on razzball for everything. And thank u Rudy for all the work u put into every tool and everything else u work on here. It really is amazing and a HUGE HELP.

    • appreciate the kind words!

  7. Project Merkin says:

    This looks awesome! Great job Roods.

    Hmm, so according to this little tool, what’s the best lineup for tonight? I need to make some money!

    • @Project Merkin: Ha. Building a tool to determine the ‘best possible lineup’ is a fool’s errand in my book. But I’m hoping the tool helps to better identify the ‘bargains’ and to validate the value of the ‘anchors’ in your lineup.

  8. Old Hippy says:

    This is like Christmas morning for us DFS junkies! Far out, man! Razzball just keeps getting better and better!

    • Happy to be your bud, Old Hippy.

  9. costaricanchata says:

    i’ve often wondered how many and what types
    of programs that i would be playing against .
    i suppose that the computer programs get pretty sophisticated
    with the higher levels of gambling .
    (mlb arena has a h2h game with a $5300 entry fee , and ,
    @ draft street , you can play h2h for entry fees of $2100 and $1050) .

    • @costaricanchata: yeah, i imagine there are definitely gamblers who are doing a lot of proprietary number-crunching. Not sure what they are factoring in that I’m not (except maybe hitter/pitcher stats which I don’t think are useful).

  10. Rags says:

    Pts league with heavy emphasis on hits and RBIs and minus points for Ks. We also have spots devoted solely to minor leaguers.

    Tommy La Stella was recently dropped. Would you drop Phillip Ervin, Josh Bell, Trey Ball or Eduardo Rodriguez for him?

    • Good Will Hunting 2: Hunting Season says:

      @Rags: go to Scott’s post for prospect stuff.

  11. Joe says:

    Rudy would you trade Carlos Beltrán for alex cobb?

    • sure, depending on team needs. though beltran feels like the type who fades in the 2nd half.

  12. LurveGuru says:

    Please notify me when you have invented the DTFbot. Thanks Rudy.

    • i think those are available online. probably cost a lot though.

      • LurveGuru says:

        @Rudy Gamble: I like how you said you “think”. You dirty dog!

  13. goodfold2 says:

    did you and Grey ever sit around years ago dreaming of the day this kind of stuff would be invented by you. pretty damn cool, and pretty likely there were specific memories of it.

    • goodfold2 says:

      @goodfold2: reminds me of the episode where they’re in Australia and Homer sees the device that makes toliet water flush in the same direction as in the u.s. and it brings tears of pride to his eyes.

    • @goodfold2: we’re beyond our dreams from a couple years ago regarding tools. but we first started discussing DFSbot middle of last year – just took a while to get the salary/position data imported into our databases. crazy to think that we didn’t even have Stream-o-nator this time 2 years ago.

      • goodfold2 says:

        @Rudy Gamble: was SON from like july 2012?

        • @goodfold2: Yup. And it just had an index vs. $….and no projections for W/K/ERA/WHIP. Hitter-tron was May 2013.

  14. Smalls Killer says:

    This is awesome. I use HT & SON for my fantasy leagues (only 1/3 is money leagues and it’s small stakes) & I join the freerolls I get invited to all the time. I hope it hits me a jackpot. I’m the sole bread winner for my family, but I owe you guys more than margaritas. Thank you sir for all you do!!

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