Just drafted in my ‘pert 5×5 15 team league that was organized by RotoRob. I drafted 13th. Peavy was just taken and I took Pujols. I asked for comments. One comment was, “BALLSY,” another was, “I was gonna if you didn’t,” another was, “…A first rounder has to be no worries.” Pujols? Question marks? Well, I got him. Anyway, here’s the rest of my team:

1.      (13)      Albert Pujols
2.     (18)     Carlos Lee
3.     (43)     Troy Tulowitzki
4.     (48)     Nick Markakis
5.     (73)     Aaron Harang
6.     (78)     Jeff Francoeur
7.     (103)     Rich Hill
8.     (108)     Francisco Cordero
9.     (133)     Yunel Escobar
10.     (138)     Chad Cordero
11.     (163)     Corey Patterson
12.     (168)     Adam Wainwright
13.     (193)     Kerry Wood
14.     (198)     Kevin Kouzmanoff
15.     (223)     Carlos Ruiz
16.     (228)     Mike Jacobs
17.     (253)     Edison Vólquez
18.     (258)     Scot Shields
19.     (283)     Melky Cabrera
20.     (288)     Brian Fuentes
21.     (313)     Chuck James
22.     (318)     Jon Rauch
23.     (343)     Tom Gordon

These notes were jotted down during the draft. Cause that’s how I do:

1. I’m taking Pujols because I have balls. And I’m stupid.

4. Nick Markakis – The Greek God of Roto may just end up on every one of my teams and I’m not complaining. He’s going 30/20 and I’m going to douse myself in Ouza in October. Some schmohawks I didn’t want that went in this round: Mauer, Roberts, Byrnes, Kinsler (I like Kinsler but not this high) and Carlos Guillen.

5. I really need a pitcher. Please let Haren fall to me. Nope, just taken. Okay, come on Harang… Come to Papa. I don’t care if Dusty is gonna throw you out there for the twelth inning of a tie game…. Damn, it’s a pitching run and I don’t know if Harang’s falling to me…Got him. Now I don’t feel so good about it. Oh, well. Now I need another bat.

6. Just took Francouer and was seriously contemplating Josh Hamilton. Guess who got taken right after Francouer? Farkin’ hey. Oh, well. I think Hamilton is riskier than Franceour. Besides, he goes by Frenchy and he hit a crapload of doubles (40) last year.

7. I’m taking a 2nd basemen, unless Weeks, Kent and Johnson are still on the board. Then I’m taking a closer. BTW, there’s been very few closers taken. Guess everyone’s reading Matthew Berry. That’s sad. As I write that someone takes Lidge. I like Lidge. This is too high. Then Saito. Okay, here’s the closer run I heard about on ESPN messageboards. All the 2nd basemen are still on the board and I’m not folding to the closer run. Watch me zig while everyone else is zagging. Rich Hill!

8. Ok, I have to take a closer now. Otherwise, I’m punting.F-Cord. Eh. Nothing else to say. First pick of mine that I’m not crazy about, but I just couldn’t take Hoffman. He enters to Hell’s Bells, that was popular when Tim from RotoRob was young. Tim’s old. From what I hear. I don’t know.

9. Okay, really need a 2nd baseman now. Fo reals. Not to mention, my team is slow. I think I’m gonna reach for Yunel cause I don’t trust Matsui with his anus problems. Okay, that was a severe reach on my part, but I needed a 2nd baseman and Kent’s not doing it for this team I’m building.

10. And now I have both Cordero brothers and Hoffman’s still on the board. And as I type that, Hoffman’s gone.

12. I have a feeling I’m getting Wainwright on this team too. Hmmm… Maybe the Cards will be good this year. Yeah, I don’t believe that either. But got him.

13. In honor of IowaCubs, a frequent commenter, I took Kerry Wood. You’re welcome.

14. BTW, I really need a 3rd baseman. (BTW II, Everyone filled up on 3rd base so I was able to hold off for a long time.) It’s important to keep an eye on every other team’s needs. Okay, school’s out.

15. Guess who’s coming next? If Ruiz is there, he’s mine. Oddly enough, Varitek is still on the board again. And I’m not taking him again.

16. And I got Mike Jacobs again. Okay, I’m done with hitting for a little while. Unless someone really falls.

17. Just looked at who is left out of the starters. Well… They are saying good things about Volquez, right? Pickins’ are slim. It’s between Garza, Marcum and Volquez. Gonna have to take the upside this late. Wow, I’m going to be watching a lot of Reds games this year. Some picks I liked this round: Accardo, Matt Diaz, Franklin Gutierrez, JD Drew and my pick. Some picks I didn’t like: Colby Rasmus and Homer Bailey.

18. I was between Okajima, Fuentes and Shields and I went for the track record. Not sure I don’t want this pick back. But Zumaya and Arroyo went right before him and I like my pick better than those two. Now I’m praying Manny Parra gets back to me. Wow, that was quick. Two picks later he went.

19. I was between Marcum and Melky. I really needed a starter but Melky was falling too far. Wouldn’t you know it, Marcum gets taken right after Melky.

22. I was between Shawn Hill and Jon Rauch. Briefly considered how awful it must be to be a Nats fan then went with Rauch.

23. All done in 2 hours. Phew, this league went really fast. Actually, thank God it’s over because I had to take Tom Gordon with my last pick. Well, I didn’t have to, but he is closing in Lidge’s absence. So maybe I can vulture some saves in the beginning of the year. It was between him and… I’m not saying because I might want to grab him off of waivers.

Overall thoughts:

This team feels really solid if my projections come to fruition. Unfortunately, I have a lot riding on Pujols’s elbow. I need 100/30/100 from him otherwise I might be scrambling. So what do you think of my team?

  1. Carl says:

    Well done Grey.

    I noticed you got Hill. As you may recall I am in an NL-only 9 team league (drafting 9th). I was offered Hill for Chris B. Young. I have Howard, Fielder, Kemp and Loney as my other keepers. Would you recommend I go with Hill, just to balance my team out a bit? I am excited about what Young can do yet nervous at the same time. He whiffed quite a bit last year and the thought of pitchers knowing his weaknesses the second time around gives me restless legs syndrome. Is he just another Mike Cameron?

    Hill I think is a stud on a great team and will win 16 games with about 200 k’s and a great whip plus being 4th in the rotation his mound opponents may not be so tough. So, would you go for Hill or hang on to Young with the hope his upside shines through this year? Thanks!

  2. The NL Central called – they want their players back.

  3. Grey

    Grey says:

    Carl — I like Hill a lot. And Krispie Young, not as much. I would do that.

    SportsHubris — You’re asking a lot of McLouth and Upton? I hope you don’t mind:

    1. (8) Jimmy Rollins
    2. (23) Curtis Granderson
    3. (38) Derrek Lee
    4. (53) Garrett Atkins
    5. (68) Chris Young
    6. (83) Adrian Gonzalez
    7. (98) Rickie Weeks
    8. (113) Brett Myers
    9. (128) Chad Billingsley
    10. (143) Yovani Gallardo
    11. (158) A.J. Burnett
    12. (173) George Sherrill
    13. (188) Justin Upton
    14. (203) Jose Guillen
    15. (218) Randy Johnson
    16. (233) Nate McLouth
    17. (248) Jeremy Guthrie
    18. (263) Jason Giambi
    19. (278) Jason Varitek
    20. (293) Ryan Church
    21. (308) Ervin Santana
    22. (323) Juan Cruz
    23. (338) Zach Duke

    Rollins’s high in homers was last year, Granderson Ks a lot, Lee’s overrated, Atkins I like, Young Ks more than Granderson, Adrian I like, when Weeks is healthy he’s an injury risk, Myers was closer last year, Billingsley I like but wild, YoGa could go either way (not meaning if you do yoga and you’re a guy, you might be bi-sexual), AJ just slammed his finger into Weeks’ DL history…. I think you get the point. You ‘re asking a lot of a few more players.

  4. SteveP says:

    1. (2) David Wright 3B
    2. (29) Manny Ramirez OF
    3. (32) Magglio Ordonez OF
    4. (59) Dan Haren SP
    5. (62) Joe Nathan RP
    6. (89) Oliver Perez SP
    7. (92) Brad Lidge RP
    8. (119) Pedro Martinez SP
    9. (122) Hideki Matsui OF
    10. (149) Ivan Rodriguez C
    11. (152) Ryan Theriot 2B,SS
    12. (179) Rich Harden SP
    13. (182) Julio Lugo SS
    14. (209) Troy Percival RP
    15. (212) Daric Barton 1B
    16. (239) Casey Kotchman 1B
    17. (242) J.D. Drew OF
    18. (269) C.J. Wilson RP
    19. (272) Milton Bradley OF
    20. (299) Andre Ethier OF
    21. (302) Justin Miller RP
    22. (329) Rajai Davis OF
    23. (332) Barry Bonds OF

    I’m placing a lot of faith in Barton, Theriot and Lugo. Theriot was kind of a panic pick. If I was picking Wright 2, I needed to do something with steals, my list of prefered 2bers had just gone off the board….Harden and Pedro present some risk as well.

    In this format – 15 team vanilla mixed, not a bad team IMO (but I would say that).

  5. SteveP says:

    I need another starter too….

  6. Carl says:


    Razzball > Rotoworld, Rototimes, Yahoo!, etc..

  7. Grey

    Grey says:

    Carl — Thanks, now go paste our URL on their boards.

    SteveP — Actually, I like your team a lot. Especially your hitting. I think you might have reached for Manny, but, shit, I reached for farkin’ Yunel Escobar, so I can’t badmouth that too much.

    Your pitching looks a bit hit or miss — Haren was who I was taking if you read my play by play above, so I obviously like him.

    Lidge was probably the only reach I can’t get fully behind. He’s got knee/head problems.

    Ollie is a reach I don’t mind cause I like his upside.

    CJ Wilson was an absolute steal that late.

    And Harden… Well, you know his issues. Okay, an addendum to a question I asked earlier on this site. If Weeks, Barmes and Harden all get on your cross country flight, do you get off? I might have to make this a poll.

  8. Grey

    Grey says:

    4 of your top seven players are leadoff men. Offensively I think your team’s only strong in runs and I see a trade in your future.

  9. Grey

    Grey says:

    Herb — Both fat 1st basemen were gone. I would’ve taken either them instead. Actually, every player that was taken before Pujols, except Rollins, I would’ve taken in his stead.

  10. Grey

    Grey says:

    You’re right; you should finish in the top half of the league in steals.

    I’m totally jinxing myself, btw.

  11. Grey

    Grey says:

    I was targeting Weeks for my team, not yours. I could’ve afforded his risk for some steals/runs. You didn’t need to.

    I’d love someone to run the numbers.

  12. Grey

    Grey says:

    Phew, glad I didn’t draft this team last year.

  13. Carl says:

    LoL I love it.

    Anyway, Grey your advice tipped me over the edge. I swung the deal Hill for Young AND got his 3rd pick for my 4th. I convinced him Young was more valuable and I needed the pick to even the deal. I think I have hypnotic trading skillz.

  14. Grey

    Grey says:

    Well played, Carl.

  15. Carl says:

    Holy crap Grey. Rich Hill walked 6 guys in 1.1 IP today. Let’s hope there’s no injury on the horizon.

  16. Here’s what I have based on 2008 projections….

    .285 BA, 821 R, 169 HR, 771 RBI, 101 SB
    58 W, 80 SV 3.64 ERA, 1.27 WHIP, 858 K

    .286 BA, 851 R, 215 HR, 875 RBI, 114 SB
    66 W, 88 SV, 3.79 ERA, 1.28 WHIP, 917 K

    .279 BA, 909 R, 235 HR, 833 RBI, 145 SB
    79 W, 6 SV, 4.08 ERA, 1.35 WHIP, 1108 K

  17. Rich Hill says:

    Rich Hill is hurt.

  18. Carl says:

    Thanks for letting us know Rich. Get well soon!

  19. Grey

    Grey says:

    There’s your scoop!

    Rich Hill has been messin’ with his delivery in the spring. He’ll be fine. And if not we’ll cross that bridge together Carl.

  20. Carl says:

    We’ll see Grey…let’s just hope I traded Hill for the next Mike Cameron and not the next Eric Davis.

    If he ends up in the bullpen or Triple A I’m a be pissed.

  21. actually, the projections are from a blend of several sources that help support the Point Shares in that link.

    i couldn’t estimate which of your teams would come in higher in the standings (which point shares would allow) b/c it’s league-rule specific and i don’t have one for a 15 team league…

  22. Grey

    Grey says:

    The Cordero Bros. for Rollins?

  23. hey sportshubris –
    most projection systems tend to be low b/c of regression. it’s fair to give sherrill more than 6 saves since he’s since ‘earned’ the oriole closer position. personally, i don’t trust closers with girly last names as i grew up watching lefty Bob Shirley blow leads for the Yankees…

    on speed, it depends on how bullish you are with some of your picks.

    the best source for free projections – in my eyes – is fangraphs.com which shows ZIPS, Marcel, and CHONE. good place to check out…

    grey –
    cordero brothers for rollins. that trade’s funnier than any joke i can make about it.


  24. Grey

    Grey says:

    Well, I don’t hate him for the Cordero Bros.

    re: pic — that’s what happens when you face Daniel Cabrera.

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